VR Mini Golf: Unveiling Walkabout’s In-Depth VR Experience

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a virtual reality game that immerses players in a miniature golf course set in the Australian Outback among other locations. The game is developed by Virtual Realms and is available on Steam and the Oculus store for Oculus Rift, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.


Upon starting the game, players are greeted with a beautiful and colorful environment that captures the essence of the Australian Outback. The backdrops are cartoonish yet vibrant and help to make the game stand out from others. It features realistic and detailed textures. There is a great variety from the lush greenery to the sandy terrain, that makes the experience feel authentic and immersive. The game also features a day and night cycle, which adds to the realism and beauty of the environment. Even with the cartoon-like visuals, it’s easy to feel at ease while playing Walkabout Mini Golf VR.

Gameplay Variety

One of the most impressive aspects of the game is its attention to detail. The game features a variety of obstacles and hazards, such as sand traps, water hazards, and windmills, that add an element of challenge to the game. The obstacles are well-designed and true to life, making the gameplay feel authentic and fun.

It also features a variety of different golf clubs to choose from, each with its unique abilities and characteristics. This adds an element of strategy to the game, as players must choose the right club for each shot. The game also features a variety of different golf balls, each with its unique properties, such as weight and bounciness. Mastering what club to use in which situation can lead to hours of fun for all the family and offers a level of depth to the challenges on offer. Playing mini golf is easy but becoming a master takes plenty of effort and practice.

The game’s controls are intuitive and easy to learn, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. Young and old alike should benefit from the almost ‘pick up and play’ appeal of the game. Players use the motion controllers to aim and shoot, and the game provides helpful hints and tips to guide you through the game making you feel more than comfortable. Walkabout mini golf also features a tutorial mode, which is helpful for players who are new to the game or virtual reality in general. The options are there to guide you through whatever your skill level may be.

Sound Design

The game’s sound design is also noteworthy and deserves special mention. Featuring a variety of ambient sounds and music that add to the game’s immersive atmosphere. The sound effects are realistic and well done, adding to the game’s overall quality. The game also features a variety of different voiceovers, which add to the game’s charm and personality. This all adds to the player’s immersion and gives an overall polished feeling to the game.

VR Swinging Is Like Riding A Bike

One of the things that set Walkabout Mini Golf VR apart from other mini golf games is its use of virtual reality. More specifically, the use of motion controllers to swing. It’s as natural and intuitive as you might expect. The game takes full advantage of VR technology, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game’s environment. Players can look around the environment simply by moving their heads, move their head to aim, and even reach out and touch the golf ball. This adds an element of realism and immersion that is not possible with traditional, non-VR mini-golf games. It all also just feels natural and simplistic making it a very appealing game for new and old VR enthusiasts alike.

Hit. Rinse. Repeat

In addition to its impressive visuals and immersive gameplay, Walkabout Mini Golf VR also offers a high level of replayability. The full game features a variety of different golf courses, each with its unique challenges and obstacles, which keeps the game fresh and exciting. It also features a variety of different game modes, such as tournament mode and time trial mode, which adds to the game’s replayability factor and provides players with several different ways to play. It can be quite addictive and you may find yourself wanting … just one more go well into the early hours!

walkabout vr mini golf icy mountains course

Photo from: Walkabout Mini Golf VR Press Kit

Co-op and Multiplayer

Another thing that sets Walkabout Mini Golf VR apart is its multiplayer functionality. The game allows players to play with friends and compete against each other in a variety of different game modes. This adds a really fun social aspect to the game and allows players to enjoy the game with others. Whether in the room with you or online, a lot of fun can be had from group play. The game also features a leaderboard system, which allows players to compete against other players from around the world and see where they rank in terms of skill. Who knows, maybe you’re a pro and you didn’t even realize it!


The game also features a variety of different unlockable items and upgrades, which adds an element of progression to the game. Players can unlock new golf clubs, golf balls, and other items by completing certain challenges and achieving certain goals. This gives players a sense of accomplishment and gives them something to work towards as they play the game. There is also at least one hidden easter egg on each course so it can be fun to try and find them to unlock new content.

