Robo Recall Modding Guide: Comprehensive Tips and Tutorials

Robo Recall was an Oculus exclusive developed by the juggernaut games studio known as Epic Games … ever heard of them? It was made way back when The Rift was first launched in March 2017. A frenetic shooter with great artistic action set pieces, lovable characters, comic book style coolness, and overall was a shooter with moxy! The fast-paced and healthy sense of humor in this near-future city of XX is perfect for blowing off steam and dispatching metallic goons in ever more creative ways.

Needless to say, Robo Recall was a smash hit for Oculus. The use of the Unreal engine leads to gorgeous visuals and a buttery smooth gameplay pace. The art direction and influx of color and stylized inserts are impactful and polished. This was one of the first VR experiences that felt triple-A on every level. The critics lapped it up and the reviews speak for themselves. Here are some of the comments pulled from Robo Recall’s main website as written by the most well-known game review sites:






You can read more from the official Robo Recall website here.

Time Marches on – Many Years with No Sequel

It’s been a long time since 2017, and we’ve seen Robo Recall launch on many VR platforms with some improvements and updates added but we’ve yet to see a sequel. So how do you make interest in your game continue to last over so many years? More importantly, for us gamers, what’s left to enjoy after you’ve completed Robo Recall several times. All high scores beaten and achievements unlocked? Well, the answer to that one is simple, it’s mods! 

The passionate community of players and creators behind Robo Recall has breathed new life into the game by creating a wonderfully large selection of mods for gamers to enjoy. No need to move on, modding can add longevity and encourages repeat playability. Best of all, mods are free so there is no cost to adding some content to your game. Ranging from visual changes, character skins, and cosmetic improvements up to cheats, new content, and new gameplay mechanics.

Modding can be amazing especially when you have a huge passionate community behind it. Getting to pick and choose additions that tailor the game a certain way and allow even more creativity is a wonderful thing. Here at VR Beginner’s Guide, we’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest mods for your gaming pleasure. The list is varied to hopefully cover something for everyone and is in no particular order of worst to best etc. So without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Robo Recall Mods List – Getting The Best Out of Robo Recall

The Star Wars Mod Collection

This is a pack that combines some Star Wars mods all under one package. Taking a clone trooper assault rifle and Han solo’s pistol, and the Light Saber mod and Clone Trooper Player mod this bundle gives you the ultimate Star Wars experience. Getting to use weapons straight out of Star Wars is so much fun and let’s be honest, moddable games should always feature lightsabers! Cutting through robots with a lightsaber or pretending you’re Han Solo gets the quick draw on Greedo has never been more fun! You can check out the details here.

Smooth Locomotion Mod 12

Teleporting is grand and all and suits players with a small play area but full locomotion is always welcome. This locomotion mod allows more traditional movement with the left analog stick on the Touch controller (in addition to teleporting). No more warping from a specific point to a specific point. You can now move freely and dispatch those metal menaces with great aplomb. In the creator’s own words: This mod is the successor to the step turn mod. While the step turn mod had made lots of progress, an export error that I couldn’t fix prevented me from exporting it again, so I had to rewrite this mod partially from scratch. 

The good news is I didn’t lose anything from re-writing it, so all the same controls and features are here to stay! One new thing I’ve added in this update is the workaround for the teleport-only level objectives that Hydraxonn figured out (I’ll link to his page on that below) so now you can play through all 9 levels without ever teleporting if you wanted to!

Version 12 of this mod includes a new A (Auto) or S (Semi) button in the mod menu. Use this to global toggle any mods currently spawned to auto or semi-fire! (This change allows for more realistic gun animations since the auto toggle button is not bound to an actual button press I can use it for slide release systems) This is a complete rework, as multiple crashes plus reinstalling windows made it difficult to use old versions of this mod’s files. As such, Kevin is no longer present in this version of the mod. He’ll be back soon, though!

There are now 3 separate movement speeds: 




Slow gives a more stomachable walking speed for those who are still working on their VR legs. Normal is the same speed as usual (and the default) and FAST is roughly double the normal walking speed. To toggle between the 3 speeds, just open up the pause menu, and click the SPEED: button until you see the name of the type you want.

