The 30 Best Mixed Reality Games and Apps for the Meta Quest 3

With the release of Meta Quest 3, mixed reality experiences have elevated the virtual reality gaming industry to new heights. These adventures are revolutionizing the way we bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. The entire potential and significance of this ground-breaking technology have yet to be completely understood, but its wide-ranging prospects in the game industry and beyond are already apparent.

Here, we’ll explore 30 of Meta Quest 3’s mixed-reality apps, each of which provides a one-of-a-kind and wholly immersive experience. These applications highlight the breadth and depth of innovation that mixed reality has brought to the world of virtual reality, from innovative creation tools and thrilling games to productivity and health apps.

The fascinating future of mixed reality on Meta Quest 3 will be revealed as we explore these experiences, highlighting not only their capabilities and functionalities but also providing insight into that future. Whether you’re a virtual reality (VR) fanatic, an artistic designer, a fitness fanatic, or just someone interested in the cutting edge of technology, this article will help you navigate the fascinating realm of mixed reality in Meta Quest 3. Let’s dive in and learn how this revolutionary technology works.

1. Arkio

Game:  Arkio on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Arkio is a flexible platform for collaboratively designing and creating physical and digital environments. Architects and designers will find mixed reality to be an invaluable tool due to its ability to allow for the seamless integration of virtual concepts with the actual world.

2. BAM

Game: BAM on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

With BAM, you and your friends may enjoy a thrilling augmented reality multiplayer experience in which you design your tabletop arenas, pilot your small robots, and participate in a wide range of game forms, from boxing to “king of the hill.”

3. Blaston

Game: Blaston on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Blaston features tactical player against player battles where slow-motion makes evading gunfire a must. The inclusion of a passthrough option for mixed reality enhances the game’s already thrilling action.

4. BlockVerse

Game: BlockVerse on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

In BlockVerse, you can construct in your home room, fight blocky zombies, or even excavate beneath your bedroom floor. Using the passthrough mode for mixed reality, your works can be effortlessly integrated into the surrounding world.

5. Broken Edge

Game: Broken Edge on Meta

broken edge

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

You can assume the role of a historical swordsman in Broken Edge’s one-on-one swordfighting mode. It’s great for pros and amateurs alike thanks to its realistic fencing mechanics and mixed reality optimization.

6. Coaster Mania

Game: Coaster Mania on Meta

In Coaster Mania, you can create and ride roller coasters you’ve designed in virtual reality. By switching to passthrough mode, you can bring your roller coaster into the real world for a truly unique and immersive ride.

7. Cubism

Game: Cubism on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

You’ll need to use your spatial reasoning skills to solve the puzzles in Cubism. Using the passthrough mode of mixed reality, the puzzle world can be effortlessly integrated into the actual world.

8. Super Mario 3 (3DsenVR & Virtual Desktop)

Game: Virtual Desktop on Meta

Super Mario 3 on the Meta Quest 3 is more than just another platformer; it’s an exciting adventure through time and space. Thanks to 3DsenVR and the Virtual Desktop app, a reimagining of this NES classic is now possible in the realm of mixed reality.

The use of 3DsenVR, a program that can convert 2D NES games into 3D environments, is what sets this apart from the rest. You’re not simply playing Super Mario 3 when you put on the Meta Quest 3 headset and start up this classic game; you’re entering the Mushroom Kingdom in a whole new way.

Colorful environments, well-known characters, and fan-favorite power-ups all take on new life thanks to mixed reality. This is more than a game; it’s a thrilling journey in which Mario and Luigi’s search for Princess Peach assumes a new and exciting shape. This fresh take on an old favorite is achieved by transforming the two-dimensional planes into the three-dimensional space.

Connecting your Meta Quest 3 to this augmented reality masterpiece is done through the Virtual Desktop app. Playing Super Mario 3 in this mode is like being transported into the game itself, where you may explore the colorful world and overcome obstacles in ways you never thought possible. You can enter Super Mario’s world by leaping into it, giving the game a new dimension and adding to the thrill of collecting money, stomping Goombas, and avoiding traps.

With the release of Meta Quest 3, players may anticipate a further polished adventure. The color passthrough feature and enhanced processing capability of the headset make the mixed-reality experience more immersive and visually appealing than ever before.

The Meta Quest 3 version of Super Mario 3 is a fantastic synthesis of retro gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics and sound. It’s a demonstration of mixed reality’s adaptability and potential, integrating classic games into the immersive environments of the future. Whether you’re revisiting old memories or experiencing the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time, this mixed-reality platformer will not disappoint.

9. Cybrix

Game: Cybrix on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Cybrix brings a virtual reality racket match to your living room of the future. Put your racket-swinging talents to the test against your friends and the competition on the leaderboards.

10. Demeo

Game: Demeo on Meta

demeo player looking at cards

Photo from Demeo Press Kit

Demeo is a fascinating hybrid reality update to a turn-based tabletop strategy game. The addition of hand tracking improves the experience by making the interaction more natural.

