Best VR Games for Kids

Let’s face it, you invested your time and money into picking the perfect VR headset to suit your needs. Whether it’s a PC headset like the Oculus Rift S or Vive, a console-supported headset like PSVR, or even a standalone headset like the Meta Quest 2, the choice was yours to make. But if like me, you also have kids, you know you’re not keeping that piece of tech to yourself. Children are drawn to VR in a similar way that we big kids are too!

So, to ensure that they also have a great VR experience, here is a list of great games suitable for the younger generation. Guidelines advise that VR headsets are for aged 12 and up, but it’s obvious from some titles available in stores that game developers are targeting kids of all ages with some of their releases. So, we’ve put together a list of the greatest and simplest games to get stuck into with youngsters in mind. Now, put down your juice box, and let’s get into it!

Angry Birds VR (PSVR, PCVR & Quest)

We’ll start with an easy one. Everyone on the planet who has ever played a mobile game has had some experience with Angry Birds. Flicking those cute birds from a slingshot to knock down a tower is basic, addictive and more fun than it sounds like. The VR version is no different. In fact, it’s leaps and bounds beyond the mobile game version. Getting to stand within the 3D environment, aiming and shooting the slingshot is deeply satisfying. Also, the interaction with those cute furry avian bombers is actually adorable. No child will be able to resist their charms and because the game mechanics are so simple (just aim and shoot) kids of all ages can enjoy this title. Once your little minion has completed all the levels, there are additional modes to lengthen the gaming experience and also a level creator which adds some depth and creativity for perhaps older children to enjoy. Great for hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and expanding a child’s creativity and imagination. This one is easy to love and even easier to recommend.

Job Simulator (PSVR, PCVR & Quest)

Perhaps more fitting of the 12 and ups age rating, this one is a whole lot of fun for young teens and adults alike. Set way into the distant future, humans have long since perished and robots rule the world. They have built an interactive museum to try and reenact what human life once was like. Getting more things wrong than right, the job experiences you get to explore are hilarious. Mimicking menial tasks with a hefty dose of off-kilter humor to boot. Each level is a completely different workspace and can be played seated or standing as everything is always close to hand and movements involving just stretching your arms is all that you’ll need. The use of your hands is rather enjoyable as each play area has so many quirky things you can interact with. You’ll be flipping burgers, replacing spark plugs, eating donuts, throwing fireworks, frying eggs, and much much more. Sounds basic but the emphasis here is on fun and laughter as the misremembered past leads to some hilarious encounters. Kids will love it too as goofing around and having fun is highly encouraged. If your kid likes this one, then I would also recommend Owlchemy’s follow-up title Vacation Simulator. Similar in humor but the setting here is different vacations which are jam-packed with mini games. Another boatload of fun to throw yourself into. I mean, throw your kid into of course!

Oculus First Contact (Rift S, Quest)

This one is short and sweet but it’s crammed with fun mini games and nostalgia. The setting is a mobile caravan that seems to be lifted straight out of the 80s. A mini lab lies inside for you to experiment with and your guide throughout your experiments is the cutest robot friend ever. Think between Wall-E and Johnny-5 from Short Circuit, and you’re only halfway there to imagine how cute this guide is. 3D print fun toys like zappers, maracas, bottle rockets and play short mini games that are easy to get into and fun for all ages. The overall vibe and aesthetics feel like you’re in an old 80s Spielberg movie like ET which is glorious to immerse yourself in. Best thing about this title too is that it’s free! As long as you’re an Oculus user and own a headset, you can share this experience for free with your little ones. Trust me, they’re in for a treat! Also, be sure to check out their follow-up title First Steps as it’s equally cute and has even more creative interactions to explore. You do need a Quest 2 for this one though. And yes … it has another cute robot and it’s also free!

