Adult Pee Fetish Site Reviews: Insights and Recommendations

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Never let it be said that we don’t spoil you. We go to all the hard work of meticulously watching content to bring you the very best the web has to offer. Water sports sites have surged and burst in popularity in recent years (pun intended). We are here to wade through the tepid and bring you only the greatest piss porn experiences out there. That’s piss porn, not piss poor! Let’s get into it!

Pee on Her

pee on her porn site logo banner

For all of you out there thirsty for some urine-based fetishes, then look no further. With ‘Pee On Her’ you’ll find everything you need to have a wet and wonderful time, including photos of hot Czech women, drunk men with full bladders, and women who urinate on men before fucking them and vice versa. This relatively new site features exclusive content, including pictures, downloads, streams of piss, and streaming films. Definitely not for vanilla-only enthusiasts, the amount of niche content available here is staggering.

First Impressions of Pee on Her

You don’t need to sign up for both Pee On Her and VIPissy because they are from the same family of porn sites. Both sites offer regular discounts for new and existing members so keep an eye out and wait for a bargain if you can hold off. It’s an ever-expanding catalog, providing high-definition movies, and staying true to its premise, which is … as mentioned above, men getting fucked and peed on by women (and vice versa), and occasionally during severe scenes of chaos. Everything from the dance moves to the guys and gals is on point. The action may be messy but the camera work and production value are top-notch. Not to be missed.

Site Quality and Appearance

Unlike the actors, the site itself is very clean and easy to navigate. No drips or leaks! The search function and list of tags or categories are broad and cover all tastes. Each video is of a very high quality and you can pick and choose your HD settings based on your internet speeds. If your internet is slower than a Koala bear doing a back flip, then there is an option to download your favorite videos for repeat viewing at your leisure. Just don’t watch them on the bus!

Dark Niche

‘Pee On Her’ is a site with restricted access where men and women alike enjoy “drawing off” (urinating on each other or themselves) before, during, or even after passionate sex encounters. Pee fun, water sports, fetish, fuck, and cream pies are just some of the topics covered in these high-quality videos. There are 4K HD movies and other entertainment as well as collectible images on the site, and it is always being updated with new features keeping things fresh. Some of the films also feature fetish practices like fisting and BDSM to add tension to the wet and dirty mainstream action.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

As of the time of writing there are 110 high-quality model picture sets and 114 amazing long-form videos! All of them deal present some form of water sports to appeal but there is also plenty of variety. The large range of models in the model roster is very impressive. There are also some models with exceptional beauty and talent to hold your attention for repeat viewing. 

Some scenes on offer are pure madness in the best possible way. Also if you know your porn actresses you may recognize Dido Angel and Katy Rose to name but a few of the water enthusiasts on offer here. Each film is lengthy with the average length being between 25 and 45 minutes long.

Each setup has a unique scenario with professional lighting and creative setups. They clearly have spent some money on production levels as each video has its own distinct style and plot. The quality can go as high as 4K on some videos and they feature professional camera work and top-notch audio. First impressions last and the quality on display here is quite compelling.

The Nerdy Stuff

Depending on your Internet connection speed, you can instantly stream at a resolution of up to 1,920 by 1,080 pixels in HD. You can also choose from four download options, the highest of which is 4K HD (3,840 x 2,160). Other available resolutions in Mp4 format are 1080p, 720p, and 480p. There is also a high-definition WMV version available. Every need you may have has been catered for.

There are also 24 high-quality, convenient galleries that may be viewed online and downloaded as zip files in either high or low resolution. Not skipping the picture quality of the galleries, the 110 picture sets are of the highest quality. The dimensions are perfect at 3000 by 2000 pixels providing crystal clear visuals. You may watch the movies, browse the galleries, and download the content all from the same page.

