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In recent years, the sensory experience known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has become quite popular, with millions of people worldwide looking for films and other content that can elicit the experience. Another quickly developing technology that has captivated the interest of consumers everywhere is virtual reality (VR), which provides immersive experiences that whisk users away to brand-new, intriguing places. In recent years, new opportunities for immersive experiences that can encourage relaxation and stress alleviation have emerged due to the convergence of ASMR and VR. 

Together let’s look into the history and backdrop of VR and ASMR in this post, as well as how they have changed over time and may become the perfect partners. We’ll also go into the world of immersive ASMR videos and list some of the most well-liked online VR ASMR experiences. Finally, cover the potential applications of VR ASMR in therapy and mental health and share our opinions on this fascinating nexus of two technologies.

Definition – What is ASMR?

woman recording asmr using makeup brush

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

The phenomena of autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the head, neck, and upper torso that is frequently accompanied by a sense of peace and relaxation. ASMR, which is activated by particular auditory and visual stimuli like whispering, tapping, and brushing noises, has become incredibly popular in recent years as a method of relaxation and stress reduction. It has also become popular within the adult industry space but we might save that for a separate article!

VR and ASMR – A Perfect Partnership

The technology known as virtual reality (VR) enables people to interact with a computer-generated world as if it were real. Although virtual reality (VR) technology has been around for a while, it has taken off in recent years as a result of the accessibility and affordability of VR equipment. Users can immerse themselves in a variety of settings, from fanciful realms to actual locations, using virtual reality (VR) technology, and interact with objects and characters in ways that were previously not conceivable. It can allow us to feel completely immersed in a singular experience making it an ideal way to watch and listen to ASMR content.

Combining ASMR with VR helps to create immersive experiences that appeal to a variety of senses and promote greater levels of relaxation and stress alleviation. The blinder-like effect of wearing the headsets means the user is completely immersed and focused only on the ASMR content and not other distractions around them. Content creators can now make movies and experiences that immerse people in brand-new, tranquil settings by utilizing the sensory triggers of ASMR and the immersive nature of VR. Simply put, they pair perfectly together to enhance the overall experience.

Brief History of ASMR & VR

Although the idea of ASMR has been around for a while, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it received a name and began to gain popularity online. Since then, ASMR has blossomed into a lively community of makers and viewers, and new triggers and techniques are constantly being created and shared. Popular forums like Reddit will lead you to communities and video links to some of the best ASMR content out there. Reddit alone has over 2400 searches each month for ASMR content and the popularity continues to grow.

Virtual Reality technology has been around for many years although it has only recently become widely available and reasonably priced for consumers. Headsets like the immensely popular and budget-friendly Quest 2 have effectively put VR tech into the hands of millions of people worldwide. Significant hardware and software developments have characterized the development of VR technology, producing more realistic and immersive experiences.

The first VR ASMR videos started to appear online in the middle of the 2010s, thus the concept of combining ASMR and VR is still relatively new. Since then, innovators have been investigating this combination’s potential, leading to the development of some incredibly inventive and engaging experiences.

Videos with Immersive ASMR

Utilizing VR technology, which enables builders to construct and render 3D environments and objects that can be experienced in a 360-degree view, immersive ASMR has been elevated to all new levels. Whispering voices, tapping on virtual surfaces, brushing across items, and other interactions with the environment are used as ASMR triggers. This produces a multi-sensory experience that helps to encompass the observer in a tranquil setting.

While immersive ASMR videos are produced using VR technology, traditional ASMR videos are produced using conventional video and audio recording equipment. Immersive ASMR films give a more realistic and compelling experience that can be more successful in promoting relaxation and stress alleviation, even though standard ASMR videos can be effective in evoking ASMR.

Immersive ASMR films provide several advantages over conventional ASMR videos, including a more compelling and realistic experience, a greater sense of presence in the virtual world, and the capacity to interact with the environment and objects in the video. A larger variety of sensory triggers, including spatial audio and tactile input, can be found in immersive ASMR movies, which can elevate the experience and encourage deeper relaxation. That said, even conventional ASMR videos can be more effective when viewed with a VR headset and a decent pair of headphones. Closing yourself off from outside distractions makes ASMR content much more effective and enjoyable overall so whether watching regular ASMR videos or immersive ASMR videos, you can’t go wrong with wearing a headset!

Videos of Popular Virtual Reality ASMR

Online, several well-liked VR ASMR movies feature activities like a pleasant nature stroll, a virtual massage, or even a tranquil meditation session. These movies help to promote relaxation and stress reduction by fusing ASMR triggers with VR technology.

Popular VR ASMR experiences come in a broad range of categories, but they all aim to promote relaxation and stress reduction. While some interactions, like tapping, rainfall, or whispering, concentrate on a single trigger, others provide a more thorough and immersive environment with a variety of triggers and interactions.

