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Resident Evil 4 Oculus Quest 2 Review (2022)

I am a huge Resident Evil fan! I grew up playing Resident Evil 1 & 2 and purchased a gaming system in my teenage years just so[...]

half life alyx title banner

Half-Life Alyx VR Review – A Must-Have VR Title

Released back in March 2020, Half-Life: Alyx sold over 2 million copies within its first year. The game has been attributed to dou[...]

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Best VR Multiplayer Games

    Virtual reality is being adopted at unparalleled speed, with high-performance headsets becoming more accessible and [...]

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The Best VR Apps

You don’t need an expensive VR headset to enjoy Virtual Reality! Here are the Top VR Apps for iPhone and Android Until recen[...]

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VR Chat

VRCHATUSING OCULUS QUEST AND QUEST 2 A ‘How to’ Guide covering everything you need to know about VRChat on Quest and Quest 2 I[...]

vive flow glasses

HTC Vive Releases a Standalone VR Headset – The Vive...

Love VR? Then you’ll love the Vive Flow, which has recently been released by HTC Vive. This standalone headset is designed with [...]

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Step by step instructions: How to Watch VR Porn on...

How to Watch VR Porn on the Oculus Quest Arguably the best (first) standalone VR headset to hit the market, the ‘Quest’, is a [...]

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How to Watch Pornhub in VR

Pornhub gives you easy access to almost 3500 Free VR porn videos Capitalizing on this success, PornHub has now moved into the exhi[...]

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VR Porn for Women

Women, Bring Your Wildest Fantasies to Life with VR Porn Made FOR Women and Often by Women Too Bring your wildest fantasies to lif[...]

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VR Headset Christmas Buying Guide

Whether you’re new to VR or looking to upgrade to the highest spec kits, there is something for everyone in this detailed shoppi[...]

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Best Free VR Porn

Here are our picks for the best free VR porn Who wants to pay for porn? And in 2022 no less. Fact is, most of us have been SPOILED[...]

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VR Christmas Shopping Guide

Whether you’re shopping for a complete VR novice or an aficionado of all things Virtual, we’ve got you covered! Join us on a j[...]

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SideQuest Raises 3 Million for Unofficial Oculus Quest App Store

    The unofficial Oculus Quest sideloading platform, SideQuest, has announced it raised $3 million in its most recent s[...]

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Sneak Preview of The New Magic Leap AR Headset

The augmented reality (AR) market is heating up, with new and innovative ways to utilize AR in work and play, and with more enterp[...]

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The 12 BEST VR Shooting Games FOR ANY TYPE OF...

Just about everyone can appreciate the exhilaration of a first-person shooter (FPS). From avid gamers to the occasional player, FP[...]

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How to Watch VR Porn On Your Oculus Rift Headset...

Looking for a quick and easy way to watch porn on your Oculus Rift headset? You’ve found the right guide! Porn has come a lo[...]

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How to Sideload Oculus Quest 2 Via Sidequest

The Oculus Quest library is chock full of apps and games spanning everything from first-person shooters to RPGs, but with the Side[...]

PlayStation vr glasses

Everything We Know So Far About The PSVR 2. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Next-Gen Sony PSVR 2 The PlayStation VR 2 is official, and it’s coming out soon. If you’[...]

htc vive cosmos

The HTC VIVE Cosmos : Virtual Reality Glasses with 90...

When it comes to VR, there are a few essential things that make the difference between a truly immersive and enjoyable experience,[...]

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Apple Glasses : AR Glasses Release Date, Latest News, Price,...

What we know about the Release Date, Price Points, Specs, Features, and Leaked info … Known for innovation and forward-thinking,[...]

Oculus 1 vs Oculus 2

Oculus Quest 2 vs Quest 1 – Is it Worth...

Quest 2 vs Quest 1: A showdown of epic proportions The original Oculus Quest 1 was one of the most hyped-up VR headsets to hit the[...]

playstation 5

PS5 VR Shortage: A Look Behind the Curtain of Sony’s...

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan sat down with Washington Post reported to both confirm that a new PS5 VR is coming and explain the main r[...]

firewall PSVR game 2021

The 25 Best PSVR Games for 2021

Enjoy our handpicked selection of PSVR’s best games of 2021! The world of PSVR is expanding, with new and exciting titles hittin[...]

A giant spider from the virtual reality game Skyrim VR

How to Install and Use Mods With Skyrim VR

“Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?” The mystical border of VR gaming? Mod gaming? [...]

guy in a Playstation VR headset

New PS5 VR Headset Confirmed by PlayStation CEO | Breaking...

  Amid much anticipation, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed what avid fans have been holding out for…a new, dedicated VR h[...]

