VR UFC Expansion: Meta Partners for Thrilling Virtual Reality Broadcasts

Viva Las Vegas! With the help of Meta, the parent corporation of Facebook, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is making another foray into VR. UFC plans to expand the number of live fights available in 4K VR using Meta’s Xtadium and Horizon Worlds digital environments, following successful trials over the previous year.

The goal of this historic collaboration is to bring UFC fans closer to the action than ever before, making them an unrivaled viewing experience. The first of nine scheduled Fight Pass events to receive this virtual reality makeover was aired on August 4th at Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 164.

How to Watch 

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UFC Fight Pass Subscribers: UFC Fight Pass subscribers with a Meta Quest 2 headset can see these VR broadcasts. If you fit the bill, here’s what you need to do to join the fun:

  1. Prepare Your Equipment: Make sure your Meta Quest 2 headset is charged and ready for action.

  2. Access Xtadium: Log in to the Xtadium app using your UFC Fight Pass credentials.

  3. Choose Your View: When you get to Xtadium, pick a spot to watch from. There are numerous camera views available, including a “cageside” perspective.

  4. Join Friends: Utilize the social features to virtually sit with friends and share the experience.

  5. Immerse Yourself: Kick back and enjoy the action of UFC in stunning 4K virtual reality.

The Xtadium platform developed by Meta is the only place where you may watch these VR broadcasts for the time being.

Meta Horizon Worlds: For an even more immersive experience and a dedicated UFC-themed metaverse environment, Meta Horizon Worlds is the place to be. Here’s how you can enter the UFC’s groundbreaking virtual arena:

  • Get everything you need ready

  • Ensure you have a Meta Quest 2 headset ready

  • Access Horizon Worlds

  • Log in to the Horizon Worlds app and explore the UFC-themed metaverse.

  • Discover the Octagon Experience a virtual recreation of the famous Octagon and witness UFC fights in 4K 180-degree VR.

  • Interact with fans.

  • Engage with other fans in real-time, discussing MMA techniques and sharing the excitement.

What to Expect at the Xtadium

With the Xtadium app, spectators can watch UFC events in breathtaking 4K resolution and a 180-degree VR view, bringing them closer to the action than ever before. The fights can be watched from multiple perspectives, and the experience can be shared with friends. UFC Pay Per View Cards, Fightlore, Year of the Fighter, and more are just some of the goodies available to UFC Fight Pass members.

Xtadium’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Sebastian Amengual said, “VR enhances the viewing experience by delivering an up-close, immersive view of the action. Seeing a fight on a screen is one thing but experiencing it from a position that puts you practically inside the cage and close to all the action is something else entirely.

A Dedicated UFC Experience in Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is not limited to merely virtual reality programming. As a UFC-themed metaverse, it will allow fans to meet new people, play games together and against each other, and compete for unique prizes.

As the director of marketing for Meta products, Meaghan Fitzgerald put it: “It’s not just about exciting fights—it’s about sharing the experience with other fans, discussing MMA techniques, and being a part of the UFC community.”

The Future of Spectator Sports

The UFC’s new relationship with Meta is just the beginning of their collaboration. Meta has plans to update the Horizon Worlds platform frequently, including changes to the visuals, texturing, and gameplay. More sports, events, and interactive elements will be added to Xtadium as part of YBVR’s plans to grow the platform.

In his conclusion, Sebastian Amengual predicted that “emerging technologies like VR and AR are poised to revolutionize the way we consume sports entertainment,” suggesting that in the near future, sports fans will be able to have unique, immersive experiences without ever leaving their homes.

Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) can’t wait for the next immersive matchup on August 4 in Xtadium and the premiere of UFC programming in Worlds this November, both of which highlight the tremendous possibilities afforded by virtual reality in the field of sports broadcasting.

Benefits of the UFC and Meta Merger

The merger of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with Meta, the company that owns Facebook, is a huge step forward for the sports entertainment industry as a whole. Meta’s Xtadium and Horizon Worlds platforms bring together mixed martial arts (MMA) with virtual reality (VR), which has the potential to revolutionize the way spectators engage with sporting events.