The Playroom VR (PSVR only)

PSVR only, this one is free and is packed with a lot of fun mini games. The focus here is on multiplayer interaction. One player wears the headset while one or more other players use controllers and view the action on the TV. The clever part in most of the games is that the headset is displaying different viewpoints, or in some cases different scenes entirely than what is on the TV. The experience is amazing and a fun experience for family game night. Power Ranger-like cute robots fighting Godzilla, giant cats playing red light/green light against mice, and even a short platforming level that is equal in quality to Mario Odyssey! This is one hell of a polished gaming experience and the fact that’s it’s free just shows that Sony wanted to impress everyone with what is capable on PSVR. Every scene is dripping in cuteness and every corner of the screen has some small interaction or hidden secret to enjoy. I love how each mini game is a collaborative event and getting to switch roles adds some length to an otherwise short but amazing virtual reality experience.

Walkabout Mini Golf (PCVR & Quest)

Crazy golf, we’ve all played it before, right? A great day out for all the family young and old. Well, now you don’t have to leave your living room and can still get the same experience. Walkabout Mini Golf is ideal for youngsters as it’s very easy and accessible to play. You only use one controller which obviously acts as your golf club. You can teleport around each course if you like but a click of the trigger button will place you directly behind your golf ball ready to swing! This means it’s easy even for very young players to get to grips with the controls and have some fun. The environments are all bright cartoonish and delightful to visit. The courses range from simple to multi-layered similar to real crazy golf courses. You can play in a group and take turns which is a lot of fun for everyone. The inclusion of hidden rewards and achievements also adds some depth to players who seek it out. Crazy golf is simple to play on the surface but offer plenty of challenge if you want to master each course. Definitely one to recommend for family game night.

BeatSaber (PSVR, PCVR & Quest)

Well, what can I say about BeatSaber? One of the most popular and successful VR titles to date. Of course, it had to be included on this list. For anyone who hasn’t played it yet, it’s in essence a rhythm game and also a bit of a workout too. You swing your lightsabers to cut boxes in indicated directions in time to the music. Over the years, many songs have been added to the absolutely stellar tracklist and with the ability to mod on PC, you can add an absolutely endless library of your cherry-picked favorites to the list. Again, another game that is simple to access as controls is as easy as swinging your arms, but it also offers surprising challenges on higher difficulty settings. My advice before strapping it onto your child’s head is to nerf the difficulty down to beginner and also toggle the ‘no fail’ option so the song they choose will play to the end regardless of how well they do. Almost all kids and adults alike love moving to music and the simplicity of BeatSaber is what makes it’s so addictive to play. You’ll find hours whittling away as you and your younglings get your groove on and bop to the beat. A classic that should not be overlooked

Baby Hands (PSVR, Quest) 

There are so many VR experiences out on the market to date that sometimes a great one might slip passed you. Try not to let that happy with Baby Hands! If the thoughts of getting to crawl around on all fours and cause absolute chaos has never crossed your mind, then you need a bigger imagination. Baby Hands developed by ‘Chicken Waffle’ lets you see the world through a baby’s eyes and cause some absolute mayhem while you do so.

The combination of fun gameplay, sandbox creativity, and some puzzle solving make this a winner for all the family to experience. Graphics are rudimentary although colorful at least they don’t take anything away from the fun gameplay. The game shines as you explore and slowly discover new things to do and achievements to unlock. The lack of guidance may annoy some players but I found it refreshing. No checkpoints or markers are guiding your every move, just go explore and have fun.

Fun is the name of the game. You soon be shooting bows and arrows, squirting water pistols, lobbing bricks, smashing up toy race tracks, and generally completely wrecking everything in your path. The puzzles are fun and not too tasking on the brain which is why I can safely recommend this game for young and old players alike. The low entry level might put some serious VR gamers off but if like me, you like to just unwind some evenings and have some fun then Baby Hands VR is worth picking up.

The content and overall experience are satisfying if a little bit on the short side. This, though, is reflected in the price, and currently, you can pick Baby Hands up for under $20 which is the perfect price point for this VR experience.

So why not let your immature side out and enjoy this crazy baby simulator from Chicken Waffle? For the low cost of twenty bucks, there are far worse things you could waste your money on. Go let your inner child run/crawl free and cause some carnage!


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