Version 6 of this mod features Hydraxonn’s Climb Claws and Melee enhancement code, as well as a fully working mod menu for smooth turning and holster toggles! I have disabled crouching again, it was just too buggy, so until I can get a better version implemented I removed it.

Version 6 also includes a new feature which I’m calling the “Climb-Dash”. Simply grab a wall and make a throwing gesture in any direction with that hand, then let go of the wall to launch off in that direction! Can be used to scale walls very quickly, both up and down and side to side!

You can find more details for this mod here

Revolver Flicking: How The Cool Kids Reload

The title says it all. These mods enable you to reload at your leisure but instead of a button press, you do a wrist flick to initiate the reload. It’s not a mod that will drastically change your gaming experience but it does look cool and feels very satisfying when you pull off the wrist flick correctly each time. The gestures feel realistic. One movement is to flick open the chamber and the second is to flick it closed with new rounds inserted. This simple mod makes you feel just a little bit more badass as you take out all your enemies. What’s not to love right?

To check out more details for this mod, look here.

player shooting robot and planes in robo recall

Photo from: Robo Recall Press Kit

Flight Module 2.0

Hero fantasies are a dime a dozen but few translate into impressive mods. Enter Flight Module 2.0. Improved upon the original, this mod allows you to don the suit of the one and only Iron Man! Invoke your best Tony Stark impressions and lay waste to an army of robot baddies with your hand pulsars, chest beams, and lasers to name but a few juicy options that this mod brings to the table. 

Get tired or fighting or perhaps a little overwhelmed? Why simply fly away then! Using your arms to expertly guide through the air adds a whole new gameplay element to Robo Recall. Not to mention, whizzing around the maps from an elevated height lets you see the game from a perspective that you’ve never had the chance to experience before. 

Flight feels great and the sense of height feels realistic and a little scary. This mod has been made with love and adds layers to Robo Recall that were never there before. 


  • Stronger Melee Punches and smacks
  • Repulsor Beams
  • Wrist Lasers
  • Powerful Chest Laser
  • Leveling Up
  • Slow Motion
  • Enemy Vision
  • Climb on walls and ceilings (supported maps only)
  • Flight thrusters
  • Heads Up Display
  • All are configurable with a custom settings menu

If you want to feel like a Marvel Super Hero, check more details out here.

Mjolnir Mod 2 (V1)

Speaking of Marvel Super Heroes, why not extend your Avengers entourage with your best impression of Thor, the God of thunder! Getting to wield Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir feels incredible. Smash dudes left and right or if you’re feeling flexible, toss Mjolnir straight into an incoming foe and then call it back to your outstretched arm. The feeling of recalling the hammer is very satisfying and getting to bash baddies with a mighty hammer always feels good. 

If you want to learn more, check the mod out here.

EL PUMPO – Shotgun with Proper Pump Mechanics!

As simple as it sounds. El Pumpo is a sawn-off pump action shotgun. It holds 8 shotgun shells and you get to/need to pump the barrel after every shot. The blast radius and power of the shotgun are extremely satisfying. The reload pumping between shots also feels great and intuitive. Instantly made me think of Arnie in Terminator 2 as I creamed my foes with shot after powerful shot. A great mod to try out. Just don’t forget to reload!

To learn more about El Pumpo, check out the link provided here.

player shooting robot in robo recall

Photo from: Robo Recall Press Kit

The Slab Sword 2

There is no better feeling than whacking a Kal-9 with a huge massive sword. The slab sword is enormous and has great reach so you can swing and hit those pesky robots before they fill you full of lead. The sword design is cool with bright neon orange and a large wide blade which looks very impressive. Slab stands for Super Length Alteration Blade which sounds like they tried hard to make an acronym fit! Great mod though, well worth checking out!

To find out more about this mod, check out the link here

The Master Sword Mod 3

While on the subject of swords, we have to include one of the most famous swords in all of video gaming. The Master Sword from several Zelda adventures looks stunning with this mod for Robo Recall. Having access to Link’s amazing sword will bring a smile to your face as you swing wildly at your foes on screen. 