The ability to deliver a more immersive and realistic experience than conventional ASMR videos, the rising popularity of VR technology, and the growing understanding of the advantages of ASMR for relaxation and stress relief are a few reasons why VR ASMR videos have become so popular.

The 20 Best ASMR Videos Available Right Now

Virtual Reality ASMR: The Ultimate Spa Experience

asmr darling woman dipping a towel to warm water in the bowl

Screenshot from ASMR Darling YouTube

This movie immerses viewers in a virtual spa where they can enjoy a variety of soothing services, such as massages and facials. The 360-degree footage and binaural audio in the video give the spectator the impression that they are there.

ASMR 360 VR Sleep Relaxation | Binaural | Meditation | Sound Healing

Binaural audio and calming environmental noises are used in this 360-degree film to encourage viewers to unwind and fall asleep. Guided meditations and sound healing techniques are also featured in the film.

Virtual Reality ASMR | Massage Roleplay

The audience is taken to a virtual massage room in this movie where they can take in the sights and sounds of a soothing treatment. Binaural audio and a softly spoken narrator are used in the video to create an immersive experience.

Relaxing ASMR Nature Sounds | 360° Virtual Reality | Waterfall

This film transports viewers virtually to a serene waterfall where they can take in the sounds of nature and find serenity. An immersive experience is created by 360-degree video.

3D Audio ASMR | Binaural 360 Degree Sound | Relaxation and Sleep

Binaural audio and 360-degree sound are used in this movie to produce a calming and immersive ASMR experience. The sounds in the movie, which range from whispers to tapping and scraping, are meant to encourage relaxation and sleep.

ASMR in VR – The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

The viewer of this movie is sent to a virtual relaxation room where they can take in a variety of calming sounds and sights. The 360-degree footage and binaural audio in the video give the spectator the impression that they are there.

Virtual Reality ASMR | Hand Movements & Soft Spoken

A soft-spoken narration and close-up views of hand gestures are used in this movie to elicit ASMR feelings. The 360-degree video gives the viewer a completely immersive experience.

VR ASMR: Whispers From the Future

A variety of future sounds and images are used in this futuristic video to produce an alien ASMR experience. The 360-degree video and binaural audio in the video take the spectator to a new era and location.

ASMR VR: Journey Through Time & Space

In this film, the viewer travels virtually through time and space while being exposed to a variety of sounds and images that are intended to induce relaxation and ASMR feelings. The 360-degree video and binaural audio in the video provide the viewer with an immersive experience.

Virtual Reality ASMR | Haircut Roleplay

In this role-playing scenario film, the spectator gets a pleasant haircut while in a virtual hair salon. Binaural audio and 360-degree video are used in the video to create an immersive experience.

360 VR ASMR Soft Whispers & Ear Cleaning

The sounds used to elicit ASMR in this video include gentle whispers and ear-cleaning noises. The 360-degree video gives the viewer a completely immersive experience.

ASMR: Binaural 3D Audio in Virtual Reality

bbc click binaural sound demo hand crumpling plastic

Screenshot from BBC Click YouTube

This video includes a variety of ASMR-inducing noises, including whispers, tapping, and scratching. The 360-degree video gives the viewer a completely immersive experience.

VR ASMR: A Trip to the Spa

The viewer of this movie is sent to a virtual spa where they receive a variety of soothing services like massages and facials. The video’s binaural audio and 360-degree video give the spectator the impression that they are there.

Virtual Reality ASMR | Crinkles and Tingles

The noises of crinkling and tingling materials, such as plastic wrap and tapping on surfaces, are the main subject of this film. To produce the noises, the ASMRtist uses a range of tools, such as crinkly paper and tapping on the glass. The first-person perspective of the video gives the spectator the impression that they are engulfed in the sounds.

ASMR Virtual Reality | Ear Cupping and Ear Massage

The sounds connected to ear cupping and ear massage are the main subject of this film. The ASMRtist use several methods, such as gently blowing into the audience’s ears and rubbing their hands together, to produce the noises. The video’s first-person perspective gives the spectator the impression that they are participating in a one-on-one ear massage session.

360° VR ASMR | Ear to Ear Whispering and Personal Attention

In this video, personal attention and ear-to-ear whispering sounds are shown. The ASMRtist uses a number of methods, including whispering and breathing into the audience’s ears, to produce the sounds. The 360-degree style of the video gives the spectator the impression that they are surrounded by the sounds.

VR ASMR: Tapping and Scratching

This video is all about the tapping and scratching noises. The ASMRtist makes the sounds by tapping on wood and scratching on surfaces, among other methods. The first-person perspective of the video gives the spectator the impression that they are engulfed in the sounds.

