Getting Hands-On With The Handy – A Comprehensive Review

It’s a whole new world out there, full of innovative technology that is exciting, exhilarating, and yes, even pleasurable in ways we never thought possible.

Today, we introduce you to ‘The Handy’, an interactive sex toy on the cutting edge of personalized pleasure and automatic masturbation devices. Once a taboo topic, interactive sex toys like The Handy have gone mainstream. With the internet fueling long-distance relationships, even couples are getting in on the ‘action’, making good use of these toys to keep the physical connection alive, even from thousands of miles away.

If you haven’t yet been acquainted with The Handy or similar models, you’ve undoubtedly been missing out. And if you’ve been underwhelmed by the likes of manual masturbators, now is your chance to explore the next generation of automated masturbators.

This isn’t the ‘fleshlight’ of yesteryear, that we can assure you. But is its price tag worth the investment? In this review, we cover the ins, outs, and everything you need to know about this interactive sex toy for men.

What is The Handy?

Let’s get right down to brass tacks, shall we?

If, as men, we’re being 100% honest, most guys would rate a hand job as a nice ‘consolation’ prize, but nothing to get too excited about. Sure, it was exhilarating in our younger years, but we’ve moved past that.

Others yet would say, “Hand job? Nah, I might as well do it myself and do it better.”

But what if we told you that there was an interactive sex toy that could elevate a traditional hand job to levels of pleasure you couldn’t begin to manage yourself? What if this adult toy was able to automatically do all the hard work as if it was someone else giving you a tug?

Enter The Handy.

The Handy is an innovative, technology-forward, pleasure-focused, WiFi-connected device that is capable of not just mimicking but beating out a regular hand job by spades.

The Handy – An Overview

The Handy is an automated/automatic, robotic, HANDS-FREE male masturbator, and the flagship product of SweetTech AS, an innovative sex-tech company headquartered out in Norway.

Since 2019, the founders of SweetTech have earned a reputation as pioneers in the area of sextech and interactive sex devices, bringing these ‘toys’ into the mainstream and achieving mass adoption.

Devices like The Handy offer creative, transformative, and pleasurable ways to elevate sexual experiences alone, together, or when interacting with high quality vr porn, sex cams, partners from afar, or even XXX video games.

Manufactured with care and precision in Norway, the company ships to virtually all countries (minus Malaysia, Russia, and Brazil due to import restrictions), making this device ‘handy’ for people all around the world to enjoy.

The Handy, at its core, is an automated or automatic masturbation device for men, embracing your (you know), in a soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) chamber, featuring an adjustable grip and sliding mechanism that mimics the up and down stroking motions of a hand job. Did we mention it also comes with varying speeds?

Upon hitting the market, The Handy was met with much acclaim and praise, with reviews from the likes of 69 Desirs, The Big Gay, Forbidden Writings, large Reddit community pages, and more.

Whether this is your first foray into sex toys and masturbation devices, or you’re looking to upgrade that old manual fleshlight, The Handy might be just what you’ve been looking for all along.

The Handy Feature Highlight Reel

  • Both WiFi AND Bluetooth connectivity

  • Amazon Echo and Google Home voice commands

  • IFTTT (‘If this then that’ programming for impressive control)

  • Discreet packaging for the privacy-minded

  • Ships worldwide*

  • Controllable and adjustable by remote

  • Compatible with a variety of masturbation sleeves

  • Adjustable grip and thrust speeds

The Handy Review – An Honest Look At This Interactive Automated Masturbator

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this device, let’s dive into a more comprehensive look at the product.

What Is Included When You Purchase The Handy?

Each The Handy purchase comes with:

  • (1) The Handy Device / Unit

  • Power supply

  • Power cable

  • (1) TPE TrueGrip Sleeve

  • (1) TrueGrip band

  • (1) Instruction manual

the handy vr masturbator device with manual and charger

The Handy Features

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

In today’s connected world, in order to get the most out of any device, it needs to be connected to the internet, computer, or another viewing device.

Wi-fi and Bluetooth enable you to connect The Handy to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or another device. It also allows you to control the device remotely and hands-free, making adjustments on the fly without ever actually touching the device.

