Must-Play PSVR Games: Explore Current & Upcoming Hits

Sony’s PSVR2 is the most recent heavy hitter to enter the virtual reality gaming space. It allows console users to completely submerge themselves in a simulated environment. The new headset has better graphics, a larger range of views, and more sophisticated haptic feedback, all of which contribute to a more realistic and exciting gaming experience. To put it simply, it is one of the best headsets on the market today, and although the price won’t please everyone, the quality on offer is second to none. Here are some of the best PSVR2 titles now available and coming soon:

The Latest PSVR2 Titles

Hitman 3 VR

hitman 3 vr access male hitman looking at the mountains

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Hitman 3 VR is now playable on the PSVR2 platform, bringing a new level of realism to the popular murder game. In this game, you get to take on the role of Agent 47 and go on missions in a convincingly rendered digital setting. The majority of critics have given the game high marks, complimenting its smooth gameplay, responsive controls, and impressive visuals. The current Metacritic score for Hitman 3 VR is 89. As the game was originally designed for flat screen gamers the amount of content on offer here is staggering. Hitman 3 allows users to play levels from the trilogy of games in glorious HD graphics. Controls can be a little janky and some levels are hit-and-miss in VR but there is definitely a lot of fun to be had here and also some great value for money.

Resident Evil 8 Village VR

resident evil village vr mode player shooting ancient beast with two guns

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Players of Resident Evil Village VR for PSVR2 will be thrust into a horrific and immersive horror experience full of otherworldly monsters and nail-biting scares. The power of PSVR2 amplifies the game’s already impressive visuals and surroundings, making for a more terrifying encounter. The VR controls are responsive and easy to use, letting gamers concentrate on the game at hand. If you’re a fan of scary games and want a truly terrifying virtual reality experience, Resident Evil Village VR is the way to go. Also getting to play chase with a towering Lady Dimitrescu is far more thrilling when you’re in the pilot seat if you catch my drift!

Gran Turismo 7

gran turismo 7 car driver point of view during race

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The PSVR2 version of Gran Turismo 7 is a racing simulator that offers an exciting and fully immersive experience for players. Polyphony Digital’s 2022 release boasts amazing visuals, thrilling gameplay, and a diverse selection of cars and tracks.

The virtual reality mode in this game puts the player in the driver’s seat of their favorite vehicles, letting them look all over the interior of the car as they race at breakneck speeds. The VR controls are responsive and easy to use, letting gamers concentrate on the game at hand.

The attention to detail in both the vehicles and the courses of Gran Turismo 7 VR is a major selling point. Everything in the game, from the cars’ interiors to the tracks’ scenery, has been carefully constructed to feel real and give players a sense of immersion.

Those interested in racing and virtual reality should both check out Gran Turismo 7 VR. It’s difficult to find a game that can compete with the game’s amazing visuals, exciting gameplay, and fully immersive virtual reality elements.

Song in the Smoke Rekindled

song in the smoke deer walking near the mountains

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Players in Song in the Smoke must scavenge for food, build defenses, and fight off hazardous monsters in order to survive in the game’s prehistoric setting. The game has a distinct visual style and a large, open world to explore. The graphics, world, and atmosphere have all been commended in the game’s reviews. The current Metacritic score for Song in the Smoke is 68.

Editor’s Choice (An Essential Purchase)

Horizon Call of the Mountain

horizon call of the mountain men in boat

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If you’re looking for a thrilling virtual reality game, look no further than Horizon: Call of the Mountain. The game, created by Guerrilla Games and launched in 2023 for the PlayStation VR2 system, is an adventure game in which players explore a mysterious and beautiful world and solve puzzles. Horizon Call of the Mountain has been hailed as one of the best virtual reality games of the year, so in this review, we’ll investigate the game’s mechanics, visuals, story, VR controls, and overall impression to see if it lives up to the hype.


Call of the Mountain is an innovative virtual reality game that mixes exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventure. Players assume the role of Aloy, a young woman who embarks on a quest to solve the puzzles of a foreign planet.

The game can be played in two distinct ways: exploring the world and solving puzzles. Players can freely traverse the stunning settings, interacting with various objects and uncovering hidden areas in the game’s exploration mode. Horizon’s world is deep and full of surprises, making exploring an enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

Players in the puzzle-solving mode are put to the test by a wide variety of tasks, each of which requires them to utilize their wits and problem-solving skills to conquer. There are a wide variety of puzzles, from easy mental exercises to more difficult ones that need careful thought and execution.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain’s gameplay is interesting and fun as a whole, with just the right amount of puzzles and exploration to keep players interested.


Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful visuals and meticulous attention to detail that brings the game’s setting to vibrant life. The settings, from the icy mountain, range to the lush forests and rocky canyons, are incredibly realistic and packed with intricate textures and brilliant hues.

The character models are likewise well-executed, making for an engaging experience thanks to their genuine motions and facial expressions. The game’s usage of lighting and shadows is particularly noteworthy, contributing to the immersive nature of the experience.

