25 Best PSVR Games: Explore the Finest Virtual Reality Adventures

vrbg featured image 25 best psvr games for 2022

Enjoy our handpicked selection of PSVR’s best games of 2022!

The world of PSVR is expanding, with new and exciting titles hitting store shelves and gamers eager to try them out. Luckily, we’re here to help you cut through the noise and find the ‘winners’ among the sea of new releases.

In this edition of 2022’s best PSVR Games, we explore a selection of PSVR games that we think you need in your library. Although we’ll no doubt include some classics, we bet you’ll find a title or five that might just make it onto your own best PSVR games list this year.

In Reverse Order to Increase Cinematic Anticipation …

Ok, ok, these aren’t actually in order of best PSVR games to worst.

Humor us …

25. Statik



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Statik is one of the more intriguing mystery games on the VR market. It makes excellent use of the PSVR controllers and has you questioning what each button, trigger, and control stick does.

Statik is a great beginner puzzle game for new players in the PSVR market. Its graphics are immersive enough for the puzzles to feel real and not mind-numbing. The game itself has a suspenseful feeling to it and it offers a lot of replayability with its unique map and engaging puzzles

24. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted


five nights at freddy’s vr

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

As a horror movie fan, I just love the feeling of being scared. But without new horror movies and the theatre, it has been a little hard to come by this year. That was until I discovered Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted.

This game is exciting and terrifying. You attempt to survive against an army of monsters while taking part in fun minigames. This VR experience is not for the faint of heart and will provide quite a scare for any first-time user.

23. Gorn



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Enter a battle arena and live out your gladiator dreams. Gorn is a fun and action-packed combat game that is cartoony and full of blood. Playing this game will have you constantly laughing as you punch off people’s heads and obliterate fools with any means necessary.

Gorn isn’t the deepest game, nor does it have a heartwarming storyline. However, it is simple and fun, and sometimes though are the best kinds of games. Gorn is perfect for showing someone how fun VR can be or taking out your frustration after a long day at the office.

22. The Persistence


the persistence

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

The Persistence is a PSVR space horror that has you feeling like you are playing dead space all over again. This game is tense with terrifying monsters and jump scares lurking around every corner. It’s also not for the squeamish, as blood is bound to splatter during a playthrough.

We love the RNG elements of this game and that helps make playthroughs feel like the first time. This game is for more serious gamers and can be quite challenging, but the story is fun to play through and the ending is quite a surprise.

21. The Room VR: A Dark Matter


the room vr

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

The room is another classic from the puzzle masters that are Fireproof Games. This VR game is short but still a blast to play through. For those who love escape rooms, you have to try this PSVR game.

Every aspect of the controls and the graphics has been designed to make interactions feel real and fulfilling. Everything around you is a complex puzzle that must be solved through unique methods. This game will have you questioning everything you know!

20. Farpoint



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Farpoint is about as close as we are going to get to a real-life Halo, at least for now. With the compatible rifle-shaped controller, this game has you feeling like a real soldier as you enter into the alien planet.

Farpoint has a great storyline and battles that will have you feeling like you were in a real war. The game is fun to pick up and is exciting to explore. If you think mowing down waves of undead baddies is fun, you will love Farpoint

19. Until You Fall


until you fall

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Until You Fall takes you back to a time where you only go as far as your life count takes you. This game is quick and addictive. It brings a sense of an arcade feel to the dungeon crawling genre and the creation is a splendid gaming experience. Getting to the end is a challenge and this game is a real-time consumer!

18. Moss



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Moss is a third-person VR game that transforms the user into a small but clever mouse named Quill. As Quill, you will need to solve puzzles, overcome large foes, and find your way home in a dangerous world.

The game is super fun to play and has a lot of depth to it. However, the shining point is Quill. This lil mouse is just so scrappy, and through his adventures and adversities, you begin to feel extremely close to him. This game is incredible and one that is perfect for gamers of all ages.

17. Paper Beast


Screenshot of Paper Beast gameplay - 1

Paper Beast as a game is fun, but as a concept and idea, it is incredible. In essence, Paper Beast will teleport you to a faraway planet where you exist as a mystical animal. On this planet, there are other extremely lifelike, yet also sci-fi esque creatures that interact with you.