Performance and Frame Rate

In terms of performance, Walkabout Mini Golf VR runs smoothly on most VR headsets and has minimal bugs or glitches. The game is optimized well, and the developers have done an excellent job of ensuring that the game runs smoothly and efficiently on a variety of different hardware. Even on low-performing headsets like the Meta Quest 2, the overall performance and frame rate are buttery smooth. Works great on all platforms.

Level Design

Another aspect of Walkabout mini golf that is worth mentioning is the level design. Each course is unique, and players will find themselves traversing through various terrains, including deserts, jungles, pirate treasure maps, and even under the sea. The courses are well thought out and offer a good balance of challenge and fun. The game also features a variety of different elevations, which adds an extra layer of challenge and realism to the gameplay.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR also features a variety of power-ups and bonuses, which can help players to improve their scores or make the game more fun. These power-ups include things like speed boosts, extra time, and even a “magnetic ball” that will automatically aim and shoot for the player. These power-ups add an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must decide when and where to use them to achieve the best results. Getting the edge over your opponent is very satisfying when you get to come out on top!

Gameplay Tips

Here are some tips to help players get the most out of Walkabout Mini Golf VR:

  • Take your time when aiming and shooting, especially when playing on harder courses.

  • Experiment with different golf clubs and balls to find the ones that work best for you.

  • Pay attention to the wind direction and strength, as it can affect your shots.

  • Use the power-ups wisely and strategically, don’t use them too early or too often.

  • Try to aim for the hole in as few shots as possible to get the highest score.

  • Practice your putting skills by playing the game in time trial mode.

  • Take advantage of the game’s multiplayer functionality by playing with friends or family.

  • Explore the environment and enjoy the beautiful and detailed visuals

  • Use the tutorial mode to learn the basics of the game and VR controls.

  • Take advantage of the leaderboard system to compete against other players and see where you rank in the world.

  • Keep an eye on updates and new content to see if any new courses, power-ups, or other features have been added.

walkabout mini golf vr desert course

Photo from: Walkabout Mini Golf VR Press Kit


In terms of accessibility, Walkabout Mini Golf VR is an inclusive game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and abilities. The game’s tutorial mode, helpful hints, and intuitive controls make it easy for players to pick up and play, even if they have never played a virtual reality game before. Veterans will be swinging their clubs and whizzing through the courses in no time.

Newbies to VR may take a little bit longer to find their feet but the game is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable. The game’s multiplayer functionality also makes it a great game for families and friends to play together. Beating Granny in a round of golf all from the comfort of your living room … what more could you ask for?


Lastly, the game is reasonably priced, currently selling for $12.99, and regularly goes for less during sales. This makes it an excellent value purchase for the amount of content and replayability it offers. The game’s developers have also been actively updating the game, adding new courses, power-ups, and other content to keep the game fresh and interesting. For me, the price is the perfect sweet spot between quality and affordability. Walkabout mini golf Vr is an absolute bargain and an essential purchase.

VR Mini Golf Overall Review

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is an outstanding virtual reality game that offers a fun and immersive mini-golf experience. The game’s attention to detail, well-designed obstacles, and use of virtual reality technology make it stand out from other mini-golf games. The game’s high level of replayability, multiplayer functionality, unlockable items, power-ups and bonuses, level design, and accessibility make it an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The game’s sound design and voiceovers also add to the game’s overall quality and charm. If you are a fan of mini golf and virtual reality, Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a must-play. It’s a great game for all ages and abilities, and at a fair price, offers great value for the amount of content and replayability it offers.


  • Immersive and detailed environment that captures the essence of the Australian Outback

  • Realistic and well-designed obstacles that add an element of challenge to the game

  • Variety of different golf clubs and balls, each with its unique abilities and characteristics

  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn controls

  • Sound design and voiceovers add to the game’s overall quality and charm

  • High replayability with different courses and game modes

  • Multiplayer functionality

  • Unlockable items and upgrades

  • Optimized performance on most VR headsets

  • Inclusive game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and abilities

  • Fairly priced

  • Active development with updates and new content


  • Some players may find the gameplay a bit repetitive over time

  • Novice or first-time VR users may find the VR controls take a bit of getting used to

  • The game can feel like it gets a bit easier as you progress, lacking challenge

  • Some players may find the game a bit too short

  • The multiplayer functionality is a little limited, hopefully developer will add updates

walkabout mini golf vr cemetery course

Photo from: Walkabout Mini Golf VR Press Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Walkabout Mini Golf VR

What is Walkabout Mini Golf VR?