Realistic Sex Doll sitting on a table

Sex Dolls, Robots, & VR – The Future of SexTech...

Welcome to the era of Sextech. This newly-minted phrase represents a host of innovative and exciting opportunities for melding sex[...]

hologate vr

VR Hygiene – Understanding the Issue + How to Clean...

The issues of hygiene with the current VR head-mounted displays are revealed in the first of a series of features from immersive e[...]

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The Best VR Sex Games to Get your Dirty Little...

    Let’s drop the act. You already watch porn — a lot of it, lol. And if you’re a tech-savvy fella (or lady) you [...]

Oculus headset displayed in a store

The 7 Best Oculus Quest Games of 2020

With 2020 drawing to a close, now is a good time to look over the best releases of the year for the Oculus Quest gaming system. Vi[...]

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The Best Upcoming New VR Games for 2021

The Most Anticipated VR Games Coming in 2021 – Including Rift, Quest, Quest 2, HTC Vive, PSVR With 2020 squarely in the rear[...]

assembled google cardboard vr

Google Cardboard: Everything you need to know about the FREE...

Virtual reality is the new wave of media that is already too large to ignore. With the price of VR headsets rapidly decreasing ove[...]

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What Are the Best VR Roller Coaster Apps?

Are you in search of the Best Roller Coaster? VR Apps’ or ‘Best Roller Coaster Game for Oculus Quest 2?’ If so, you’ve saf[...]

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Finally, Video Game Hotels are Opening across the US

Gaming has reached new peaks during the past few years as more and more people are playing games and participating in gaming cultu[...]

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These are the Best New VR Games for 2020

With 2019 in the past, we are on the verge of a whole new year of video games. While new releases are still being produced for all[...]

girl standing in front of a guy in a VR porn

Here is a full breakdown of the ABSOLUTE best VR... presents our review of the Best VR Porn Sites of 2021! VR Porn is not the future, it’s already here and[...]

Image from Oculus Quest game I expect you to die

Top 10 Mind Blowing Oculus Quest Games

In 1958, Pong was released. Pong was a simple tennis game that consisted of bouncing a ball back and forth between two players. It[...]

Screenshot of mediocre mapper level editor

VR Beat Saber Mod Assistant / Manager Review and Custom...

* Beat Saber Mod Instructions Updated for 2021 Become a musical Jedi!!! Light Sabers are the preferred weapon of choice for a Jedi[...]

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Why the Oculus Rift S may just save Virtual Reality

  This month at GDC Oculus finally revealed their next mainstream PC VR headset. The Rift S will entirely replace the origina[...]

Image of the game title Blade and Sorcery by warpfrog

Blade and Sorcery VR Review – for the Oculus Rift

Dungeon mode? Powerful Warrior Characters? Realistic physics-driven interaction? SIGN. ME. UP. Right freaking now. For the longest[...]

oculus rift reviews

Virtual Reality is FINALLY a Reality for All

It is here, it is now, and it is incredible! However, getting the best VR setup for you can be very confusing. Since there are a f[...]

rec room vr charades

Rec Room Virtual Reality Game Review

A GAME WORLD WHERE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN VR Like most people these days, VR users are looking for that experience to really put t[...]

mock up of apple ar glasses with logo tech

Apple Enters the AR Arena?

Apple and AR? We might be closer than you think… When it comes to smart glasses and augmented reality, some companies like Micro[...]

oculus rift santa wearing suit with white glovs

Oculus Rift & HTC Vive Quick Start Guide

Welcome to VR If (to your surprise) you happened to unwrap a new HTC Vive or Oculus Rift this Christmas, then CONGRATS, and welcom[...]

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VR is Taking the World by Storm: Over 1 Million...

For the first time since being introduced to the market, over one million (yes, that’s 1,000,000+) VR headsets flew off the shel[...]

young girl patient with VR goggles in hospital bed

Virtual Reality is Transporting Sick Kids to Outer Space

VR Alleviating Anxiety and Pain for Pediatric Patients Hospitals around North America are offering injured, sick, and cancer-stric[...]

sex robots and dolls at 2017 hong kong conference vr

Top VR News 8/26/17-9/1/17

“I Expect You to Die” Earns Over $1M Since December Launched in December 2016, I Expect You to Die has earned more tha[...]

palmer luckey reddit post regarding purchase of htc company vive

The Latest Troubling News for HTC and the Vive

The downfall of HTC and the Vive could be closer than we expected. Roughly 3 weeks ago we posted an article suggesting tough times[...]

Dead Moon VR Game Review alien squid loose in spacecraft hold

Dead Moon VR – Early Access Review

Dead Moon perfectly captures everything that was great about the original Doom. I don’t mean in the carbon copy kind of way. Bec[...]