There are also puzzles to solve and fascinating landscapes to see. We think the game is a little short and lacking in some areas, but the concept will certainly pave way for future iterations.

16. Iron Man VR


iron man vr

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Being Tony Stark in 2022 is possible with the PSVR. Play through the campaign as Tony Stark, or Robert Downey Jr (just kidding), and live out your fantasies. The combat is awesome and the story is good enough to keep you entertained.

The controls in this game are a blast to use and will have you feeling like a true superhero. The first-person camera is very immersive and gives you a potential glimpse into what Iron Man’s life would be like.

15. Beat Saber


beat saber

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Beat Saber is a game that takes parts of Star Wars, Fruit Ninja, and Guitar Hero. In this epic VR game, you control your lightsaber and slash boxes as they come towards you. The controls are smooth and require dexterous movements to be performed well in-game.

Beat Saber is a lot of fun and gets you into a ninja-esque rhythm. Before you know if you’ll be holding your controller and slashing through boxes with ease. The game is a bit of a workout though, so make sure to drink lots of water!

14. No Man’s Sky VR


no man’s sky vr

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

No Man’s Sky meets the VR in this breathtaking game. The incredible universe is yours to explore as you traverse through space in VR. This game can have you playing for hours as you explore far-away planets or engage in hectic space battles.

The sights and sounds of the game are also well done. Everything looks and feels accurate and helps to bring a sense of immersion. If you’ve played No Man’s Sky or just enjoy space exploration, you have to try this VR game.

13. Pistol Whip


pistol whip

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Pistol Whip is a lot like Beat Saber, except now you’re a sharpshooter. Pistol Whip, however, is significantly more immersive and awesome to play. You’re just cruising through the map wiping out bad guys, listening to awesome tunes, and avoiding fire. It’s like everyone’s dreams of being Neo from the Matrix.

Pistol Whip gives you a run and gun feeling on the VR that few have ever provided. It feels elegant to pick apart a room of bad guys and dance between cover to cover. This game is as visually stunning as it is fun to play.

12. Firewall: Zero Hour



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Firewall: Zero Hour is hoping to fundamentally shift the paintball world. Instead of going out and doing it with heavy gear in the soaking rain, do it in the comfort of your home! This game feels like you are a top police officer cutting down bad guys.

The controller system is awesome and the aiming feels on point. The assault rifle is super powerful and you truly feel like you are playing paintball or airsoft. There are a few well-known bugs, but the game is still loads of fun.

11. Dreams



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Dreams is one of the more polished VR playgrounds on the market right now. The game is almost like a creative platform and allows the user to do anything they can think of.

Dreams is well known for its large and supportive community. There are plenty of tools and guides for users who are interested in the Media Molecule creation aspect. The game has a few noted issues but they are totally worth overlooking for the sake of creativity.

10. Blood & Truth


blood & truth

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Blood & Truth is an awesome campaign game that takes you on the story of a London heist. The whole world is interactive and the story is super polished and well done. The game is short but it feels incredibly immersive and is often repeated countless times.

Blood & Truth has a large amount of depth to it and oftentimes there are multiple ways to play each level. Each area of the campaign has unique interactions and mechanics. When paired with its realistic graphics, you’re in for a gaming experience you will not soon forget.

9. A Fisherman’s Tale


a fisherman's tale

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

A Fisherman’s Tale is an excellent, and sometimes confusing, puzzle game. The whole design of the game is a little mind-blowing. You have to solve various levels of puzzles at the same time. Each floor has a different version of your character, and how you move on one floor dictates how you move on all of them.

A Fisherman’s Tale is a totally unique game that is fun to play and also leaves your mind blown often. We think the concept is brilliant and few games are as polished and memorable as A Fisherman’s Tale. Last but not least, the story is phenomenal and can easily be applied to most of our own lives.

8. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


resident evil 7 biohazard

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is what diehard Resident Evil fans have been waiting for. This first-person horror will bring back your love for the series as you fight your way through the baker mansion. We firmly believe this is one of the scariest VR games ever made.

