Top 9 Must-have Virtual Reality Games of 2016

Virtual reality technology is in its early stages, and Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR are some of the biggest hardware names in this industry. Gaming is the first domain virtual reality touched, and there are so many titles which are a must own.

You can do almost anything in the virtual world, and these VR games can help you explore uncharted territories.

  1. MinecraftVR Minecraft Game Screenshot image description

    Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, and it is now being offered on virtual reality. The new game, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is available for the Oculus Rift. It will also be available on the Gear VR (2nd generation).

    You could be fighting the creepers in the dark and then burrow into the ground and get the real-like perspective of the ground-digging mole.

  2. Arizona SunshineArizona Sunshine VR Game image description

    You have played all sorts of zombie games, but nothing was ever as real-like as with Arizona Sunshine. Zombies will be all around you and the only perception you wouldn’t be able to experience is the smell of their rotting flesh.

    The game, developed by Vertigo Games, is a fast-paced and stunning shooter. It is being developed as one of the earliest SteamVR games. It uses HTC Vive’s groundbreaking motion controllers. So you will be blowing chunks off the undead and getting an almost realistic feel of it.

  3. Rigs: Mechanized Combat LeagueRigs Mechanized Combat League VR Game Screenshot image description

    How many gamers have desired piloting a large mechanized rig in virtual reality? If you are one of them, your desires are about to become reality. This game is a Project Morpheus FPS and is available on the PlayStation 4.

    You are 5 decades into the future, controlling ‘Rigs’ which are used for competing in a blood sport that involves weapons. The weapons include plasma cannons, rockets, lasers, and they can also move around using jump jets.

    The Virtual reality experience will take you into a world of some of the largest multi-floor arenas you have ever seen. The locations include beautiful places from Rio and Dubai.

  4. HeroboundHeroBound VR Game Screenshot image description

    Check the Oculus Store and you will come across two Herobound games and both are worth playing. They are arguably the best virtual reality games currently available. Besides, if you have the Gear VR, you can get them for free.

    Herobound: First Steps, the first version doesn’t take you through any storyline. It puts you directly into the gameplay. But Herobound: Spirit Champion gives you everything including the story, the RPG-like progression and dialogue before putting you into the virtual reality game.

    Herobound is an action/puzzler where you move from one room to another and go about cutting your enemies with the sword. You can also fire arrows. Then there are the blocks that need to be moved to unlock secrets. The enemies include werewolves and skeletons.

    Although you play the game in one direction mostly, you can also look back, above and below you too. You will find yourself in some amazing cartoon worlds.

  5. Land’s EndLands End VR Game Screenshot image description

    In Land’s End you can soar around in virtual world of caves and mountains. This is an atmospheric puzzler developed by the same team behind Monument Valley. In this VR game you will be unlocking mysterious paths and entrances one at a time.

    The game has a slow place and it makes you feel more relaxing. You will not find any M.C. Escher themes but there are many similarities with the Monument Valley.

  6. Star CitizenStar Citizen VR Game Screenshot image description

    Star Citizen is the virtual reality game for you if you want to enjoy a more elaborate space experience. Some of the main characteristics of this game include:

    • FPS on planets and space stations
    • Embarking in different types of spaceships to explore its universe
    • A surprisingly too large storyline that also has some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities

    This virtual reality game seems almost like the next edition of the Wing Commander series.

  7. Discovering SpaceDiscovering Space VR Game Screenshot image description

    This is another space exploration VR game, but it is limited to the solar system. You will be traveling in a ship that flies at several times the speed of light. It will take you just a few seconds if you want to move from one planet to another.

    But don’t think that there is any flaw in the virtual reality model of our solar system. The distances are accurate. It is all about space exploration, but there is a certain innate thrill in traveling from one plant to other.

    Despite what you may think about just traveling within the Solar System, Discovering Space is considered among the best virtual reality experiences on Oculus Rift in the larger VR community.

    You have the option to select the ship of your choice, and this includes Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. This virtual reality game has been developed by SiPhi for Oculus Rift DK2.

  8. Elite: DangerousElite Dangerous VR Reviews image description

    Virtual reality games seem to be mostly about space adventure. However, there are many other game genres too. But when it comes to space exploration Elite: Dangerous stands out from the lot.

    In this 4th edition of the Elite game series you will pilot a spaceship and explore to-real-scale galaxy (Milky Way). It has open-end gameplay. It has a massive multiplayer gameplay and the actions you take will affect the story. You can also play it in single-player mode.

  9. Robinson: The JourneyRobinson The Journey VR Reviews image description

    Robinson: The Journey, a dinosaur action game, is designed exclusively for Sony’s VR hardware, PlayStation VR. It is based on the successful CryEngine tech. In this virtual reality game you are a young boy who has accidently landed on a dinosaur-inhabited planet. You will come across all kinds of dinosaurs here.

    This full-fledged VR game is believed to be Sony’s big shot at promoting its PS VR. It has its origins in the German studio’s “Back to Dinosaur Island” demos. With dinosaurs all around you, thrill will be one thing you will not miss in this game.

    There are dozens more virtual reality games which are nothing less than stunning. As the new VR headsets make their way, you can expect a massive explosion in the number of VR games to be released by more developers.

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