These are the Best Beat Saber Mods you can get for FREE

Everyone on the planet has, at the very least, heard about Beat Saber. From your Nan to your local butcher and even Gary next door. Everyone who has gotten to experience VR has most likely had a bash at Beat Saber. It stands to reason that this would be the case too as Beat Saber has such a zero price of admission for players. It doesn’t matter if you’ve used virtual reality before. It doesn’t matter if you played console or PC games before picking up Beat Saber either. Playing Beat Saber is intuitive for even the most basic of gamers. If you can swing your arms and enjoy music, you’ll fall heavy for this title.

Even though it’s easy to pick up and play, it’s difficult to master, and getting addicted to the game play loop is the secret of Beat Saber’s success. It’s why it’s such a famous game and it’s most certainly why everyone on the planet (most likely) has heard of Beat Saber. Being launched across all platforms helps, and, to date, over 4 million copies of Beat Saber have been sold worldwide. On the Quest platform alone, they have boasted revenues of over $100 million, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

So, you already know what Beat Saber is then right? You’ve also probably played it too! No need for a detailed review of Beat Saber as so many players have already experienced the game firsthand. Instead, we’ve comprised a list of mods and add-ons that will help you enhance your Beat Saber experience. Some are quality of life, others cosmetic, but they all have one thing in common: they’ll add some extra life to your game play for sure! So come with me now and check out our compiled lists of all the very best mods available for Beat Saber to date.

A small caveat before we get stuck in. To use any mods on your copy of Beat Saber then you’ll need to follow our in-depth guide on how to install them in our handy dandy Beat Saber Modding Guide.

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking on the best mods available for Beat Saber!

Score Saber BeatSaber mod

mod score saber page screenshot

Page screenshot from Beat Saber Quest website

One thing slightly lacking from the vanilla version is support for your competitive nature. Having an online scoreboard means bragging rights when you absolutely nail your favorite jam and finish with a killer score. Or maybe you’re just looking for affirmation when you smash your highest combo record on a track you’ve been struggling with. These milestones deserve to be measured and celebrated, but more importantly, they deserve to be rubbed in your friend’s and rival’s faces. Score Saber is a mod that gives you that extra layer you’ve been craving.

There’s an online high score leader board, so you can compare and hopefully smash previous records set by other players. Seems almost an essential addition to such a popular game that it’s a shame the developers have yet to include it in the base version. Fear not though, a quick install of Score Saber fixes that problem and may help you scratch that competitive itch. A must-have add-on! You can check out more details here if this one interests you.

Yur Fit BeatSaber mod

mod yur fit page screenshot

Page screenshot from VR Fitness website

One thing Beat Saber has going for it that doesn’t get mentioned enough is the hidden cardio! This game is highly addictive to play and makes you want to try again and again. The fact that it’s also a pretty good cardio workout doesn’t hurt. Many gamers like to take full advantage and use it as a cheeky workout session. To be honest, it’s a clever strategy. Not only will you have a blast moving to some banging tunes but you’ll get your sweat on and even some decent stretches to boot. It’s a great way to lose a couple of pounds without feeling like you’re really exercising which is nice.

The mod Yur Fit helps to highlight these facts for the player. The mod integrates a calorie counter and helps you see just how much you’re burning with each play session. It also keeps provides an overall tracker so from day to day you can chart your progress and feel a little pride after every play. Not one to be missed if you’re trying to stay healthy. Check out more information and download your files here.

Minecraft Swords BeatSaber mod

mod minecraft swords page screenshot

Page screenshot from BSaber website

This one needs no explanation really. The swords from Minecraft are instantly recognizable to all. Those blocky blades of goodness look stunning if a little out of place in Beat Saber. This greenish blocky blade of awesomeness deserves to be seen and if you’ve got kids, they’ll love wielding these famous swords. To distinguish between each green weapon, there is a red and blue lighted edge along with each weapon. Left being red and right being blue to match the original Saber colors that they replace. A great addition for the little ones in your house and fun for the big kids too. This mod and many more can be found here.