Navigating the Site

Your primary menu has links to “Home,” “Models,” “Updates,” and “Galleries”. This makes navigating the site nice and simplistic. Everything is clear and labeled well and you can easily get back to the home screen at any point. There are additional back and advance buttons to help you traverse the films, and the pages are so clear and concise. I also didn’t experience any technical issues during the many hours I spent browsing through the site. 

Pee On Her’s interface is well thought out and intuitive to use. There is a simple keyword search bar, and you can rearrange the text in a few different ways. There are also filter options for your searches enabling you to hone in on the exact content you’re looking for.

There are currently no perks or extras available for signing up, but you can save money at other online stores by visiting the offers page. Although the models do provide some information, the tour does not include any more videos, website samples, bonus sites, etc.


The amazing and varied videos and pictures on offer are completely unique, exclusive, and expertly made. In addition to 4K HD and 1080p, mobile-optimized versions of movies are also available for download. There really is very little to complain about here! Although there are live shows, photo galleries, and frequent updates, the site’s main attraction is of course its unique water sports films featuring beautiful women from all over the globe engaging in intense sexual activity. 

Polished, professional, and very very naughty! What’s not to love?

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Fister Twister

fister twister porn site logo banner

With a name like that, you know you’re in for a treat! Enter the fantastical adult world that will take you on a journey where beautiful lesbians punch and kick each other in the genitalia in the name of high-quality art. I’ve caught your attention now haven’t I? Exploring the darker side of devious minds, Fister Twister offers exclusive content that you may want to watch on your own, with the curtains drawn and the lights off!

First Impression

You’ll be treated to a huge collection of European women who love having their holes fisted. During their hot foreplay, they engage in a variety of ass and pussy play, including kissing, licking, fingering, sex toy teasing, rimming, and more. Watch as some of the gals plunge wrists deep or even use their feet to give multiple quivering orgasms to the receiving lucky lady. They are true explorers of this artful profession! Oh, and don’t worry; nothing is left to the imagination in these varied and often extremely graphic scenes. Gaping and climaxing have never been sexier.

Free 4K Movie Downloads, No Limits

There are 132 models to watch online or download in glorious high-quality 1080p, with many videos available for download in 4K. In total, there are currently over 140 videos to watch exploring every deep and dark fantasy for your pleasure. Because of the consistently good quality camera work, both the HD and SD versions look great. Everything in the room is so well lit and pre-designed, from the sofa cushions to the bedsheets, white is the overall aesthetic so as not to distract from the action. Let’s face it, if you checking out the patterns on the sofa, then clearly the models aren’t doing their jobs! Fister Twister ensures that everything is minimal but super well-lit and with a very high production value.

Mobile-Friendly User Interface

The site is responsive, meaning it will work really well on any cell phone device. Navigation is also nice and zippy. Extensive tags with particular keywords, such as “ass gape” and “anal stretching,” have been provided so that you can rapidly find the greatest fist flicks with all of your preferred sexual flavors. You may also add comments, favorites, and ratings to the scenes. The search bar and the ability to sort results are likewise rather self-explanatory but a great addition nonetheless.

Photo Perfection

Look through the galleries to find high-quality pictures in either low- or high-quality ZIP files. There are several sexually explicit photos of the girl-on-girl action, as well as other photos of the solo models on the sets. The models are ridiculously beautiful and the image quality is of the highest quality. Seeing graphic Images of beautiful girls fisting and squirting will make you want to loosen your pants in seconds.

The majority of the models are young adults currently enrolled in college, and they are all stunning. Ranging from picture-perfect thin models up to muscular chicks with tattoos, all varieties are catered for here. It’s great to see such a huge range of body types and appearances all on one site. You can bookmark your favorites and check any new content as it arrives.


The tagline says it all really: ‘Lesbian Fisting Porn At Its Best’ Check out this excellent collection of lesbians throwing down with some serious kinky sex stuff. Easy to navigate, huge collection of porn videos and photos. Great range of models and a great variety of scenes covering everything from fingering, fisting, squirting, and gaping. A great site for those that enjoy some high-quality lesbian fisting content. What’s not to love?

