Elden Ring DLC News Update: Anticipation Builds as Bandai Namco Drops Playlist Hints

Speculation has been circulating among Elden Ring fans that Bandai Namco may have announced the highly anticipated downloadable content pack, Shadow of the Erdtree, in recent playlist updates on YouTube. The community is excited about this upcoming expansion and is waiting for new information, such as a release date, gameplay footage, and trailers.

Playlist Updates Spark Speculation

Bandai Namco’s European YouTube channel, which hosts all of Elden Ring’s content, had some changes made to its playlist on January 15, and that’s when the excitement started. Fans began to wonder if an announcement regarding the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was about to be made when the American-facing channel followed suit on January 18.

Bandai Namco may have quietly added a video that is not yet available to the public, as indicated by the updates, even though the playlists do not show any new content. A lot of people are crossing their fingers that this is a new trailer for the Elden Ring downloadable content, hoping that it will reveal the exact release date or show some new gameplay footage.

Mysterious Steam Updates and Clues

The mystery update that occurred earlier this week within Elden Ring’s downloadable content (DLC) in the Steam version only served to heighten the anticipation. To coincide with the changes to the YouTube playlist, an “unknown app” that was previously unavailable was added to the game’s downloadable content entry. It has sparked speculation that plans are in motion for a big announcement, although its relevance is still unknown.

Last month, fans got their first update on the progress of the downloadable content (DLC) Shadow of the Erdtree, which was first unveiled in February 2023. According to an Elden Ring producer, the expansion is “progressing well” but will be released “a little ways off” from now. Fans are wondering if there will be an announcement regarding the release date soon.

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Screenshot from BANDAI NAMCO Europe YouTube Channel

In light of FromSoftware’s track record of producing excellent downloadable content (DLC) expansions for its games, players have high hopes for Shadow of the Erdtree. There have been hints and updates that indicate the developer is no longer hiding anything, which goes against their usual pattern of secrecy.

More hints have emerged from Elden Ring’s Steam files, most notably an additional DLC package called “SteamDB Unknown App 2778580,” which has increased the anticipation. Furthermore, there has been talk of a possible launch date that coincides with the game’s second anniversary, February 2024, due to a leak from the product page of an Elden Ring-themed controller from Thrustmaster.

The parent company of FromSoftware, Kadokawa Corporation, recently issued an official update regarding the Elden Ring DLC, stating that development is going smoothly without disclosing any specific release details. The update was made public in February. With February quickly approaching, fans are eagerly anticipating the long-awaited Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. They are hoping that this release will be a significant milestone, possibly occurring on or around the game’s second anniversary.

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Screenshot from BANDAI NAMCO Europe YouTube Channel

Final Thoughts

The Elden Ring community is anxiously awaiting news about the Shadow of the Erdtree downloadable content, as hints and updates from multiple sources indicate that it will be announced soon. Fans are eagerly awaiting any new information regarding the Elden Ring series, such as gameplay footage, a release date, or a trailer, as it promises more challenges, mysteries, and adventures in the vast world that Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin have created.

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