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man with virtual reality glasses showing gesture isolated on a red background Full-Body Tracking in VR

How to get full body tracking in VR

Table of ContentsThings to Note Before BuyingAprilTagsVRMediaPipeKinect2VRDriver4VRSlimeVRHonorable Mentions in Budget-Friendly Full-Body TrackingConclusion: Navigating the Budget-Friendly Full-Body Tracking LandscapeFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Budget-Friendly Full-Body Tracking in VR For a long time, VR full-body tracking (FBT) has been prohibitively expensive, with solutions like the Vive trackers and Steam’s Lighthouses being the mainstays. More affordable alternatives have […]

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stackup meta quest vr experience

Free SideQuest Games: Explore the Best Picks for Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is a technological landmark in the rapidly developing field of virtual reality; it breaks new ground in terms of immersion, interactivity, and accessibility. This new version of the popular Quest line of products boasts not just improved technology but also a more robust content ecosystem. While there are many excellent games […]

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smash drums meta quest vr experience

The Best SideQuest Games for the Meta Quest 3

Table of ContentsIntroductionDeisim Game ReviewVirtual Desktop App ReviewCrisis VRigade Game ReviewShock Troops Game ReviewBattle Talent Game ReviewAncient Dungeon Game ReviewBrisk Square Game ReviewGladius Game ReviewSmash Drums! Game ReviewFinal Thoughts Introduction Virtual reality’s (VR) arrival marked the beginning of a new era of unrivaled immersion and interactivity, revolutionizing the way we experience and engage with digital media. […]

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miracle pool meta quest vr experience

The Best Mixed Reality Experiences on SideQuest for Meta Quest 3

Table of ContentsIntroduction:Dungeon Maker ReviewRezzil Player ReviewThe Cabin – Home Invasion ReviewMiracle Pool ReviewCoasterMania ReviewTrack Craft ReviewEspire 2: Stealth Operatives ReviewRigging Drill ReviewFinal Thoughts: Introduction: The Meta Quest 3 has become a game-changer in the rapidly developing virtual reality industry, bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds in unprecedented ways. The Quest 3, […]

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killing monsters in drop dead cabin vr game

The 30 Best Mixed Reality Games and Apps for the Meta Quest 3

Table of Contents1. Arkio2. BAM3. Blaston4. BlockVerse5. Broken Edge6. Coaster Mania7. Cubism8. Super Mario 3 (3DsenVR & Virtual Desktop)9. Cybrix10. Demeo11. Drop Dead: The Cabin12. Dungeon Maker13. Eleven Table Tennis14. Espire 2 (Free MR Update)15. Figmin XR16. First Encounters17. ForeVR Bowl18. ForeVR Pool19. FPS Enhanced Reality20. Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord21. Gravity Lab – […]

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VR Beginners Guide Logo

Guide to VRChat Porn

Your Key to Exploring the Lesser Talked About Erotically Stimulating Side of VRChat Enjoyed by millions around the world, VRChat is a highly popular game/app compatible with PCs, VR-ready PCs and VR headsets. This game enables players to adapt and customize avatars and their own worlds (or join in on existing worlds) to meet up […]

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vr chat title and avatar on screen

How to Guide for VRChat

VRChat is an immersive virtual reality app full of unique worlds and customizable avatars. In these worlds, you can interact with other users, hang out with friends or colleagues, chat, meet new people, and even attend online conferences and events in VR. Originally launched for the PC, new versions of VRChat are made to support […]

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vrbg featured image netflix vr review 2022

Netflix VR Review 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Table of ContentsPrevious Barrier to ServiceSetting Up Netflix VR with Your Quest 2 – Step by Step Simple GuideUp and RunningCompetitionA Non-StarterTwo Reasons Viewers May Want to Stick with Netflix VRThe Future Netflix VR is a free application available to download in the Google Play Store. It is meant to work in conjunction with your mobile […]

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vrbg featured image best apps to watch movies on the oculus quest 2

How to Watch Movies on the Oculus Quest 2 – The Best Apps

Table of ContentsHow to Watch Netflix in VR on the Oculus Quest 2How to Watch Amazon Prime in VR on the Oculus Quest 2Using SkyBox VR Player to Watch Movies in VR on the Oculus Quest 2 (Using Your Local Media)How to Watch Movies in VR Using Bigscreen on the Oculus Quest 2How to Watch […]

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vrbg featured image the best vr apps final 01

The Best VR Apps

Table of ContentsThe Best VR Video Player AppsThe Best VR News AppsThe Best VR Meditation AppsThe Best VR Apps forCreating and DrawingThe Best VR Apps for ExploringThe Best VR Game AppsThe Best VR Apps for Porn The Best VR Apps You don’t need an expensive VR headset to enjoy Virtual Reality! Here are the Top […]

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