25 of The Best SteamVR Games in 2022

The Most Impressive SteamVR Experiences for Vive, Index, and Reverb G2

Sure, both Facebook (Meta) has its store for the Oculus and Rift, and Sony has its own store for the PSVR and PSVR 2, but when it comes to experiencing the full capabilities of VR on the PC, SteamVR reigns supreme.

SteamVR titles represent some of the best Vive games, Reverb G2 games, and Index games on the market. Known for its non-exclusive and open culture, Valve has encouraged and fostered multi-headset compatibility on SteamVR, which is good news for those with PC VR headsets.

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In this guide, we feature the BEST Steam VR games, best Index games, and Reverb G2 games minus those exclusive to Rift.

The Best Steam VR Games in 2022

1. Half-Life: Alyx

Valve’s blockbuster franchise ‘Half-Life’ returns in this resurrection of what is arguably among the best game titles to have graced PC systems. Now in VR, Half-Life Alyx casts you as the keynote character Alyx Vance. As Vance, you are set out on a mission spanning the iconic backdrop of the infamous City 17.

Despite worries that the title wouldn’t live up to Half-Life’s lofty standards, the game has proven itself as much more than just a ‘spin off’, but rather a key installment in the series’ storyline.

Although lacking some of the traditional gameplay mechanics you may have loved in the OG titles, what Half-Life: Alyx lacks in sandbox physics, it more than makes up for with breathtaking design, and impeccable production value dwarfing that of virtually every other VR title in existence.

More than just a ‘shooter’ game, players will appreciate the meticulous detail and immersion of puzzles and immersive interactions with the landscape while dodging zombies, ducking for cover, or returning fire.

Altogether, this title offers 10+ hours of heart-pounding tense gameplay that does the title justice.

2. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Generally speaking, games made after movie or TV titles typically suck. But this title bucks the trend, featuring some of the best landscape design and immersive interactions we’ve experienced in VR.

Saints and Sinners set the bar exceedingly high, delivering Boneworks-style combat based in physics, a welcomed treat for those who dream or have nightmares of beating back hordes of ravenous zombies. While you can work up quite a sweat with this type of gameplay, we want to highlight that this title offers so much more than a ‘wave-based’ gameplay.

The campaign takes you through the desolate and post-apocalyptic streets of New Orleans, complete with side missions, human threats, and a deeply immersive VR experience that will have you killing zombies with a spoon. Yes, a spoon lol.

This is a MUST HAVE title for Steam VR, and for our money, easily ranks in the top three best Vive, Index, and HP Reverb G2 VR titles.

3. Superhot VR

One of the most highly-rated VR games for Steam, Superhot is as exhilarating as it is rewarding. Sure, its 2D ‘flatscreen’ predecessor was cool, but VR takes this classic to a whole new level.

For those unfamiliar, the premise here is that time in the game moves ONLY when YOU do, transforming this ‘traditional’ shooter into something truly unique.

This gameplay forces you to calculate and strategize your every move, anticipating threats from firearms, ninja stars, and more, while delivering return fire destined to take out the enemy. High replay value, strategy, and cleverness melded with blazing firearms and more all make this game a hit no matter how you spin it.

4. Skyrim VR

skyrim collage

A timeless classic and blockbuster title comes to life in a whole new way in VR. This SteamVR title takes this Besthesda fantasy RPG and puts you in the proverbial drivers’ seat, exploring Tamriel like you’ve never experienced it before.

Unrestricted autonomy, a myriad of character selections, customizations, and literally hundreds of hours of game time in a majestically magnificent (and massive landscape) make Skryrim VR a showstopper.

But wait, there’s more!!! Skyrim VR also features a host of fan-made content, making an already impressive game even better and adding to the experience in new and exciting ways. Considered the ‘crown jewel’ of VR games for the Vive, Index nad Reverb G2, this title is a ‘must have’ for RPG and fantasy game enthusiasts.

5. Star Wars: Squadrons

Even ‘Trekkies’ will find that Star Wars: Squadrons is well worth the moderate purchase price. And for Star Wars fans, its darn near a dream come true. Putting you in the cockpit of the infamous X-Wing fighter, TIE fighters, and other iconic Star Wars ships, players can partake in either single-player campaigns or exhilarating multiplayer battles.