Horizon Call of the Mountain’s visuals, in general, are stunning and demonstrate the power of virtual reality gaming.


Horizon: Call of the Mountain has a compelling plot, a wide cast of memorable characters, and a wealth of backstories waiting to be uncovered. The story is conveyed through a string of well-acted sequences and conversations that deepen the player’s immersion.

Aloy’s journey to discover the hidden history of a legendary mountain that some believe holds the secret to understanding the cosmos is at the heart of the novel. She meets many fascinating people on her journey, from a guru to a shaman to a strong warrior queen.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is an exciting and fast-paced plot with lots of surprises to keep players interested throughout.

VR Controls

Horizon Call of the Mountain’s virtual reality controls is well-designed and simple to use, allowing for fluid and responsive movement that facilitates easy exploration of the world. Players use their own natural hand movements to manipulate in-game items and figure out puzzles with the help of the PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Players who get motion sickness can use the game’s teleportation technology, one of many comfort elements. The game’s controls are intuitive and satisfying to use.

General Opinion

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is an exceptional VR game that exemplifies the medium’s full potential. The game provides a satisfying virtual reality experience because of its compelling gameplay, beautiful visuals, captivating story, and user-friendly VR controls.

The game provides a satisfying variety of challenges and payoffs across its exploring and puzzle-solving components. The visuals are stunning, showcasing the full potential of virtual reality gaming, and the story is exciting and moves along at a good clip, with a diverse cast of people and a deep backstory to discover.

Overall, Horizon Call of the Mountain is one of the best virtual reality games this year and a must-play for VR fans.

Special Mention (For Best VR Game Innovation in 2023)

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR 

the dark pictures shooting a zombie with two guns

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If you’re looking for a survival horror game that will send chills down your spine, go no further than The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. The PlayStation VR game, created by Supermassive Games and due out in 2022, will see players traversing a frightening forest while fighting off demonic adversaries. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has gorgeous visuals, exciting gameplay, a novel blinking game mechanic, and a thrilling horror theme that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Here, we’ll evaluate if the game’s reputation as one of the best VR horror games of the year is justified by examining its visuals, gameplay, flashing game mechanics, horror theme, and overall impression.


The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is a visually impressive game with realistic and rich visuals that put the player into action. Dark and ominous woodlands, abandoned houses, and eerie underground passages are just some of the brilliantly designed locations.

The character models are likewise well-made, making for an immersive experience with their lifelike motions and facial expressions. Lighting and shadow effects are also top-notch, adding a degree of realism and immersion to the game.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has top-notch graphics that contribute to the game’s overall terrifying atmosphere.


Survival horror, puzzle solving, and exploration are at the heart of The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR’s gameplay. Players assume the roles of a group of friends who set out on a mountain hike but become lost in a gloomy forest.

Each of the game’s chapters presents its own set of difficulties and riddles. There are a wide variety of problems, from quick-thinking mind benders to more involved difficulties that call for strategic preparation and execution.

A variety of survival horror elements, such as scarce supplies, constant peril, and startling jump shocks, keep players on edge throughout.

There’s a nice mix of exploration, puzzle solving, and survival horror in The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR’s gameplay that keeps players interested throughout.

Blinking Mechanic

The blinking game mechanic is a standout aspect of The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. The developers have taken full advantage of the eye-tracking hardware inside the PSVR2 headset. They can adjust game environments, spawn new enemies or activate inanimate dummies based slowly on where you’re looking or if you’re blinking or not. This ‘don’t blink’ gameplay extends to boss encounters and really helps to ramp up the player’s paranoia and discomfort. Everything you’d want from a horror title right?

The blinking concept is an interesting and novel addition to the gameplay that enhances the game’s atmosphere of dread. The gameplay and difficulty may evolve depending on where you’re looking or if you’re blinking during inopportune moments. A truly novel idea that’s well executed.

Horror Elements

Designed from the ground up as a horror experience, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR spares no effort in its quest to terrify its users. Extreme jump scares, creepy settings, and an overall air of foreboding keep players on edge throughout the entirety of the game.

Ghosts, devils, and other supernatural beings make an appearance throughout the game. These features enhance the game’s horror atmosphere and contribute to a pervasive feeling of unease and dread.

Players will be on the edge of their seats throughout The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR because it is so disturbing.

Overall impressions

When it comes to horror games, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR stands head and shoulders above the competition. The game provides a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable horror experience because of its eye-popping visuals, exciting gameplay, novel blinking mechanic, and strong horror theme.

The game’s emphasis on exploration, puzzle-solving, and survival horror is balanced, providing players with a variety of challenging and rewarding experiences. The game’s blinking mechanic is a clever and original touch that deepens the player’s immersion.

Among the best VR horror games this year, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is an absolute must for fans of the genre.

