What Are the Best VR Roller Coaster Apps?

Since their invention in the early 19th century, roller coasters have been a mainstay attraction in theme parks all around the world. With the thrills they provide, it’s no surprise that they bring in a ton of visitors—at least 375 million people a year visit an amusement park. However, roller coasters are admittedly not for everyone. 

For those with sensitive stomachs, it can be hard to have fun riding a roller coaster. And for those who budget, sometimes the price of an amusement park ticket just doesn’t seem worth it. But thanks to VR technology, such as Oculus Rift, roller coaster enthusiasts and newbies alike can experience the adrenaline-pumping moments of riding a roller coaster. 

In this article, we go over the best VR roller coaster apps that provide the greatest thrills. 

1. Coastiality

coastiality vr logo

Photo credit: https://coastiality.com/

Though many VR roller coaster apps take you through vectorized and digitally constructed coasters, Coastiality allows riders the thrills of actual roller coasters from Europe such as the Alpenexpress and the Valerian. Riders on Coastiality can enjoy a 360-degree view during the ride, meaning no skimped details. Coastiality is available on numerous platforms including but not limited to iOS, Android, Steam, and the Oculus Store. 

2. Darkness Roller coaster VR 

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Photo credit: Google Playstore

For those looking for a more suspenseful experience, the Darkness Roller coaster VR app is perfect. Users of this app can choose between two tracks: a ghost mine-themed track and a dark fantasy-themed track. While we don’t suggest this one if you have an immense fear of spiders, the Darkness Roller coaster VR app provides diversity in terms of roller coaster genres. Interested buyers can purchase the app from the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, and the Oculus Rift store. 

3. No Limits 2

no limits logo

Photo credit: https://www.cleanpng.com/

Why ride on a digitally generated roller coaster when you can use and experience what the professional use? No Limits 2 is best known for its realism—the app tries its best to replicate the same speed and conditions roller coasters in real life have. There is a free demo, full version, and even a professional version of the game. No Limits 2 also has a pre-set array of roller coasters from real life that you can experience from the comfort of your couch; furthermore, you can also create your roller coaster track with No Limits 2. Regardless if you work in the industry as a professional roller coaster architect or if you’re an intense roller coaster enthusiast, No Limits 2 provides hours of fun and thrills.

4. Atlantis: Infinite Coaster 

atlantis game screen

Photo credit: http://atlantis.skuhlen.de/

You may have heard of VR apps with themed roller coasters or roller coasters that are simply digital copycats of real-life roller coasters, but what about a roller coaster that goes on forever? While there is only one setting on Atlantis: Infinite Coaster—a featureless floating city in the clouds—the app’s main appeal point is its never-ending gameplay. On top of its never-ending gameplay, the roller coaster will always have a different format with every playthrough, meaning you’re never going to ride the same coaster twice. For those interested in Atlantis: Infinite Coaster, you can use the app via Oculus Rift.

5. Cmoar Roller Coaster VR

rollercoaster vr

Photo credit: https://rexdl.com/

The Wild West, ghost mines, and dragons. Cmoar Roller Coaster RV combines these exciting motifs for an action-packed, thrilling ride. While you can experience 1 minute of this adrenaline-pumping roller coaster on the free version, fans will have to pay up for the full four minutes this ride provides. Cmoar Roller Coaster VR is purchasable from the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store. 

6. Star Coaster VR

star drive rollercoaster game poster

Photo credit: wearvr

Are starry skies and gigantic whales swimming through seas of celestial bodies part of your aesthetic? Then Star Coaster VR is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a roller coaster with such themes. With maroon skies, lavender stars, and the occasional great whale, this roller coaster provides a dreamy and soothing atmosphere. This roller coaster simulation also features a speed-up aspect—with every lap you take, the roller coaster becomes faster, which is perfect for the daredevils. Star Coaster VR is available for purchase from the Oculus Rift store.

7. Chunks

chunks vr logo

Photo credit : https://steamcommunity.com/

For fans of Minecraft and its sandbox gameplay, Chunks is similar in style and aesthetic. What makes Chunks fun is that you first design your world, adding mountains and chasms, and then design your personal coaster to weave through your world. While the project has been unfortunately abandoned, you can still enjoy the features left in its beta version. Chunks is available only for the HTC Vive and can be purchased on Steam. 


Roller coasters are popular because they allow us to feel danger without actually being in danger. While technology has made the modern-day roller coaster a staple to all theme parks, VR provides a new dimension to the amusement park classic. VR makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the coaster. No more waiting in long lines or purchasing expensive tickets when roller coasters are available at the tap of a finger.


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