A virtual reality version of crazy golf that offers acres of fun. The Australian Outback is only one of several locales featured in the virtual reality game Walkabout Mini Golf VR. It’s created by Virtual Realms and is compatible with VR hardware such the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Meta Quest 2, and Windows Mixed Reality goggles.

What can I expect in terms of visuals in Walkabout Mini Golf VR?

The game’s setting is gorgeous and colourful, with cartoonish charm. The graphics are simple but vivid, with realistic textures, rich vegetation, sandy landscapes, and even a day-night cycle.

What makes the gameplay in Walkabout Mini Golf VR unique?

The game’s many unique challenges, such as sand traps, water hazards, and windmills, are a testament to its meticulous design. There is more complexity and strategy to the game of golf thanks to the wide variety of clubs and balls available to players.

Are the controls easy to learn?

All players, regardless of experience, will find the controls simple and straightforward. It’s a simple as swinging a club just like in real life. For those who have never tried virtual reality games before, the game includes a tutorial.

How does the game’s sound design contribute to the experience?

The realistic sound effects and music in Walkabout Mini Golf VR add to the game’s enveloping mood. The game’s various voiceovers add to its likability and character.

What sets Walkabout Mini Golf VR apart from other mini-golf games?

The incorporation of VR, in this case motion controls for swinging, makes for a more realistic and exciting experience. It makes excellent use of virtual reality technology, letting players have a highly realistic experience with the course and the golf ball.

Does the game offer decent replay value?

There are a variety of golf courses, game modes (including multiplayer), and unlockables, so yes, the game is highly replayable. Regular updates and additions of new material and courses add plenty of longevity.

Can I play with friends in Walkabout Mini Golf VR?

The answer is yes; you can play with others and challenge them to a variety of multiplayer challenges. You may also check your progress against the world’s best players using the integrated leaderboard.

Are there any tips for gameplay?

Taking your time with shots, trying out different clubs and balls, paying attention to the wind, strategically employing power-ups, going for the hole in as few shots as possible, and using the tutorial mode are all good ways to improve your game.

Is Walkabout Mini Golf VR suitable for all players?

The game is accessible to people of all ages and skill levels, so they may all have fun with it. Both seasoned VR gamers and newbies will like the inclusion of an instructional mode, the game’s straightforward controls, and the numerous multiplayer options.

What is the price of Walkabout Mini Golf VR?

The game’s regular price of $12.99 is a good deal considering the amount of material and hours of gameplay it delivers, plus the game frequently goes on sale.

Are there any downsides to the game?

Some players may tire of the game’s repetitious nature, and those unfamiliar with virtual reality controls may take some time to get the hang of them. The game may get easier for some players as they go, and future updates may add new features to the multiplayer mode.

Gamer Comments

You’ve heard plenty from me so to finish off let’s see some comments from critics and gamers alike taken from the Steam page for Walkabout Mini Golf VR. Link to more here:

“An adorable mini-golf game that is unexpectedly convincing” — New York Times

“Brilliantly designed… Seriously, you have no idea how good VR mini-golf is” — CNET

“Everyone with an Oculus Quest 2 needs to play Walkabout Mini Golf” — TechRadar

“A magnificent collection of challenging holes set in fantasy locations” — The Washington Post

“Really just an awesome game. It is the perfect balance of relaxing and challenging. It is so cool when you see yourself getting progressively better. The physics and geometry are SPOT ON. Definitely grab this game if you like this sort of thing at all.”

“Relaxing, fun, and a lot of depth!”

“This is the best golf game, VR or otherwise. Far superior to its competitors. Lots of character!”

“The level designs are absolutely brilliantly done. So many of them are just awe inspiring. Like I want to go and just stay there walking around in game.”

“Great gameplay and fun environments. Hole designs are creative and push the boundaries of what is possible while still feeling “real” due to the excellent physics. Imagine if you could create any mini golf course you wanted with no concern over construction costs or safety issues — that’s pretty much what they did.”

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