Best Seated VR Games for PSVR, PCVR, Quest 1 and 2

Anyone who has ever played VR games can attest to one thing: the immersion is amazing. VR games offer something unique that you just can’t experience with flat-screen gaming. The sense of size and scope when you’re standing inside the created world just can’t be replicated on your TV screen. That said, VR gaming does have a downside. The effort and setup required to get yourself playing is a lot more difficult than just clicking a button on a controller. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a huge ask to play VR titles, it just takes a bit more involvement than vegging out on the couch controller in hand.

Wearing the headset, strapping on the controllers, and standing in your guardian zone are just the beginning. Many VR titles will have you ducking, diving, jiving, and sweating as you play twister with your body. This can be an amazing experience to have and leads to some stunning virtual reality moments but, well, sometimes you just can’t be arsed! After a long day at work, I love nothing more than sitting on my ass and escaping into a video game.

That’s where seated VR titles come in. All the joys and immersion of virtual reality, but you get to stay seated and comfortable. No need to break a sweat, just unwind with an amazing title. With that in mind, here is a list of virtual reality titles that are ideally suited to playing while sitting down. Some were designed to only be played that way while others have enough gameplay setting adjustments that seated play is a viable option.

The list as always is compiled of my favorite seated titles but is my opinion alone and mightn’t be to everyone’s taste. So please don’t come after me if I miss your beloved seated experience. Maybe just drop it in the comments below instead! With all that said, let’s get into it!

1. I Expect you to Die (PSVR & PCVR & Quest)

Want to be James Bond? Want to take part in life-or-death situations where you’ll need reflexes and your wits to stay alive? Of course, you do. Doesn’t sound like it would be a seated experience, but it most definitely is. In fact, it’s a seated-only VR title as each level has been carefully designed to have you in a chair trying to escape with your life. Part escape room, part puzzler, this title is a lot of fun.

Each level is very different and unique but expertly crafted to provide you with new challenges. Escape burning offices, drive cars out of cargo planes, stop missile launches from a window cleaner’s lift. Sure, it’s all in a day’s work for the world’s most perfect spy! The game itself has lots of flexibility so puzzles can be solved in various ways and discovering different options offers rewards and allows for repeat playthroughs.

The use of telekinesis to pull objects towards you is clever and negates you having to make any movements that are too strenuous. There is a healthy sense of humor running throughout the narrative and even though you’re often fighting for your life, you’re never having a bad time. Good fun to play and great to share with others. Packs about as much punch as a drawer full of grenades, go check it out! Also, if you really love it as I do, you should check out the sequel, which is equally amazing.

2. Ultra Wings 2 (Quest 2)

Sitting in the cockpit of a plane seems like a no-brainer for a seated VR experience, and it is! None do it quite as well as Ultra Wings 2. Currently only available on the Quest 2 but coming soon to PCVR, this is a very polished title.

Taking learnings from the first title, Ultra Wings 2 puts you in the driver’s seat of a number of varied flying machines, five in total. The physicality of flipping switches, pressing buttons, controlling pitch, and gripping the flight stick is very satisfying. Add to that the ability to shoot targets and complete challenges in gorgeous cartoonish environments and you’ll find yourself falling in love with this title.

Did I mention you also get to blow stuff up? The sense of height and speed is also realized fully when in VR so even though it’s a seated experience, it can go from relaxing to intense quite quickly! That said, the sheer joy you’ll experience when soaring through the skies pulling off loop the loops and barrel rolls like a pro is undeniably fun. This is a must-have title if you enjoy flying experiences with a healthy dose of fun added in for good measure.

3. Trover Saves The Universe (PSVR & PCVR & Quest)

Again, another title specifically designed to be played seated. Your in-game character in fact is meant to be on a hovering chair so they really have thought of the seated player for this one. The game was created partially from the very warped mind of Justin Roiland, and he also lends his voice to a lot of in-game characters to boot.

The influence of Rick & Morty both in humor and art direction is very apparent here and personally, it’s a style and a wackiness that I love. At its heart, this is a straightforward platformer where you control Trover and can manipulate your overview of the proceedings by moving your head. Think Moss and you’ll know what I mean.

The humor as mentioned is probably what shines here although Justin can be a bit of a marmite experience for some. You either love or hate him. If you are not a fan, then definitely steer clear as the voice work is almost impressively never-ending. Between playing different characters and NPCs there isn’t enough variety in his voice range so he might start to wear a little on you after a few hours. But if you can get over that minor gripe, you’re in for a treat.

A balls-to-the-wall bat shit crazy adventure where you’re definitely brought on a journey that really goes places. The creativity and warped sense of humor allows a solid platformer to become something truly special here. Definitely worth your time if your sense of humor aligns.

4. Rush of Blood (PSVR)

Definitely not for the faint-hearted. This horror experience is an on-rails shooter quite literally. On rails, because you are stuck in a roller coaster cart and fighting all kinds of demons, zombies, and ghosts to save your sanity. The stand-alone title ties into the very successful horror title ‘Until Dawn’ using some characters and some firmly established horror tropes to elevate your experience.

The roller coaster alone in VR can be an intense experience as you really feel those rushes of speed when hurtling down a steep slope. Add to this the wide variety of creepy monsters and decent gunplay, and you’re in for a pretty terrifying joy ride. Jump scares, slow-building tension, and misdirection are all part of the course here and some of the environments you move through are absolutely terrifying.

Killer clowns, witches, demonic squealing pigs, giant spiders, and creepy mannequins are just some of the dark delights you’ll face in this title. Bring a spare pair of underpants and your best trigger fingers to the table before strapping the headset on and you won’t be disappointed. A brilliant thrill ride that is frightfully entertaining, pun intended!

5. Pokerstars VR (PCVR & Quest)

From life and death situations to casual card playing now. Pokerstars VR is exactly what you think it is. Playing cards in VR is quite an immersive experience and Pokerstars VR is one of the best titles available. Also, it’s free! You get to play with other humans online. There is no money involved so playing for chips and bragging rights will have to suffice.

Recently updated to include Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette there’s suddenly a whole lot of game here to enjoy for free. Lots of customization available for your avatar plus toys and props to interact with means your online interactions can be both fun and competitive. Pokerstars VR is a wonderful socially interactive experience and just all-around fun to get involved in. Also, it’s free so what is stopping you? Time to go all in!

6. Garden of The Sea (PCVR & Quest 2)

Garden of The Sea can be played standing. However, the multiple movement choices available make this a very suitable seated game. The overall vibe of the game is all about chilling out, so it’s far better suited to you sitting or even sometimes lying down. A cross between Stardew Valley and Minecraft, you get to explore, create, grow, craft, and solve puzzles. However, there is no emphasis on doing anything really. It’s a bright cartoonish world with ridiculously cute animals and you!

You may find yourself losing hours as you cultivate your flower bed or grow some organized crop patches. You might just sail off in your boat for some fishing or to explore other islands. The player choice here is great and it’s an overall relaxing experience. No health bars or enemies to worry about. There is a plot here if you choose to explore it but you progress at your own pace. This game is ideal for just switching your brain off and relaxing. Go unwind and enjoy the world they have lovingly created for you to explore. Check out our more in-depth review of Garden of the Sea here.


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