11. Drop Dead: The Cabin

Game: Drop Dead: The Cabin on Meta

killing monsters in drop dead cabin vr game

Photo from Meta

Adapted especially for Meta Quest 3, “Drop Dead: The Cabin” has a nonstop onslaught of zombies and plenty of exciting combat. It’s a tough survival game, but you gain experience points for every death, so it’s great for aficionados of zombie shooters.

12. Dungeon Maker

Game: Dungeon Maker on SideQuest

If you’ve ever wanted to play a dungeon master, “Dungeon Maker” puts you in charge of designing and building mazes full of deadly traps. Every playthrough will be different because of the usage of hand tracking and randomly generated stories.

13. Eleven Table Tennis

Game: Eleven Table Tennis on Meta

eleven table tennis

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

For Meta Quest 3, “Eleven Table Tennis” provides the best simulation of the sport. Challenge other players or tough AI bots in online multiplayer bouts. The physics engine was carefully crafted to mimic real-world dynamics, making it ideal for sports lovers.

14. Espire 2 (Free MR Update)

Game: Espire 2 on Meta

espire 2

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Later this year, the Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3 versions of Espire 2: Stealth Operative, a stealth action game by Digital Lode, will get a thrilling and immersive mixed reality feature. This update has the potential to revolutionize the Espire 2 game by fusing the virtual and real worlds for a unique stealth and espionage experience.

The mixed reality upgrade, which was demonstrated at the UploadVR Summer Showcase, will feature a set of covert missions that may be customized to the player’s environment. These quests are designed to work in a variety of settings, from single rooms to expansive mansions. To earn their stripes and qualify to pilot an Espire Frame, the ultimate of covert technology, players will assume the role of Tempest, an agent tasked with completing a series of Mixed Reality Missions.

Espire 2 stands out from the crowd since it can be played in a variety of settings without sacrificing quality. Every assignment has its own set of requirements, which keeps things interesting and difficult. Throughout these missions, you’ll face a wide variety of obstacles that will make it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals. These include human enemies, powerful bipedal mechs, electronic security systems, and more.

The mixed reality mode is what takes Espire 2 to the next level. It puts you in the role of an undercover agent and gives you the freedom to walk around and interact with your environment in real life. This development creates thrilling new opportunities for stealth games, making players more than just observers.

Later this year, Quest headsets will be able to use the Espire 2 mixed reality mode at no cost. The Quest 3’s improved color passthrough features usher in a new age in gaming with the advent of this groundbreaking mixed reality mode, which blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds for a more lifelike and exciting gaming experience.

15. Figmin XR

Game: Figmin XR on Meta

figmin xr

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Users of the innovative app “Figmin XR” can design, collect, and play in a virtual reality setting. Those interested in creating and exploring novel mixed reality experiences will find its support for multiplayer and suite of creative tools invaluable.

16. First Encounters

Game: First Encounters on Meta

The free bonus game “First Encounters” for Meta Quest 3 serves as a primer for the technology behind mixed reality. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn about the headset’s features, allowing you to catch space puffians without leaving your living room. Blasting your walls and furniture has never been so much fun!

17. ForeVR Bowl

Game: ForeVR Bowl on Meta

forevr bowl

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

“ForeVR Bowl” is a virtual reality bowling game that’s fun to play with friends and family. It’s a great way to experience the sport in a virtual context, with themed lanes, events, and unlockable material.

18. ForeVR Pool

Game: ForeVR Pool on Meta

forevr pool

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

“ForeVR Pool” is a virtual reality implementation of the popular pool game. Explore different pool rooms, take on challenging opponents, and perfect your game using a wide variety of cues.

19. FPS Enhanced Reality

Game: FPS Enhanced Reality on Meta

fps enhanced reality

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

As one of the earliest examples of a passthrough first-person shooter, “FPS Enhanced Reality” immerses players in a world where they must physically prepare and protect a play area from in-game enemies.

20. Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

Game: Ghostbusters on Meta

ghostbusters rise of the ghost lord

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Through the magic of virtual reality, “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” transports you to the classic world of the Ghostbusters. You, armed with your proton pack and virtual reality goggles, will lead the Ghostbusters’ headquarters in a whole new city: San Francisco. This exciting adventure goes far beyond the scope of a simple game by giving players the chance to solve a fascinating mystery set in the Ghostbusters universe.

You’ll get to use the gear that’s become synonymous with the Ghostbusters franchise if you join the team. You’ll be armed from head to toe with everything you need to hunt, blast, and capture nefarious ghosts throughout a long and exciting campaign. The game does more than just honor the Ghostbusters’ heritage; it expands it by letting fans assume the roles of their favorite characters and go on their ghostly adventures.

Playing solo or with up to three pals in co-op, “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” presents a terrifying new adversary in the form of the Ghost Lord. This powerful foe will put your ghost-busting skills to the test, adding a new and exciting element to the Ghostbusters adventure.