The consequences and opportunities of this new era of immersive sports broadcasting are worth considering as we enter it.

Closer to the Action

UFC fans may now feel like they’re sitting cage-side as their favorite fighters do battle in the Octagon. This is the closest you’ve ever been to the action. Fans will be immersed in the action to a previously unfathomable degree thanks to the 4K 180-degree VR experience.

Community Building

Beyond just the bouts themselves, the addition of social features and the development of specialized metaverse settings in Horizon Worlds will help to forge a sense of camaraderie among the audience. They can talk about strategies, express their feelings, and meet others who share their interest in mixed martial arts.

Interactive Gaming

Interactive activities are being included in these VR settings, providing sports fans with new ways to experience and interact with their favorite games. An exciting new layer is added by the incentive to win unique prizes and enter the UFC Hall of Fame.

The Evolution of Spectator Sports

A look into the future of spectator sports is provided by this collaboration. The way we experience sports entertainment is about to be completely transformed by cutting-edge technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Every seat in the house is the greatest seat in the house since the fans are no longer onlookers but rather participants.

One thing is certain as fans eagerly await the premiere of UFC content in Worlds this November: the world of sports broadcasting is undergoing extraordinary change. The potential for sports lovers is endless, what with Meta’s dedication to better visuals, textures, and gameplay, and YBVR’s aspirations to increase Xtadium’s services.

The goal of the collaboration between the UFC and Meta is to foster a vibrant and connected fan community where everyone can partake in the thrill of every fight. It’s a demonstration of how technology can unite us all in a shared passion for sports. So put on your Meta Quest 2 headset, get set for the future of sports entertainment, and get ready for the action!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – UFC and Meta Virtual Reality Partnership 

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What is the UFC and Meta virtual reality partnership?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Meta have teamed up to make UFC fights more realistic utilizing virtual reality (VR). As a result of this collaboration, UFC events will be streamed in 4K VR on Meta’s Xtadium and Horizon Worlds digital platforms.

When does the UFC and Meta VR partnership start?

The August 4th Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 164 tournament marked the beginning of the alliance. More activities are scheduled for the future, so this is just the start.

How can I watch UFC fights in VR through this partnership?

A UFC Fight Pass subscription and a Meta Quest 2 headset are required to watch UFC fights in virtual reality. Subscribers can access a 4K VR experience within the Xtadium app.

What features can I expect when watching UFC fights in VR?

When watching UFC events in virtual reality, you can select your desired view, such as a cage side perspective or a different camera angle. Social capabilities allow you to virtually watch the battles with your pals.

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When will UFC broadcasts be available in Meta Horizon Worlds?

Later in 2023, UFC broadcasts will be made available in Meta Horizon Worlds, giving fans a unique UFC-themed metaverse to explore.

What is the benefit of watching UFC fights in VR?

Virtual reality transports you to the Octagon. It improves your immersion in the game by providing a close-up, 4K 180-degree perspective of the action.

Can I access UFC content in Horizon Worlds without a Meta Quest 2 headset?

For the most immersive experience with the UFC content in Horizon Worlds, we recommend using a Meta Quest 2 headset.

Are there additional features in Horizon Worlds besides VR broadcasts?

You may form a vibrant UFC community in the metaverse by interacting with other fans in Horizon Worlds, playing solo and multiplayer games, and competing for special rewards.

What does this partnership mean for the future of sports broadcasting?

This collaboration is a glimpse into the future of sports broadcasting, where cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and augmented reality will transform the way sports fans enjoy their favorite shows. Fans may take part in the action and enjoy a unique, all-encompassing experience.

How can I stay updated on upcoming UFC VR events?

Visit the UFC’s website, UFC Fight Pass, and Meta’s official channels frequently to learn about forthcoming UFC VR events and releases.

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