Titles Coming Soon to PSVR2


synapse player killing enemies

Photo from Synapse – Teaser Trailer, PlayStation YouTube

Synapse is a cyberpunk-inspired action game for the PlayStation VR2 that puts players in the role of a hacker in a dangerous and mysterious future world. Synapse provides a unique experience that will engage gamers from beginning to end with its breathtaking visuals and exciting gameplay.

Excellent visuals, including highly realistic locations and character models, bring the cyberpunk setting to life in this game. There is a lot of opportunity to use hacking to get the upper hand in battle, and the gameplay is fast and exciting.

Synapse’s usage of haptic feedback and 3D audio from the PlayStation VR2 is a notable feature. The sounds of the game environment will envelop the player, bringing them into the action in a way that no other game can.

Overall, Synapse is a fantastic addition to the PSVR2 catalog, providing gamers with a fascinating cyberpunk journey. Players interested in action and cyberpunk should check out Synapse for its compelling gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and impressive virtual reality (VR) features.

Project Haven

project haven gun selection

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Project Haven is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) set in a dystopian future in which players lead a squad of mercenaries in an effort to overthrow an oppressive government. The game’s turn-based combat, in-depth plot, and extensive character customization are just a few of its selling points. The anticipated launch of Project Haven is in 2023.

After the Fall

after the fall killing zombies in ice covered post apocalyptic city

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A co-op shooter set in an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, After the Fall tasks players with working together to eliminate hordes of the undead. Intense battles, impressive visuals, and a wide selection of weaponry await you in this game. As of time of writing the game is just ready to drop so you can expect to see After the Fall hit the shelves any day now. Having played this one already on Quest 2, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

I Expect You to Die 2 (TBC)

i expect you to die 2 player holding top secret files

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I Expect You to Die 2 is the sequel to the hit puzzle game in which players assume the role of a spy tasked with a number of objectives. With great voice work from Will Wheaton, this sequel elevates everything that’s come before and it’s great to see the developers building on the success of the first installment. There are a variety of places to discover and puzzles to solve. There is no official announcement that this title is coming to PSVR2 however they have announced the third installment of the game is coming soon. It would be remiss of Sony to miss a trick here and not release the trilogy collection on the PSVR2. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see it soon, and if you’ve played the first you pretty much know what to expect. This is great fun and one of the best seated-only VR experiences.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

another fisherman's tale player holding a small boat with a fisherman

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Very little news on this one except that it’s expected to release in May 2023 so not too long to wait. Assuming it’s like its predecessor, we can expect a charming yet mind-bending puzzle game from veteran developers Vertigo Games. Involving macrocosms and microcosms and lots of thinking outside the box, the first game was an absolute smash hit. Here’s hoping for more of the same!

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How does the PSVR2 work?

The PSVR2 is Sony’s second-generation virtual reality headgear and was made specifically for use with the PS5 system. It’s an upgrade from the original PSVR in terms of visuals, haptic feedback, and field of view.

Do I also need a PlayStation 5?

To answer your question, the PSVR2 is compatible with the PS5 only. It does not work without the PS5 so you must own both in order to use your headset.

To what extent will the PSVR2 work with my current library of PS4 titles?

Unfortunately, the PSVR2 is not backward-compatible with PS4 titles. Only PS5 games will function properly on the system.

What kind of computer setup is needed for the PSVR2?

No PC is required, you do need a PS5 console, however. Everything else you need is included in the PSVR2 box.

Does the PSVR2 support regular video games?

The PSVR2 can be used with a PlayStation 5 console to play games that were not developed for virtual reality, however, these titles will not be experienced in VR.

Using Your PSVR2 Like a Pro

  • Since the PSVR2 is meant to be worn for long sessions at a time, it is essential that the headset be set up such that it is as comfortable as possible throughout use. Adjust the headband for a comfortable fit and the distance between your eyes for crystal-clear viewing.

  • It’s crucial to give your eyes and brain a rest every so often, especially while playing virtual reality games for extended periods of time. To avoid fatigue and nausea, experts advise pausing every 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Play with PlayStation Move motion controllers for a more immersive and intuitive gaming experience, as they are optimized for many PSVR2 titles. Spend some time mastering the controllers so you can fully immerse yourself in your virtual reality games.

  • Make sure there is no furniture or other obstacles in the way of you moving about when playing a PSVR2 game. To ensure a fun and risk-free gaming experience, clear the area of any furniture or other obstacles.

  • Try out a variety of games, from intense shooters to relaxing exploration simulators, all available on the PSVR2. Explore a variety of genres to find the ones that capture your interest and provide the most satisfying virtual reality experience.

The present and planned titles on the PSVR2 platform are excellent examples of what can be achieved with virtual reality gaming. The enhanced graphics, cutting-edge haptic feedback, and expanded range of view make for a more compelling and lifelike gaming experience. There’s something for everyone on the PSVR2, whether you’re like nail-biting action, chilling horror, or peaceful exploration.

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