Fans of the series and those who have never played any of the games before will enjoy this virtual reality experience. This is your chance to don the famous gear and face the terrifying encounters that have made the Ghostbusters such a cherished part of pop culture for decades and live out your Ghostbuster fantasies. So, strap on your proton pack, assemble your companions, and be ready to descend into a realm where ghosts, ghouls, and riddles await your heroic intervention.

21. Gravity Lab – Passthrough Update

Game: Gravity Lab on Meta

gravity lab passthrough update

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Take on the perplexing challenges of “Gravity Lab,” a game of physics and electronics set in a derelict lunar outpost. Tackling gravity and space-time continuum distortions while solving complex problems.

22. Gravity Sketch

Game: Gravity Sketch on Meta

gravity sketch

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

To sketch, make, and work together in a digital environment, “Gravity Sketch” is a 3D design tool. It’s ideal for those who want to visualize their ideas in three dimensions, including architects and designers.

23. Headspace

Game: Headspace on Nexus Studios

Headspace, developed by Meta and Nexus Studios, is a “virtual playground for your mind” that seeks to help users improve their concentration while using virtual reality applications and ease their return to the real world.

24. I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

Game: IEYTD: Home Sweet Home on Meta

i expect you to die home sweet home

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Free to play on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets, “I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home” is an exciting escape room game that puts you in the role of a secret agent. In this hybrid reality game, you take on the role of a secret agent endowed with a state-of-the-art eye implant who has just been extracted from a top-secret medical facility. what is your objective? You’ll need to solve riddles, avoid deadly traps, and use a variety of high-tech spy equipment to foil Dr. Zor’s plot.

The game makes extensive use of the Meta Quest 3 color passthrough technology, which allows the actual and virtual worlds to blend seamlessly. As you begin your mission, your house will begin to resemble a complex escape room in which you will need to use X-ray equipment to find hidden items that have been carefully stashed away. The Quest Pro’s improved augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features make for a more immersive experience, giving gamers a super spy immersive experience.

25. Home Detective

Game: Home Detective on Meta

home detective

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

As a secret spy in your own home, “Home Detective” provides a mixed-reality escape room experience. Applying the technology of eye implants, you must solve riddles, avoid danger, and fight robotic hornets.

26. Immersed

Game: Immersed on Meta


Screenshot from Meta video teaser

The virtual reality (VR) office solution presented in “Immersed” is the future of workplaces. It facilitates remote work and communication by letting you create several virtual screens on Mac, PC, or Linux.

27. Iron Guard

Game: Iron Guard on Meta

iron guard

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

The tower defense game “IRON GUARD VR” takes its cues from the grand strategy games of yesteryear. Play in full 360 degrees as you defend your crew and explore a planet with a wide variety of ecosystems.

28. Islanders VR

Game: Islanders on Meta

islanders vr

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

Learn the “Islanders” simple approach in a whole new light. Use virtual reality to strategically put buildings on a variety of brightly colored islands and expand your metropolis for maximum scores.

29. Just Hoops

Game: Just Hoops on Meta

just hoops

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

“Just Hoops” is a basketball arcade game with visuals reminiscent of those from the 1980s. Plunge into a basketball experience with more than 45 varied levels that feature advanced physics simulations for handling the ball and shooting.

30. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Game: Keep Talking on Meta

keep talking & nobody explodes

Screenshot from Meta video teaser

In “Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes,” one player is locked in a room with a virtual time bomb, and the other players take on the role of experts who must give instructions to the imprisoned player to disarm the bomb. The experts, however, are unable to view the explosives, thus open lines of communication are essential.


Mixed reality’s debut on Meta Quest 3 has, in short, ushered in a new era of fully immersive experiences and interactions that seamlessly blend the digital and physical. This innovative technology can be used in many different ways, satisfying a wide variety of preferences and requirements. Meta Quest 3 has evolved into a flexible platform for users to experiment with and engage with mixed reality in a wide variety of contexts, from gaming and creative design to mindfulness and productivity.

Only a small subset of the conceivable mixed reality applications on Meta Quest 3 have been highlighted in this article. New and intriguing uses for virtual reality will undoubtedly arise as technology develops, broadening the field’s potential. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that mixed reality is not merely a fad, but rather a revolutionary change in the way we experience and engage with digital media. The integration of the physical and digital worlds paves the way for novel forms of expression, work, play, and more.

Meta Quest 3 has offered not only a stage for such adventures, but also a glimpse into the technological future. Users may anticipate increasingly fascinating, dynamic, and integrated experiences in the realm of mixed reality as the ecosystem continues to develop and expand.

In short, the mixed reality experiences on Meta Quest 3 have something to offer everyone interested in gaming, design, fitness, or the future of technology. The enchantment of this game-changing technology is finally here, and it’s not going anywhere.

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