Since it is such a big franchise, it goes without saying that the production quality on this game is world-class. The visuals are stunning even after multiple playthroughs. The story is well crafted and will oftentimes leave you cowering in fear of the darkness. This is a PSVR game that all hardcode gamers have to try.

7. Star Wars: Squadrons


Wow, that’s about all that needs to be said for Star Wars: Squadrons. The name will sell itself, but for those that aren’t in love with Star Wars, you’re missing out on a great game. The spaceship combat in this game is intense and a blast to play through.

The game offers a single-player campaign and multiplayer battles. The graphics look pristine and the game looks polished. It’s refreshing to play a Star Wars game from this perspective and the game is so well done.

6. Skyrim VR


skyrim vr 2

Photo from Skyrim VR Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-vr/presskit

One of the most legendary RPG games is on VR. Skyrim can make any fantasy dream come to life. There are endless side missions, and characters that pull you in multiple directions. The main story provides plenty of choices and can be played multiple times.

Owning Skyrim on VR is pretty much what you think it would be, awesome. Taking an arrow in the knee is immersive, and cutting off a dragon’s head will be the highlight of the day. For full immersion, feel free to actually scream when you do it in-game.

5. Ghost Giant


ghost giant

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Ghost Giant is so much more than another simple cartoon puzzle solver. Through this game, you take on a bevy of fascinating tasks and challenges to help you transport through serene locations.

However, the game is much deeper than that. It provides a closer and more intimate look at the struggles of depression. This game is a powerful storyteller which uses personable characters and realistic story moments to truly connect with the player.

4. Superhot VR


Superhot VR

Superhot is as if stick fighter meets VR. This game is easy to play and it feels so rewarding. You can punch people’s limbs off, blow them apart, dodge all their blows, and more. Superhot VR is a full-body VR and will allow you to control the fabric of time.

In Superhot VR you are fully in control of your character. How you control your ninja star and gun is entirely up to your real hand movements. This sense of connection allows you to feel like you are physically transported into this world.

3. Wipeout: The Omega Collection



Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Wipeout: The Omega Collection is a game we have all been dreaming of. This sci-fi racing series is one of the most thrilling games we have played, and we don’t even usually play racing games.

The PSVR controls have been tweaked here and are just perfect for racing. You can take turns as sharp as you want, hit speeds that terrify you, and you can even fly off death-defying heights. This game is a real blast and one that will have you sweating.

2. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners


the walking dead saints & sinners

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

While we aren’t big fans of the Walking Dead series, they’ve made an incredible VR game. The Walking Dead VR game is the pinnacle of VR zombie games and you truly feel like you are stuck in a zombie-filled apocalyptic wasteland.

But the thing is, that’s awesome. Because the controls are so well designed. And the campaign is so engaging. Plus, there are side-missions, places to explore, and human enemies to fight. This game is full of action and leaves little to be desired.

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission


astro bot

Photo from Press Kit https://www.igdb.com/games/

Astro Bot Rescue Mission was originally a minigame during the original launch. However, everyone who played it quickly saw its potential. In this game, you play as a small robot and you work to save the robot’s friends.

This game is endearing, heart-warming, fun, challenging, and eye-opening. It is truly a special game that has an incredible story. We think the bond you form with Astro throughout the game is meaningful and will have a lasting impression on you.

The 25 Best PSVR Games: A Quick Recap

Sony took a risk on the PSVR … and one that has ended up paying off in spades for the company and gamers alike. PlayStation fans can now enjoy gaming in virtual worlds, all without the added complexity, setup, and cost of a gaming PC.

THE PSVR headset has arguably brought VR into the mainstream, with its ease of accessibility, use, and affordable price point.

With Sony having announced the PSVR 2 for the PS5, gaming fans around the world are eagerly anticipating what could be the best thing from Sony in ages.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the top 25 Best PSVR Games currently available. Given the vastness of PSVR’s growing library (and personal preference), no doubt there are a few we missed.
If any game from your own best PSVR games list is missing, drop us a like about why it should make the cut and we’ll consider adding it.

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