Zelda Master Sword BeatSaber mod

mod zelda master sword page screenshot

Page screenshot from BSaber website

Forget the kids, for now, this one is taken straight from my childhood! Having sunk countless hours into Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, the Master Sword is as iconic as it is legendary. Getting to wield two of these bad boys in Beat Saber makes you feel invincible (and perhaps a little old if you remember Zelda64). The blades themselves are gorgeous and very well-detailed. The tri-force etched on each blade brings back waves of nostalgia and the neon edges look spectacular as you smash your way through each block. Now, all we need is some creative genius to swap the blocks for clay pots and the trip down memory lane will be complete! Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone, take this! This mod and many more, check out all their sword creations here.

Halo Energy Swords BeatSaber mod

Gather all you Spartans, a hero’s journey awaits! The Halo energy swords look absolutely fantastic in Beat Saber and may leave you wishing to play Halo once your VR session is finished. Master Chief’s melee weapon of choice, the Covenant energy sword is a great pick for the game. Getting to physically swing one (even if only in VR) feels fantastic and makes satisfying slashes through the oncoming boxes as you play.

The detail is decent, and the glowing energy light coming from each weapon perfectly fits the Spartan look from the Halo franchise. If you’ve ever been a Halo fan, then this mod is a must-have for your play-throughs. Wake me when you need me! This and many more are available to download here.

The Madalorian DarkSabers BeatSaber mod

Wow, now this is worth checking out even if you’re not a Star Wars fan. The detail on the handles and the lighting flame effects on the blades are mind-blowingly detailed. Playing with these dark sabers is actually dangerous as you’re more likely to get distracted by the blades than focus on the incoming blocks. The geek is strong in this one!

Wielding these mighty blades gives an immense feeling of joy and even though it won’t make you better at the game, you might start to believe that you have some Jedi-like reflexes. Whatever helps you smash your records am I right? A great detailed hilt, a gorgeous-looking blade, and some amazing particle and flame effects make this one something special. Definitely worth a download young Padawan! Check out this amazing saber and many more right here.

Saber Factory BeatSaber mod

mod saberfactory page screenshot

Page screenshot from github website

In Lord of the Rings speech, there’s one mod to rule them all. Sure, picking and choosing replacements for your sabers is great, but isn’t it better to create your own? Well, that depends on how creative you are I suppose, but luckily with Saber Factory, you get the best of both worlds. Not only does the mod allow you to make your own creations, but it also stocks a library of swords/blades you can download too. It doesn’t stop with swords either though, hammers, bats, and all of the above blades mentioned are available for you to pick and choose from.

Add this to the ability to create your own and this mod is very robust and will cater to most of your needs. A quality mod with plenty of content for you to pick and choose from. Very essential if like me you can’t decide on what you want to try. Why pick one when you can have it all. An amazing mod indeed! You can check out GitHub for all the relevant files needed for Saber Factory here.

Scribble BeatSaber mod

mod scribble page screenshot

Page screenshot from github website

A fun one now for the childish among us. This mod allows you to do exactly what is says on the tin. In between swiping at all those blocks, you can draw shapes and words with a paintbrush. The colors and brush stoke sizes are adjustable and although you can’t use this in the middle of a play through, it can be fun to scribble whatever you want outside in the menu screens.

You can be as detailed as you like and can even save your masterpieces if you like. A fun throw-away mod that won’t appeal to everyone, but still a good time if you have a creative side. Another GitHub fan favorite, you can download it here.

Camera Plus BeatSaber mod

mod cameraplus page screenshot

Page screenshot from github website

Now a must-have mod for all the budding YouTubers out there. Camera Plus allows users to record themselves with an external camera while playing and it outputs a video of you as if you’re standing in game playing. Sounds simple in theory, but when you think of the magic behind mapping you within the game, the overall mod is actually an amazing achievement. Great for uploading your frantic swings to YouTube and becoming the star that you already know you are!