Similarly, when connected to compatible videos, VR porn, or XXX games, the device can leverage teledildonics to sync with whatever you’re watching or playing.

Adjustable Speed and Grip Strength

Variety truly is the spice of life. We all enjoy a little variation in our sexual pleasures, and The Handy gets the job done right. Each device can be adjusted on the fly, with stroke speeds up to 10 per second, and grip strength that goes from gentle to vice grip in an instant. Whatever your preference at the time, you’re in full control.

Innovative Sensors and Feedback

The Handy incorporates a myriad of sensors to deliver unparalleled pleasures and superior control over every aspect of your experience.

Integrated Sensors Include:

  • 2 × Temperature sensors
  • 4 × Hall sensors
  • 2 × Infrared sensors
  • 1 × Lock detect sensor

Compatibility with Other Devices and Media

Get more enjoyment by connecting your device with other sex toys (such as your partners’ devices), VR porn videos and sex scenes, 2D porn, XXX video games, cam girl sessions, and more.

Packaging, Shipping, and Delivery

the handy stroker device beside it's packaging box

The device comes packaged in a discreet plain brown box, with no discernable markings or company names that would give away what’s inside.

The device’s box itself, is sleek and stylish, giving way to an aesthetically engineered interactive sex toy that looks more like a high-tech air freshener device than a sex toy. In fact, if you saw it standing on a nightstand and didn’t already know what it was you likely wouldn’t look twice.

Impressive Performance and Incredible Feel

The Handy sets the bar high for other sex toys, in a league of its own. From ultra-soft TPE sleeves, to its 10,000 strokes per minute max speed and adjustable grip strength, there’s a lot to be excited about here.

The feel of the device ranges from that of a lubricated hand job to an impressive blowjob that’ll leave you shaking in pleasure.

Capable of being used both plugged in or running on batteries, The Handy is the perfect companion for any intimate setting.

An Entire Line of Unique Sleeves to Keep Things Interesting

Expertly engineered for pleasure and comfort, each sleeve is uniquely crafted to deliver a different type of sensation, allowing for unlimited avenues of pleasure to explore.

Not only that, each sleeve is ‘universal’ and made to fit all penis sizes, big, small, long, short, narrow, or thick.

Utilizing TrueGrip technology, each sleeve (when used in combination with The Handy), offers unmatched performance and customizable grip strength tailored to your every desire on a per session basis.

Exquisitely Soft Yet Incredibly Durable

Built for everyday use, each sleeve is made from an ultra-soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomer that feels silky smooth when lubricated, mimicking the inside of a vagina, mouth, or lubricated hand.

Convenient at Home and On the Go

Each sleeve comes with its own hardshell container, providing superior protection from UV light, dirt/germs, and nosey guests.

Easy Cleanup

No guy feels like cleaning up a mess after doing the deed. Luckily, The Handy has you covered there as well. All sleeves are safe to clean with a gentle soap/detergent and warm water. Users simply flip them inside out, lather up, rinse, and air dry.

inside the handy masturbator device

The TrueGrip Collection

Setting the gold standard for adult male masturbatory pleasure, the TrueGrip collection is the default Handy experience included with every purchase.

The Dream Collection

Conceptualized by the team behind The Handy, the ‘Dream Collection’ is meant as a means to explore all the ways that DIFFERENT types of sex bring us pleasure. Featuring next-generation open-ended touch sleeves, the dream collection taps into our every primal desire and offers a more natural feeling.


The Lotus offers a soft, gentle embrace and caressing engineered to mimic the sensation of a natural vagina. When properly lubricated, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference.


Men often dream about deepthroat blowjobs, but now that dream is a reality. The Lips sleeve captures the feeling and sensation of oral sex to the fullest, allowing the user to go as deep as they desire.


Featuring strategically placed ‘petals’, the ‘Touch’ sleeve aims to undeniably mimic the firm grip of a hand job like no other.

The Open-Ended Collection

Soft Sleeve

This sleeve offers a soft, gentler touch, and a greater degree of elasticity or stretch.