CHECK OUT fistertwister


vr pissy porn site logo banner

Porn for the VIPs

Many sites try to make you feel special but few really deliver on the VIP experience. Enter Vipissy, or should I say you enter it! This premium porn site looks and feels like a unique members-only club to give you that gold star celebrity feeling. However, the waitresses aren’t serving cocktails but there are definitely liquids flowing aplenty! 

If it isn’t already clear, the beautiful women on VIPissy are huge fans of water sports. Not jet skis and kayaking but the kinky ‘piss on you’ variety! They focus solely on that golden liquid during sexual encounters with both sexes. This is no-holds-barred, piss spraying everywhere. Prepare to be soaked.

Huge Collection

The site now includes a massive collection of over 400 videos since the time of writing. The updates have been regular, with a brand new scene being added every week. This is a great sign of a thriving website. New Ultra HD scenes are constantly being added to this 4K porn site, and they now account for about half of the library. Standard definition is a dying breed and Vipissy only uploads to most premium high-quality video content.

Easy to Navigate the Site

The site is well-designed and equipped with useful tools including filtering options, tags for easy categorization, user ratings and comments, favorites, and more. The filtering options are also quite refined. Model, Action, and Location/Date are the three search options available to you, allowing you to zero down on exactly what you’re looking for. This makes finding content that appeals directly to you easy to do, very nice!

Members can go to a forum to talk about their favorite moments, make requests for models, discuss fetish-related publications, and exchange scene ideas. It appears to have a lot of members, so you can expect to find a vibrant community if you decide to join. I was pleasantly surprised with how active and friendly this community was, with some great recommendations being shared constantly to help others. 

Members’ opinions are taken seriously, too. There will be moments that say “This video is based on a script submitted by our member” to encourage you to write your own and submit it. So if you’re a budding writer or just have a particular fantasy you’d like to see, then perhaps scripting a scene could be an option for you. A neat idea for the creative folks among us. 

Model Database

The amount of models to browse is almost as impressive as the huge video catalog. Choosing your favorite models too couldn’t be easier as their bios are incredibly detailed. You can learn everything, such as their ages, bra sizes, weights, and heights, all from the model index page. Click the Scene Request button for the option to request even more time with her.

Technical Support

Submit a ticket on their support page if you run into any problems while using this trustworthy porn site. You can monitor progress and receive updates when the issue is resolved. There is also a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section that may help you avoid contacting them altogether. It is recommended that you contact your biller in order to terminate your membership. You can always contact us for assistance. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to you as well. This is so rare and yet worthwhile that it would be great if other porn sites took note and followed suit.

Let the Money Flow

You can choose between two alternative payment methods during registering. You can use your regular credit card, or if you have a PayPal account, you can use that instead. There are other cheaper subscription plans that allow for merely streaming. The Pay as You Go option is also displayed on the signup page. Credit packs and individual scene purchases are made here. There are enough flexible options here to suit all needs. 

Overall – Highly Recommended

The site has a lot going for it, and they keep on providing excellent pee porn with their high-quality (4K) films and regular updates. It is the clear winner when it comes to the amount of variety and content on this list. They do an excellent job of keeping things interesting by switching around the models and the situations in which they are used. Their forum participation incentives are commendable, as is their implementation of forum members’ suggestions. Sites everywhere could learn from their success. They also regularly offer discounts so you can always wait for a sale before signing up.

The biggest draw of course is the porn content itself. This site has it all. You’re going to need a cold shower after your golden shower here! Yes, that puns terrible but Vipissy is definitely not! Amazing high-quality adult content with stunning models and one of the best piss-based porn sites out there. Not to be missed

CHECK OUT vipissy


  • Movies in 4K resolution
  • Superior sifting options
  • Popularity among users
  • Massive library of content
  • Great active community
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