If you enjoyed the ‘flatscreen’ version of Squadrons, you’ll LOVE Steam’s VR edition, transforming the title into a truly immersive experience complete with authentic Star Wars flair, styling, and details to bring out the child inside. Nostalgia, action, spaceships, battles, and more. This game has it all and then some. May the Force be with you, always.

6. Boneworks

As the third successful title from Stress Level Zero, this title doesn’t disappoint. Granted, it’s not heavy on detail or masterful designs you’re used to from the likes of COD, but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in physics-based combat sandbox that is truly something to experience.

This first-person shooter is BIG on reality, giving you the ability to turn virtually any item into a weapon. From broomsticks to lids on trashcans, the physics-based gameplay will make you feel like you have a real physical presence in the virtual world.

How immersive is it? You can climb ladders, nudge doors open with the nozzle of your rifle or hook crowbars on edges to pry things open.

More than just a shoot-em-up, this title features a load of puzzles and strategy built into the gameplay, keeping things interesting and engaging, breaking up the monotony of loading in clips and blasting away.

All of the above and more make Boneworks an easy top 5 ish pick in the lineup of the best Index, Vive, and Reverb G2 games on SteamVR.

7. A Fisherman’s Tale

Tiring of the ‘usual’ VR experiences? A Fisherman’s Tale will re-ignite the spark that had you big-eyed and bushy the first time you played in virtual. Full of mind-bending, head-scratching puzzles, this title will keep your mind engaged and your thinking cap on.

The game itself is set inside of a miniature model of a lighthouse, featuring scaled-down puzzles inside, including a ‘miniature you’ that you can hand items to. Filled with hours of gameplay, this title is difficult to do justice with words, but if we had to say just one thing about it, its that its is a TRIPPY experience like no other game we’ve played thus far, earning itself a list on our Best Steam VR games for 2022.

8. Pistol Whip

Sharp shooting, beat-based gameplay is as fun and exhilarating as it is hypnotic and addicting. Heavily influenced by the likes of blockbuster hits such as Supershot and Beat Saber, this shooter will keep you blasting a fun array of weapons, taking out enemies down corridors, and tactically avoiding fire while attempting a new high score. Give John Wick a run for his money with this pulsating rhythmic hit.

VR gamers are giving this one a 94% approval rating and describing the title with words like, “excitingly abstract”, “immediately gratifying”, and “intense”. Frankly, we wholeheartedly agree.

9. No Man’s Sky VR

Despite a handful of technical hiccups, No Man’s Sky VR has delivered big on its promise to bring the entirety of its universe and vast oceans of space to VR. Explore procedurally generated planets solo or with friends, offering endless hours of journeys spanning ocean floors, to mountain peaks, and even battling it out in space.

Add to that a never-ending stream of free updates and content, and you have a winner that has a lot of replay value any way you look at it.

Did we mention there’s also a ‘survival loop’ that’s one heck of a grind.

10. Beat Saber

We know, we know. But c’mon, can you blame us?? Beat Saber is ubiquitous with VR, and we’ve yet to see another game truly knock it off of its lofty pedestal. Sure, there’s been a few good knockoffs and whatnot, but Beat Saber still reigns supreme…especially with mods that can open up custom song libraries to keep you entertained for 100s of hours.

Slash notes to the beat of your own drum, with classic hits, custom tracks, and more. Just don’t end up tossing your controllers like ninja stars by accident (we have lol). Apart from improving reaction time, mental acuity, and decision-making skills, Beat Saber is a heck of a fun workout that’ll have you burning calories in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

11. Paper Beast

Paper beast is a transformative adventure where you can immerse yourself in a living breathing world of digital animals and an impossibly believable universe riddled with natural puzzles along a magical safari ride.

Interacting with the animals is both believable and incredibly satisfying. Albeit a shorter title, Paper Beast gives a new take on VR and offers an experience that’s a bit different from the usual explosions or zombies.

12. Moss

Normally when we think of VR, we think of a first-hand experience. But in Moss, VR takes on a new approach with a third-person experience that honestly just works. With some of the best in-game content to date, your role is to guide an (admittedly) adorable mouse named Quill through a maze of puzzles and strategy games, all while fending off fearsome critters with your sturdy sword.

Despite the impressive mechanics, the game’s true value comes from its odd ability to get you emotionally invested in the bond developed with Quill along the way. This furry friend truly pulls on the old heartstrings, catching even us by surprise and bringing a whole new element of emotion and connection to VR. For these reasons and more, Moss was a no-brainer to add to our list of the best Steam VR games for 2022.