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Top Virtual Reality News : August 19-25

You Can Control VR Nausea Rumor has it that a young company may have a way for you to adjust the “excitement level” of a VR ex[...]

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Top 5 VR Announcements 8/6/17–8/12/17

VRBound Announces the Shortlist for the 2017 VR Awards Presented by AMD, the VR Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the [...]

oculus rift headset vs htc vive headset

Is this the Beginning of the End for the HTC...

A little history… Things were looking rather grim for Oculus at the end of 2016. SuperData Research estimated there had only[...]

titan slayer review - warrior with sword and shield and titan with fire and smoke

Three VR Games Worth Checking Out: Scanner Sobre, Airtone &...

Scanner Sobre I had not heard of this game before it launched on the regular PC, but got word VR support was getting added. The ga[...]

vr beginners guide top 5 multiplayer games for vive

Vive : Top 5 Multiplayer Virtual Reality Games

#1 Onward Onward is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Play[...]

sairento VR review armored ninjas on rooftoop in rain

Sairento VR Game Review

Sairento Early Access: How VR Gaming Should Be I have been a gamer since the days of Atari. Over the past several years my interes[...]

top free htc vive vr games

Here are the Best 20 Free VR Games for the...

Here is our list of the best 20 free VR games for the HTC Vive #1 The Lab Set in a pocket universe of Aperture Science, The Lab of[...]

vive logo 15 best paid games

The Best 15 Paid VR Games for the HTC Vive

After a year with the Vive these are my personal favorite paid games. As you may notice, very popular games like Onward and Pavlov[...]

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How to use your graphics card to pay for your...

If you logged onto Amazon or Newegg recently to buy an card you will have had a rude awakening. All AMD cards base on the Polaris [...]

mighty monster mayhem vrbeginnersguide.jpg

Mighty Monster Mayhem Review for the Oculus Rift

Top New Climbing Game Move over ‘The Climb’ there is a new top climbing game in VR. And it’s called Rampage VR, wait… [...]

apple vr glasses prototype mockup

Finally, VR is Coming to the Mac

Apple’s Vision for VR Apple has been teasing the public for a while now regarding their “behind the scenes” involvement [...]

revive for the htc vive logo

How to play Oculus games on the HTC Vive

  There is quite a bit of dispute between the Rift and Vive crowds and mostly this relates to Oculus using an exclusives mode[...] oculus rift games

Playing Oculus games on HTC Vive

The Non-Official HTC Vive Guide VR Exclusives Software exclusivity in gaming has been a long time standard in console gaming going[...] twisted arrow review feat

Twisted Arrow VR Game Review

Is Twisted Arrow a Good Game? This question has been rolling around in my head for over a week now. There are many things to consi[...]

Batman Arkham VR For Oculus Rift Graphic

Batman Arkham VR Review for Oculus Rift

VR Media Innovation Here at VR Beginners Guide we are firm believers in the future of VR. We are well aware of the problems regard[...] - Headset

VR Headset Comparison : Which one should I buy?

The Reality of Virtual Reality Since launched their KickStarter campaign back in 2012, the VR frenzy has taken off. VR is taking o[...]

vr beginners guide landfall game review

Landfall for Rift is a beautiful twin stick Multi Player...

Landfall is just the right combination of familiar yet different. A clever mix of the best parts of a few different genres, it’s[...]

vr beginner's guide anniversary sale header image

Get great 1st birthday deals on VR titles in the...

It’s hard to believe I have only been VRing for less than twelve months but the Oculus Rift just turned one and we get the prese[...]

VR Beginner'Guide Superhot VR Review

Superhot VR for Oculus Rift (with Forever Update) Review

The Purity of Play It would be pretty easy to misjudge Superhot from screenshots alone. An entirely white world populated by facel[...]

vr beginner's guide vr news money

VR Revenues Heating Up with a Greenlight Insights Report

The VR industry is set to heat things up this year with a Greenlight Insights report suggesting total revenues for 2017 to hit $7.[...]

bearded man with vr headset on

Some Great News about VR

Sometimes in this social media world of ours people seem more concerned with avoiding a hype train than actually wanting to be par[...]

vr beginner's guide best 360 videos featured image

The Best 360 Videos to Get a VR Movie Experience

Awesome 360 Videos on YouTube Right Now Getting the BEST “VR Movie” Experience Virtual Reality (VR) is taking the world by sto[...]

chronos screenshot 09

The best paid games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

Windlands Review for Oculus Rift

Windlands VR Review

Dream-sim  World Playing Windlands constantly makes me feel as though I’m about to wake up. To call it “dreamlike” would be[...]

