Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Coming 2024

Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Game Launching on All Major VR Platforms in 2024

Caveman Studios, developers of the excellent virtual reality (VR) tactical shooter Contractors (2018), have just revealed a whole new game. The studio announced “Contractors Showdown,” a competitive battle royale game coming to all major VR platforms in 2024, during the UploadVR Summer Showcase. Players on different platforms will be able to engage in thrilling online battles thanks to cross-play in the highly anticipated release.

Experience the Thrilling and Immersive World of Contractors Showdown

contractors showdon 2024 teaser poster

Photo from Contractors Showdown Media Kit by Caveman Studios

Players of Contractors Showdown will explore a harsh, desolate region that has been ungoverned for decades. Throughout the barren island, they will face off against unrelenting opponents and perils, forcing them to use their survival abilities, collect resources, level up their equipment, and engage in tactical fights. Operators, whether going into battle alone or with friends, must overcome insurmountable difficulties to succeed.

Engage in Tactical Battles on a Massive 4km x 4km Map in Contractors Showdown

The game’s map is huge, measuring in at a whopping 4 kilometers by 4 kilometers, giving players plenty of room to roam and plan their moves. Tactical PDAs allow operators to better understand their surroundings, find their way around, and summon help in dangerous environments. With features like customizable weapons, gear upgrades, damage indicators, and more, Contractors Showdown promises to give an exciting experience.

Join Forces or Compete with Players on Different Platforms in Contractors Showdown

Caveman Studios is implementing long-requested features into Contractors Showdown after hearing from players. An enhanced and more gratifying gaming experience is guaranteed with the inclusion of levels, matchmaking, and daily tasks. Even though the game won’t have mod support at launch, the developer has said they’re open to the idea. The team is still dedicated to making cross-play a top priority, so that gamers from different platforms may work together or compete head-to-head.

Continuous Updates and Improvements to Contractors – Version 1.0 Coming Soon

ruined walls in a desolate island

Caveman Studios will keep updating and bettering the original Contractors game even while they work on Contractors Showdown. They’ve reiterated that they will deliver Contractors 1.0 as promised, and a fresh quality-of-life patch that fixes bugs and improves performance will be delivered in July.

Join the Beta Test and Shape the Future of Contractors Showdown

Contractors Showdown has a devoted fanbase that frequents the official website, the game’s Discord server, and the developer’s Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok pages for updates. Caveman Studios wants to keep the community updated and interested by releasing new artwork and videos on a regular basis. In the future, they plan to hire beta testers to give people a chance to influence the game’s evolution by taking part in early playtests. Keep an eye on their official website and Discord to be in with a chance of joining the beta testing community.

Stay Informed and Engaged – Follow Contractors Showdown’s Official Channels for Updates

Fans of virtual reality and battle royale games will have something to look forward to in 2024 with Contractors Showdown. Get ready to visit the lawless island where survival, teamwork, and talent are crucial by staying tuned for additional developments. See below to keep yourself up to date with all Contractors Showdown updates:




Official Website

Don’t forget to join Discord to learn more and participate in their playtest in the future! 

FAQ Provided by Caveman Studios 

contractors showdown soldiers looking at the desolate island from afar

Photo from Contractors Showdown Media Kit by Caveman Studios

When will Contractors Showdown be available for purchase?

In 2024, when we unleash The Contractors Showdown. The time and date are still to be determined.

To what systems will the game be available initially?

Like Contractors, we intend to port the game to all of the main consoles.

How is Contractors Showdown different from just Contractors?

In comparison to our last game, Contractors Showdown is much faster, more intense, and more tactical. It’s got cool stuff like a 4km x 4km map, a tactical PDA for navigating the area and making assistance calls, the ability to upgrade your weapons and gear, and visual markers for when you’ve taken damage. The addition of long-requested features like leveling up, matching, and daily tasks should make for an exciting and interesting experience.

Is it possible to have mods in Contractors Showdown?

At the time of its release, the answer will be no. Modifications to Contractors Showdown can be difficult to implement. After the release of the core game, we will evaluate feedback from the modding community and decide whether to implement support for mods.

Can I play Contractors Showdown with friends from other regions?

Yes. We’ve always put a premium on cross-platform gaming, or “crossplay,” which lets gamers from different systems compete against one another.

Will Contractors Showdown have an early playtest?

Yes! If you’re interested in participating as a beta tester or receiving updates, subscribe to our Discord server.

The Future of Contractors: What Does It Look Like?

Contractors will continue to be updated to version 1.0 as promised. Improved mechanics and brand-new additions have been made to Contractors Showdown; some of these may find their way into the main game in future patches. In order to fix bugs and fine-tune the game’s features, a new quality-of-life patch will be launched in July.

When/where can we look forward to learning more about Contractors Showdown?

Visit our website, join our Discord server, or follow us on social media for additional details. In order to keep you up-to-date, we will be posting new artwork and videos on our website, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord every month. Join our group and we will keep you updated.

In order to keep in touch and provide us feedback, please visit our official website and Discord server.

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