Virtual Reality ASMR | Tingly Whispers and Ear Licking

This video blends the sounds of ear-licking and tingling whispering. The ASMRtist employs a number of methods to produce the noises, including quietly whispering, breathing into the listener’s ears, and making sounds like licking and kissing. The first-person perspective used to shoot the video gives the spectator the impression that they are watching a private ear-licking session.

ASMR 360 VR | Mouth Sounds & Ear Massage

A close-up view of an ASMR artist’s mouth creating a variety of calming noises is seen in this virtual reality ASMR film, which also includes a little ear massage. The immersive nature of the 360-degree vision makes it seem as though the viewer is there.

VR ASMR: Relaxing Spa and Massage Experience

This video transports the spectator to a virtual spa experience replete with calming music and comforting sights. VR ASMR: Relaxing Spa and Massage Experience. The spectator is taken to a peaceful location where they have a virtual massage with a smooth hand and scalp strokes. The viewer can unwind and relax completely thanks to the immersive experience.

Where to Find The Listed Videos, As Well As Many Others


One of the best locations to find VR ASMR videos is on YouTube. To get a large selection of videos, just type “VR ASMR” into your search engine.


Another video-sharing website with potential VR ASMR content is Vimeo.


ASMR Reddit – Reddit has a thriving community of ASMR fans, including a subreddit for ASMR videos. There may be suggestions for VR ASMR videos from this community.

Headset’s Official Websites/Stores

Manufacturer websites for VR headsets – Companies like Oculus and HTC may offer a curated collection of VR ASMR videos for download.

ASMRtists Websites

Websites run by ASMRtists – Many well-known ASMRtists have their own websites or social media profiles where they may sell or download VR ASMR recordings.

Virtual Reality’s Future and ASMR

Although the virtual reality ASMR market is still in its infancy, there is a lot of room for expansion as the technology becomes more widely available and more reasonably priced. The demand for top-notch experiences is predicted to rise as more producers and viewers become aware of the advantages of immersive ASMR videos.

As producers and developers look for new methods to merge ASMR triggers and VR technology into immersive experiences, there is a lot of room for innovation and fresh ideas in this sector. There is the potential to develop more complex and captivating experiences that can provide even deeper relaxation and stress reduction as technology continues to advance. Very exciting times lay ahead!

recent study by the University of Sheffield suggests that ASMR can aid in the reduction of anxiety and the promotion of relaxation, there is rising interest in the possible application of VR ASMR in therapeutic and mental health. There may be chances to create VR ASMR experiences that are especially suited to therapeutic and mental health uses as technology advances.


Through the use of VR technology and a wider variety of sensory triggers, immersive ASMR videos provide a more engaging and realistic experience than traditional ASMR videos. This ultimately can aid in deeper relaxation and stress relief for users.

Although the virtual reality ASMR market is still quite new, there is a lot of scope for growth and innovation as the technology becomes more widely available.

The merging of ASMR and VR has created new opportunities for calming, stress-relieving immersive experiences. Exciting changes to investigate novel methods to blend ASMR triggers and VR technologies into immersive experiences will arise as technology develops.


Describe ASMR

The term “ASMR” refers to the tingling sensation that some people feel in reaction to particular aural or visual stimuli. It can be set off by whispering, faint spoken voices, tapping, scratching, and other similar noises.

How does virtual reality (VR) work?

A computer-generated environment known as virtual reality simulates a tangible presence in a real or imagined world. A completely immersive experience often needs the use of a VR headset or additional tools.

What is ASMR in virtual reality?

Virtual Reality ASMR mixes ASMR’s calming and meditative effects with the immersive experience of VR technology. To give the viewer a realistic and relaxing experience, it frequently uses binaural sounds, 360-degree movies, and other methods.

What are a few advantages of VR ASMR?

VR ASMR can offer a profoundly soothing and immersive experience that helps lessen tension and stress while fostering better sleep. Additionally, it can be employed as a form of therapy or entertainment.

What distinguishes immersive ASMR from conventional ASMR?

Unlike traditional ASMR, which is often merely audio or video recordings of the noises and visuals that elicit the ASMR response, immersive ASMR typically uses VR technology to provide a more realistic and immersive experience.

Does VR ASMR have any hazards or negative effects?

Although VR ASMR is generally regarded as safe, extended use may cause discomfort, motion sickness, or eye strain in some users. To prevent any harmful effects, it’s critical to take breaks and pay attention to your body.

Is VR ASMR appropriate for everyone?

Not everyone should try VR ASMR, especially if they have epilepsy, motion sickness, or other medical issues that could be aggravated by using VR technology. Before utilizing VR ASMR, it’s crucial to speak with a medical practitioner, especially if you have any underlying health issues.

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