robo recall poster

Robo Recall Review for the Oculus Rift

  Virtual Reality was not supposed to take this long to happen. Movies in the 80’s said it was right around the corner.[...]

chronos screenshot 08

Chronos VR Game Review

In many ways Chronos is a return to the golden era of PC gaming. With the industry is heading more and more down the path of micro[...]

oculus rift reviews

Oculus Rift Adjustments and Tweaking using the Oculus Tray Tool

Let’s talk about the Oculus Tray Tool. Advanced Rifters have been tweaking since release, from driver fixes to hacking in an[...]

john wick chronicles vr review

John Wick Chronicles VR Game Review

  John Wick VR Review Control resolution is one of those things you didn’t realize was interesting until somebody explained[...]

holopoint vr game review

Introduction to VR Audio: The Science of Spatialization

The general consensus on the aim of virtual reality technology is to deepen immersion in digital experiences and to take the user [...]

what is vr

6 Reasons VR is not just for the ‘techie’

    Virtual reality, the term has been around for a long time but its cropping up more and more recently. It has been us[...]

Guy enjoying free games on the oculus rift

The Best FREE Oculus Rift Games and Experiences of 2021

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

Vr motion sickness

Will VR make me sick?

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

oculus rift

Step By Step Guide to Setting Up the Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

VR Demo for a first time user

Tweaking your VR PC – Includes how to overclock your...

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

vr pc 9066 001

Building Your Own VR PC

Virtual Reality Beginners GuideSection 1 - Introduction to Virtual Reality Section 2 - Building Your Own VR PC Section 3 - Tweakin[...]

fitness rift pic

3 VR Exercise Games to Get You Fit

Review of the Best VR Exercise and Fitness Games For many gamers, the idea of being able to play a game you enjoy while getting a [...]

the climb oculus rift holding on

Our review of The Climb for the Oculus Rift –...

The Climb The climb is one of the strongest release titles for the Rift in our opinion. This is one of 3 titles demoed in major bo[...]

dead and buried rift logo

Our Dead and Buried Review for the Oculus Rift

This is my review for Dead and Buried, a Virtual Reality game for the Oculus Rift. This game comes free with activation of your Oc[...]

virtual reality new business tools

VR is the Next Level for Business Tools

Ever wondered why Virtual Reality is considered the hottest tech to come out in the 21st century? Well, the hype is real: the mark[...]

rez infinite vr games

Top PlayStation 4 VR Games

The PlayStation VR is one of the most affordable virtual reality gaming headsets. It has been developed especially keeping gamers [...]

playstation vr headsets reviews

PlayStation VR Headset Release Reviews

  The Sony PlayStation VR is a virtual reality gaming headset. Sony has designed the virtual reality (VR) device to be compat[...]

Google Cardboard VR Headseat

How does Google Cardboard for Camera Work

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality system from Google that can be designed for use with a head mount for a smartphone. It has b[...]

Star Citizen VR game screenshot

Top 9 Must-have Virtual Reality Games of 2016

Virtual reality technology is in its early stages, and Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR are some of the [...]

VR for Education

5 Reasons VR Is Not Only For Gamers

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are increasingly becoming more and more popular. It seems that all the focus of this technology is o[...]

VR Compatible Computers

VR Compatible Computers

Is Your Computer Compatible for Virtual Reality Experience? Virtual reality is the next big revolution, with the Oculus Rift heads[...]

NBA and VR Viewing

How Virtual Reality Will Change Sports As We Know It

Virtual reality has already started changing American football training, and it is doing the same to different sports. The Minneso[...]

Roller Coaster Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset is Under $20!

What is Google Cardboard? Google has some of the greatest minds in the world working for them. They are a group of innovative, cur[...]

VRSE Apple VR Apps

The Best VR Apps for Android and Apple (IOS) 2016

VR is taking the world by storm and you do not have to be a pro gamer to enjoy the benefits of virtualy reality apps. Here are our[...]

VR Demo for a first time user

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the current buzzword. Tech enthusiasts have been anticipating and eagerly awaiting this technology for a very l[...]

Best Deal on Samsung VR Headset

Samsung Gear VR Headset Reviews

Samsung has decided to get to ahead of the Virtual Reality tech race by launching its ridiculously low priced VR headset before Oc[...]

Eve Valkyrie Virtual Reality VR Game Reviews

Eve Valkyrie – Virtual Reality (VR) Game Review

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing. The gaming community has been anticipating this technology for a very long time.While [...]

Explaining how Google Cardboard works for Virtual Reality Beginners

How Does Virtual Reality Work? – VR Basics for beginners

With smart phones, smart watches, and smart TVs, etc, modern day technology has evolved and continues to evolve. The next step is [...]