Medium Sleeve

The middle of the road sleeve, this one is tighter and less stretchy than the soft sleeve, but looser and more forgiving than the hard sleeve. In other words, a moderately snug sensation.

Hard Sleeve

Prefer a tighter grip on your member? The hard sleeve offers a SNUG, tight feeling.

*Note: if you have issues getting or staying hard, or have had issues with penetration (such as with anal or a tighter than usual vagina, we wouldn’t recommend this sleeve.

Playa and Sex Toys – Using the Handy Toy in an Interactive Experience

Dezyred’s implementation of fully interactive gaming experiences pushes the envelope of VR and introduces a whole new dimension of pleasure. Using the PLAY’A app, you can synchronize an interactive stroker, bringing you closer to your favorite pornstars than ever before. When movement and timing are perfectly in harmony, virtual reality may feel incredibly genuine and immersive.

All that stands between you and this mind-blowing VR adventure are a few easy steps:

  • Use the PLAY’A app to link up your interactive stroker.
  • Learn how to activate your Handy.
  • Sign in, then enable it in the game’s preferences.

The future of masturbation is literally in your hands, and you can save 20% with the promo code “DEZYRED” when you buy The Handy.

Explore the enthralling world of Family Secrets or Stepsister’s Creampie, with the amazing Handy Toy. Have your cock stroked in unison with the on-screen action and enjoy the fruits of science, technology, and sex all melded together.

Integration of the Handy Sex Toy with the VR Experience

The Handy isn’t perfect, but it does a far better job of keeping time with the action on screen than any of its predecessors or other competitors. Users have noted that there can be sync issues when the strokes don’t always line up with the on-screen prompts. Despite these problems, the Handy is far more reliable and connected than many other gadgets. It just keeps getting better every time with constant updates and it will elevate your virtual sex experience to new heights. That feeling of having your cock stroked in unison with what’s happening on screen is truly remarkable and will have you climaxing in record time.

One of its most praised features is how simple it is to set up, resulting in a connection that is both stable and reliable for virtual reality gaming. The Handy’s capacity to remain connected regularly sets it different from other gadgets, solving a prevalent issue among users in the world of interactive sex toys.

The Handy’s motions may be synced with the action on-screen using “funscripts,” whether you’re viewing a regular 2D movie or a VR experience. Users of virtual reality systems can benefit greatly from this synchronization, which makes their experience more immersive and lifelike.

The fact that Handy is constantly striving to get better is very impressive. Firmware upgrades are a priority for the organization since they allow them to fix faults and improve the product for customers. Recent upgrades have shown significant improvements, such as allowing users to skip to different parts of the videos and guaranteeing that the Handy instantly adjusts its stroke pace. The responsiveness of the device may be adjusted in real time, which adds a magical dimension to the encounter.

Firmware updates aimed at improving the user experience hint at efforts to fine-tune the technology and answer consumer complaints. The Handy is always being improved in the hopes of providing a more streamlined and immersive experience; this bodes well for the future of VR in adult entertainment.

Setting Up Your Handy Sex Toy for VR Interaction

Verify Compatibility:

The Handy sex toy works with several different virtual reality (VR) platforms. If you want to utilize a virtual reality game or app, you’ll need to make sure it can sync with the Handy. You may check if your game is compatible with Handy by visiting the Handy website or the platform it runs on.

Get Your Handy Device Fully Charged Before You Start:

This will guarantee that your experience is smooth and lasts as long as possible.

Download the App:

You may connect the Handy with virtual reality experiences by downloading the Handy app from Google Play or the App Store. Install the app on your compatible device, whether it’s a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Launch the App:

Launch the Handy app after installation, and then either create a new account or sign in with your existing Handy credentials. Make sure you have an active internet connection for optimal performance.

Connect the Handy Device:

Start up the Handy and make sure it’s ready to pair. To connect your Handy to your mobile device over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, simply open the app and follow the on-screen prompts. Check to see if the Handy is recognized by your gadget.

Using Your Handy Sex Toy for an Immersive VR Experience

Open the VR Application:

Start up the virtual reality software on your VR headset. Check the game’s menu for connectivity-related settings or choices.