13. Population One

Fortnite meet VR, VR, meet Fortnite.

Lock and load in this masterful battle royal styled shooter. In this title, you’ll find yourself airdropped on a massive map where you’ll scavenge for supplies, search for weapons, and stake out cover as you fight to the death.

Gameplay is well designed and incorporates good VR mechanics such as climbing walls or maneuvering around. The gameplay can get intense at times, but for an online VR shooter, it’s an A+ in our book.

Each round begins with teams of three, and continues in elimination-style until only one lone survivor is left to claim victory.

Of note is the crossplay opportunity, bringing together a larger player pool for Vive, Reverb G2, and Index.

14. Until You Fall

Fast-paced, stylish, rewarding, and ultimately addictive, progression-based gameplay will have you tackling randomized dungeon mazes as you try to escape. Described as ‘arcade-like’ action, Until You Fall is a fun title that brings back a bit of nostalgia and has a lot of replay value. Its also a fun game to challenge friends to, seeing how far each of you can make it until you ‘fall’. Be advised, the combat can be a bit relentless at times, putting you through your paces.

The average time to complete the game when polled ran about 8.5 hours, rising to around 11 hours when you add in extras.

15. The Gallery Episodes 1 & 2

The Gallery Episode 1 sends you embarking on an epic sci-fi adventure taking full advantage of room-scale movement and unparalleled interaction in VR.

As a winner of over 30 industry-leading awards, including ‘VR Game of the Year’, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this title among the Best Steam VR Games.

Chock full of bizarre characters and an even more bizzarro world, you’ll set out on a mysterious journey as you search for your twin sister Elsie. Assisted by a mad scientist along the way, you’ll have to figure out if he too has his own hidden agenda.

Capitalizing on its blockbuster success, The Gallery brings us EPISODE 2! Your search for Elise has now led you to other worlds, masterful landscapes, and new challenges ranging from psychological to puzzles and an ominous force that you just can’t seem to put your finger on yet.

Arguably one of the most complete and thought-provoking VR titles, The Gallery has certainly earned its place among our list of the Best SteamVR games.

16. The Under Presents

Independently produced by game developer Tender Claws, The Under Presents took us by surprise in a good way. For those looking to test the waters, the game comes with a generously free 30-minute demo on Rift.

Once loaded up, The Under Presents places you squarely in ‘The Under’, an otherworldly place where you can discover and interact with other players (Time Sprites) as you discover the secrets buried deep beneath the vast desert sands.

While in The Under, check out the views at the Observatory, or catch a performance on the Under Stage. Have a digital green thumb? Try your hand attending to the MC’s garden.

Other activities include boarding a TIMEBOAT, a doomed vessel desperately lost in the arctic ice and destined to shipwreck. You and the staff follow a strange dolphin as you manipulate time and unlock hidden mysteries in an effort to save the crew.

Described as ‘surreal’, this ambitious project delivers in interesting ways, from live social interactions to performing visual arts (mock theater/plays), mystique, magic, and even game shows you can participate in.

Honestly, its hard to do this title justice with words. Check it out yourself and thank us later 😊

17. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Not for the faint of heart, this title is one of VR’s most respected, enjoyed, and anxiety-inducing horror titles. If you were looking for subdued suspense and a heads up before ‘jump scares’, Five Nights at Freddy’s is NOT for you lol.

This VR horror title holds nothing back, seeming to actively find new ways to increase your heart rate and make you jump out of your chair. The gameplay spans several mini-titles coupled with new content and experiences that’ll have you TRYING to survive against a haunted horde of abandoned animatronics.

Your goal? Apart from staying alive lol, you’ll attempt to repair things without getting eaten.

As far as scare fests go, this title lives up to the hype and is well worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you first.

18. Gorn

This one needs a bit of a disclaimer. Gorn is excessively violent, gory, and bloody. The characters aren’t exactly realistic (cartoonish gladiators and enemies), but the blood splatters are in your face real.

Gorn is a VR gladiator simulation, featuring physics-driven combat, allowing you to wield your weapons and you creatively calculate defensive postures and offensive maneuvers.

Fantastically violent, this gladiator fantasy will have you savagely mowing down an infinite supply of enemies with weapons ranging from war hammers to nunchucks and throwing knives.