This Hyrule classic weapon shines brightly and looks stunning thanks to the Unreal engine. A great addition to the game for any Nintendo fans among us. Highly detailed and expertly designed, a link would be so proud!

To learn more about the Master Sword Mod, check out the link provided

The Bionicle Heroes Weapons Pack

This one is huge. This is more of a pack than a mod and works well with other mods. The pack includes 24 new weapons all from the world of Bionicle. Specifically, it’s every weapon available in the 2006 game Bionicle Heroes so anyone familiar with that will know exactly what they’re getting here.  

In the mod developer’s own words: All 24 have unique functionality, correct hitboxes, and authentic 2006 textures, models, and shaders ripped straight from Bionicle Heroes for PC. The weapons contain a mixture of original game weapon functions and brand new weapon functions!

Now, jamming 6 weapons into one mod is no simple task. I had a couple of options on how to switch weapons, to keep this from being 24 separate mod files and gun overrides. I eventually decided on a dummy Lego part that you grab from your holster, then hit various buttons to switch its form, then finally grab it to acquire the weapon. 

This allows you to grab the part and immediately switch to the weapon you want, once you know the button layout. You press the buttons on the controller that grabbed the Lego part. The only drawback to this is that it overrides both sticks and the B and Y buttons while you’re deciding weapons, so decide which weapon you want quickly!

The pack is separated into four independent mods, each containing one special weapon that transforms into one of 6 others! This means only 4 gun overrides, allowing the player to potentially choose from all 24 in game!

The four selector weapons take the shape of Lego Technic parts from the game and represent the weapons from a team of characters.

Red – Toa Mata

Blue – Toa Metru

Green – Toa Inika

Yellow – Piraka

When holding one, all movement is disabled. You have to switch to one of the real weapons, which you can do so by clicking the stick of the controller you are holding the weapon with, WHILE holding it in one of the following directions to get a weapon of the corresponding element:

Stick Centered Click – Fire

Stick Up Click – Water

Stick Down Click – Air

Stick Left Click – Ice

Stick Right Click – Stone

B/Y Button – Earth

After the weapon you want is present, release the Lego part, it’ll despawn, and grab the weapon that’s spawned on your hand.

To learn more, check out the link to the mod here

Trump Recall Mod

We’ll finish with a fun one now. This mod is for your enemies, in case you ever get tired of slaughtering the Kal-9 robots. This one places a Donald Trump mask over the robot’s faces which frankly looks hilarious. Yes, it’s childish and simplistic but it’s worth a chuckle or two. So if you want to make America great again, give this one a quick blast to see if it makes you smile. Sometimes the silliest mods offer the most enjoyment!

If you want to learn more about the Trump Recall mod, check it out here

PC Only – Quest 2 Needs AirLink to Enter Modding Community

city buildings in robo recall

Photo from: Robo Recall Press Kit

Alas modding in general for most VR titles is restricted to PC players only. If you own the Meta Quest 2 you can purchase the title Robo Recall Unplugged but you won’t be able to add mods. Fret not though, if you happen to own a fairly decent gaming PC, you could always purchase the PC version of Robo Recall either through Steam or Oculus Store. Then with your Quest headset, you can sync up to your PC using AirLink. This way, not only do you have access to an amazing large catalog of PC VR experiences but you also have access to modding your games


Robo Recall in its vanilla form is truly entertaining and enjoyable for many repeat playthroughs. If you haven’t played it already, then you’re in for a treat. Once finished though, the enhancements available through modding are incredible and well worth your time. There are no charges so have at it. Be mindful that not all mods will work together and may cause crashes or game glitches. 

Our advice is always to try each mod one at a time and ensure it works and be ready to backtrack/delete mods if they cause crashes. Experiment and more importantly … have fun! Our list of mods is just a jumping-off point so please explore the website and find the mods that most tickle your fancy. There is plenty of glorious entertainment right there just at your fingertips.

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