ZyberVR Metal Wall Mount Storage Stand: Organize and Elevate Your VR Setup

ZyberVR’s Metal Wall Mount Storage Stand presents an elegant and efficient solution for individuals seeking an organized and stylish means to store their Oculus Quest 2 or Quest Pro VR headset and controllers when they are not engaged in immersive virtual experiences. In this all-encompassing review, we explore the stand’s many benefits, from its ease of use to its general compatibility with your Virtual Reality setup. Let’s get into it.


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Made from sturdy metal with built-in EVA padding for added safety.


Holds your headset and controllers firmly to the wall, making the most of vertical real estate.


Reduces the likelihood of damaging your virtual reality equipment by accident.


Easy and fast installation with supplied instructions.


Created with compatibility with PSVR 2, Oculus Quest 2, Quest Pro, and other leading VR headsets in mind.

Design and Functionality

The ZyberVR Wall Mount Stand was created with both form and utility in mind. It is made from sturdy metal and provides a reliable base for your virtual reality goggles. The EVA cushions are not only a practical means of protecting your controllers from scratches, but they also look great.

This shelf unit is designed to maximize vertical space, so it won’t take up any precious floor area. The case safely stores your headset and controllers, making them easier to find and less likely to get lost. The user manual that comes with the product makes the setup process a breeze.

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  • Sturdy construction

  • Constructed from sturdy metal to last for years.

  • Space Optimization

  • Makes smart use of available wall space to make room for more gaming furniture.

  • Controller Protection

  • Integrated EVA pads protect your controllers from scratches.

  • Easy Installation

  • An included instruction booklet makes setting it up a breeze.

  • Wide compatibility

  • Meant for use with a wide range of virtual reality goggles.


  • Requires wall space

  • Wall space is required for installation, thus it’s not a good fit for every gaming rig.

  • Visual aesthetics

  • Though it serves its purpose, some users may prefer a more aesthetically pleasing layout.


The ZyberVR Metal Wall Mount Storage Stand is a sleek and practical way to keep your virtual reality (VR) headset and accessories out of the way. Users of virtual reality systems can benefit from its strong metal structure, controller protection, and simple installation. It is, nevertheless, crucial to have adequate wall space for mounting. This stand is an option for storing your VR equipment if you value efficiency and neatness.

Rating 4 out of 5

If you’d like to purchase the ZyberVR Wall Mount Stand, visit here.

Pro Tips for Using ZyberVR Metal Wall Mount Storage Stand for Quest 2 and Quest Pro

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Sturdy Wall Installation

Always use a stud or other sturdy mounting surface to attach the ZyberVR stand. This will keep your virtual reality gear secure and stable.

Cable Management 

Utilize the stand’s design to neatly organize and manage your VR headset’s cables. As a bonus, you’ll have a cleaner play space, and your cables will last longer.

Routine Maintenance

Your virtual reality equipment, such as your headset and controllers, is susceptible to collecting dust and filth. Maintain their beauty and operation by wiping them down with a clean, soft cloth regularly and maybe using a mild electronics cleaner.

Compatibility Check

Make sure the ZyberVR wall mount works with your virtual reality headset of choice before making a purchase. Even though it’s made for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, make sure it fits your headset by checking the dimensions and features.

Metal Wall Mount Storage Stand for ZyberVR Quest 2 and Quest Pro – Frequently Asked Questions

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What VR headsets are compatible with the ZyberVR wall mount?

The Oculus Quest 2 and Quest Pro are compatible with the ZyberVR wall mount. It could perhaps function with other VR headsets of comparable proportions, but this needs to be verified.

How do I install the ZyberVR wall mount?

For setup instructions, please refer to the user guide. Normally, screws and wall anchors are included for fastening it to a wall or other mounting surface.

Can I use this wall mount for other devices, like controllers or headphones?

The hooks on the stand can be used to store other items, such as controllers, headphones, or cables, so long as they don’t exceed the stand’s weight or size restrictions.

Does the ZyberVR wall mount include all necessary installation hardware?

Screws, a screwdriver, and wall anchors are included in the packaging for a secure mount. Instructions for installation can be found in the user handbook.

Can I easily remove the headset and controllers from the wall mount?

The ZyberVR wall mount was made specifically so that your VR equipment is always within easy reach. They are simple to hang from and take down from the hooks.

Does this wall mount offer any protection for my VR headset and controllers?

The wall mount’s primary use is as a display and storage device. Your virtual reality equipment will be neatly stored and elevated off the floor, but it will not be protected from physical damage.

Is the wall mount compatible with curved or uneven walls?

Installing the wall mount on a level, solid surface is recommended for optimal performance. Stability and performance may be compromised if installed on curved or uneven walls.

If you’d like to purchase the ZyberVR Wall Mount Stand, visit here.

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