The animated enemies are admittedly a bit hilarious and ridiculously over the top. So despite being a bloody, gory mess, its all a bit comical and oddly lighthearted.

As far as gameplay, the ability to unlock new content adds new elements to old battles and will keep you coming back for more. Fun and creative, we think this title is a great one to add to our Best SteamVR games of 2020 list.

19. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

Developed by Ninja Theory (recently acquired by Microsoft), this SteamVR game is undeniably well-polished, and ranks among the best all-around VR games to hit store shelves.

Incredibly tense exploration, an intricately woven storyline, examination of mental health, and unimaginable visuals melded with surprising combat makes this title something truly special.

Honestly, as far as graphics go, Hellblade is at the echelon of what VR is capable of. Right from the prologue, the story is GRIPING and enchanting.

Work your way through a world of trickery, fire, and brimstone, battling old Viking gods and mysterious deities with a good mix of adventure, puzzles, creative solutions, and combat.

One thing though…the view is a seated experience and operates in third-person gameplay, not first person. So no swinging your arms about. Surprisingly, it works quite well despite all of this.

20. Onward

Achieving early success, Onward is a military simulation shooter featuring some of the most realistic combat VR experiences available to date. Immerse yourself in the heat of battle and partake in firefights while keeping yourself out of enemy crosshairs.

Grounded in realism with ultra-realistic combat mechanics, your skills and meld will be put to the test. This title is still an ‘early access’ release with updates frequently released to improve gameplay, but even in its current iteration its one heck of a ride.

21. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Tired of dizzying action, explosions, and shoot em ups? Check out The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Yet another masterpiece from game studio Fireproof Games, This SteamVR title is a mysterious puzzle-based game set in The British Institute of Archaeology. Partake in trials that require critical thinking, get creative to solve interesting puzzles, and immerse yourself in the creative mastery that is The Room VR.

22. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades (H3VR)

Although released more than 5 years ago, this title remains a fan favorite and is one of the most frequently updated VR games having stood the test of time. With loads of new weapons, game modes, and experiments to try your hand at, this old dog has a bunch of new tricks.

Coming stocked with hundreds of weapons at the ready, a robust shooting range, and game modes such as ‘take and hold that’, you’ll be hard-pressed to get bored with the gameplay.

Add to that the game’s sense of curiosity and a healthy sense of humor, and you have all the ingredients necessary for one of the Best VR games on SteamVR.

23. The Persistence

This Persistence game is as ominous as its name, and an altogether impressive horror VR experience. Taking place aboard a sinister spaceship inhabited by horrific monsters and creatures, this game is both riveting and mechanically refined. Keeping you on the edge of your seat, this SteamVR game has ‘Dead Space’ vibes and requires a deep calculated strategy to endure and survive.

The overall mission is to save a would-be doomed space colony recently infested with mutant crew members infected with who knows what. Stretch the bounds of your imagination and creativity as you scavenge for resources, bolster your abilities and wield an arsenal of weaponry to blast your way through the campaign.

24. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

The original (Budget Cuts) was instrumental in introducing a unique type of locomotion to the VR world. However, the first iteration lacked in design and limited enemy AI that (in our humble opinion) held it back from achieving its true potential.

Capitalizing on its initial success, and with a much bigger budget, Budget Cuts 2 did anything but cut out the fat, creating a masterful experience that is thrilling and entertaining.

Requiring stealth, fast reaction times, quick ‘on your feet’ thinking, and more, you’ll sneak throughout enemy bases, and master shooting arrows, tossing knives, and more.

25. Accounting+

Rounding out our list of the Best SteamVR games is Accounting+

Sure, the name is a bit boring, but we assure you, the game is anything but. From the creative minds behind the infamous Rick and Morty and Crows games, Accounting+ is an ambitious game featuring grotesque monsters, friendly abominations that get eviscerated by accident, and a hilarious entourage of experiences that’ll make you go ‘WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!’.

All and all it’s a cool game that can’t be done justice with a brief review. If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, this one will hit just right. Trust us.

Best SteamVR Games Roundup

There you have it. Our 2022 list of the Best SteamVR games to date. We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we enjoyed playing the games on it.

If we missed anything let us know. We’d love to add a favorite title you have on your own list or to give it a more in-depth review.

Given the pace of new VR games hitting store shelves, be sure to check back throughout the year for any updates we make regarding this list. No doubt it will expand or evolve over time.

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