Once you get the hang of the mod and play around with the many optional camera modes, there is more on offer here too. You can have an avatar, which is pasted over your body and mimics your moves during gameplay. So what’s better than seeing granny on YouTube gyrating to Smashmouth? Well, a giant cartoon anime girl doing the same movements of course! The creative ideas for content are endless with this mod, and it’s a winner for anyone who wants to create some fun videos whether it’s for themselves or for the world to see. Go download this mod and crack that YouTube market! Pick up the files you need for this one here.

Midnight Lady – Dirty Androids BeatSaber mod

mod midnight lady page screenshot

Page screenshot from Midnight Lady website

A quick look at a new map now. It’s true that most of the time you’re playing Beat Saber, you’re vision is squarely focused on the boxes flying towards you. That doesn’t mean that your peripheral doesn’t matter though. The basic polygon platform background gets a complete overall here. Midnight Lady provides a custom background like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Those basic foggy shapes have been replaced by a bouncing cartoon neon-lit version of a Tokyo Street.

From small buildings with neon signs to bustling skyscrapers, the environment is suddenly brought to life with a burst of energy and color. Though it might be considered distracting for some, the city scape background looks amazing and the way the buildings bounce and sway in time to the music is mesmerizing to watch. Probably more enjoyable for spectators than players in this instance, nevertheless, this is a huge step above the vanilla backgrounds we’re used to. Worth checking out for its artistic merit alone. Don’t sleep on this one! Check out the extended map here.

BeastSaber BeatSaber mod

mod beat saber page screenshot

Page screenshot from Beat Saber website

So as far as mods go, we surely have covered everything at this stage right? We’ve listed custom sabers, amazing backgrounds, fun menu screen activities, scoreboards, and even fitness trackers. We’re done, right? What else could you possibly improve in Beat Saber? Well, the answer is simple! In a music rhythm game, everything lives or dies by the quality of the soundtrack.

Getting to beat high scores while listening to some of your favorite tracks is what keeps you coming back for more. The vanilla game launches with only 37 tracks to choose from. This is significantly upgraded if you decide to purchase some of the available DLC bundles but that can be quite expensive. In total, with the base game and all the DLC that is currently available, you can bring that tracklist up to 126 songs but why stop there?

The main reason to mod Beat Saber is to add the songs you want to play through. Sure playing through $100 bills for the hundred time on the highest difficulty setting might still provide you with some enjoyment but nothing compares to the endless library of songs available through modding. The community support is simply stunning and the list of created levels goes beyond countless. If you can think of a song you like, even if it’s obscure, there is a huge likelihood that you can download it. The website itself is easy to navigate and provides guidance on how to download whatever songs take your fancy on whatever virtual reality headset you own.

The official playlists combined with the custom playlists offer so much content it’s almost daunting to sift through it all. Checking out the highest rated is a good suggestion to get you started, and don’t forget that the search bar is your friend. It won’t be long before you’re blaming it on the boogie or living on a prayer! Every genre of music is catered for here and the life extension this brings to your game is staggering. There are even funny YouTuber music clips and comedy sketches to choose from if you get a little tired of the latest chart outings. All tastes are catered for and some of the level design is very creative.

mod beat saver page screenshot

Page screenshot from Beat Saver website

The range of difficulty is always clearly listed for each level, but I would like to mention that the community difficulty levels are slightly more extreme than the base game difficulty levels, even easy mode! This is perfect though as by the time you’re ready to install custom tracks, you are bound to already be adept at playing Beat Saber. There is so much enjoyment here it’s practically ridiculous, you owe it to yourself to compile all your favorite tracks and add countless more hours of gameplay to your musical virtual reality experience. Make sure you visit Beat Saver and BSaber to snag as many free songs as you can get your hands on!


There you have it, folks, an amazing list of all the very best Beat Saber has to offer. It’s heartwarming to see how much effort creators are putting into adding content for us all to enjoy. The list above is based on personal opinion, so please don’t grumble if your own favorites didn’t make the list.

We’ve tried to keep it varied, so please have fun, and check out the mods that interest you. Everything listed is free to play also, and all you’ve really got to lose is your time. Dust off your lightsabers, stick on your stretchy pants, and get at it! Countless hours of pure gold entertainment await you!



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