Access the Handy Settings:

Find the options for configuring your VR app’s peripherals and interactive tools. Locate the Handy device’s synchronization option and turn it on.

Some virtual reality programs may include testing and calibration features for the Handy. Calibrate the device by following the on-screen prompts to make sure it works in sync with the virtual world. Before beginning the experience, make sure the gadget can handle it.

After you get your VR equipment set up and synchronized, you may begin your experience. The Handy gadget ought to react in real time to the events and stimuli happening in the virtual world as you play the game or experience VR.

Explore the VR app’s speed and setting customization options to modify the Handy’s movement rate, stroke length, and other parameters. Adjust these features to your liking for a more satisfying and unique encounter.

Take use of the VR environment and play around with the many in-game interactions and settings. Try out different options and configurations for the Handy to find what works best for you.

Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for cleaning and maintaining the Handy gadget after each use. It’s important to keep the gadget clean and dry when not in use.

Always prioritize your comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications and the instructions provided by the VR application for the best possible experience. Discontinue use and perform any necessary troubleshooting if you experience any discomfort or technical concerns.

Using the Handy Toy while exploring adult content through VR is an experience that deserves to be felt. You should not underestimate how great the marriage of tech and adult entertainment can be. You owe it to yourself and other body parts to explore the Handy Toy to give both your heads the ultimate pleasure.

Is The Handy Right for Me?

If you happen to have a penis, and you enjoy getting off, then The Handy fits the bill. From those new to the world of interactive sex toys, to those who are looking for the latest innovations in the space, everyone can and does appreciate The Handy.

That said, if you or your partner have any type of moral or strong feelings against masturbation, this might not be a great fit.


  • Single men looking to take their self-masturbation to the next level

  • Couples looking to sync movements and pleasure from afar (i.e. long-distance relationships)

  • Couples looking to spice up their sex lives

  • Men who enjoy interactive porn, porn video games, cam shows, high definition VR porn, and more

The Handy Reviews: What Are Actual Users Saying?

Overall Customer Rating: 4.4/5

We tapped into the power of the internet to review discussion boards, review sites, blogs, and more to check out the feedback from actual users and customers of The Handy.

Here are a few excerpts about what they had to say:

*Reviews are paraphrased and full names removed to protect the privacy of those reporting on the device 

“Literally one of the BEST toys I’ve purchased. I happen to be a bit on the bigger side and have found that while other devices don’t accommodate me well,  the open-ended design works perfect!” – Rob

“Better than expected. This was my first sex toy ever and the variety and realistic feel is pretty impressive. I haven’t messed around much with any interactive porn vids but it’s perfect when watching regular porn. Adds an element of immersion and really cranks up the pleasure level to 10/10.”  – Mike

“Probably the best feature is the selection of sleeves for varied types of pleasure. They truly feel realistic and I appreciate the ability to swap out the ‘lips’ (blowjob) for the vagina one and others depending on my mood.” – John

Is The Handy Worth It?

We think so. Handjobs can get boring (especially if it’s YOUR hand doing the heavy lifting). This is the first automated masturbator for men that we feel really gives the REAL thing a run for the money. The realism and immersion when combined with VR porn are out of this world, and the various sleeves keep things interesting day after day.

The Handy Promotions and Discounts

No promos are currently running but we’re committed to keeping our eye out for any good sales that happen. Check back for updates.

That said, at a price of around $199, we think it’s well worth the investment.

Other FAQs

Where Can I Buy The Handy?

Your best bet is to purchase directly from the manufacturer’s own site.

How Fast Does The Handy Ship?

The Handy ships for free to the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, with a nominal fee for those located elsewhere. In the USA, the product ships via USPS, in Canada via DHL, and in the UK by way of TNT.

Typical shipping times range from 7-14 days with ‘standard’ shipping, but those opting to pay more for express shipping are likely to get it within 3-7 days depending on the customer’s location.

What Is The Return Policy on The Handy?

Standing behind their product, the return policy offers a 14-day full refund, with the clock starting the moment the customer has received their package. However, fees related to customs/duties are the responsibilities of the customer.

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