War. War never changes. Unless, of course, you apply VR mods to war, and then yes, war can change quite a bit in fact! Fallout 4 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in late 2015. It was critically well-received and scored highly with critics and gamers alike. Taking place in the year 2287 you play as the character dubbed ‘Sole Survivor’ in a post-apocalyptic world searching for your missing child. Combining in-depth character customization and progression, a vast open-world map, and lots of player choice from exploration to combat and NPC interaction, Fallout 4 has become one of the franchise’s most successful installments. The Game of the Year addition was released in 2017, and the VR edition for PC and PlayStation was also released in late 2017. As you can expect from any Bethesda production, each iteration of the game is released with its own myriad of bugs, glitches, and quality of life issues. The VR versions are no exception to this. Thankfully, a dedicated modding community exists to tweak and improve and add longevity to this much-loved title. So, here is a list of the best mods currently available for Fallout 4 VR on the PC. Please read to the end to discover how to install and use these mods, much appreciated!


This one is a must have mod in my humble opinion. This doesn’t add anything extra per say but does enhance and improve VR optimization on your edition of Fallout 4. This means smoother gameplay, less bug, and general overall improvements in graphics and fidelity. It also works well in conjunction with other mods and once installed, I found I ran into a lot less crashes or gameplay issues even with lots of other mods running at the same time. Not one to be missed. Click here to get the mod.


Okay, so usually I wouldn’t recommend anything that skips gaming content but this one is kind of necessary. If you’ve played Fallout 4 before, you are now painfully aware of how slow the intro is. Stating pre-bomb and working your way to the point of actually playing with your created character in-game is a long, drawn-out tedious process. Not something you’ll want to go through again and again when testing new mods. Certainly, even after one playthrough, the thoughts of playing through the introduction isn’t very appealing. Step forth this cheeky mod that allows you to create your character, outline your starting stats and begin playing from the desolated wastelands right from the off. A worthy time saver and a definite must for any repeat players. Click here to get the mod.


This one offers more visual options and a few new gun overlays for the player. Having static hands-on screen in vanilla Fallout is slightly immersion-breaking. Now you can have more realistic hand movements on screen, and you can choose from many original pre-set designs also. Add to that the choice of new weapon skins and these mods add a bit more visual flair and realism to your Fallout 4 experience. Click here to get the mod.


Again, as previously mentioned vanilla Fallout 4 released with many bugs and glitches on all iterations of the game. When it comes to Fallout 4 VR, the jittery movement is very noticeable. Can even be a little nauseating to those players who haven’t quite developed their VR sea legs yet. Almost akin to frame skips, your in-game movements are jarring. Smooth Movement VR mod completely fixes this problem. Now movement in the game is vastly improved and seems silky smooth in comparison. Click here to get the mod.


Another quality-of-life improvement here. Full Dialog VR changes how the conversations and choices appear on screen. Making them less cluttered and easier to read meaning you won’t struggle with making the wrong choice accidentally. Not a huge game-changer but a much-needed improvement considering the huge focus on player choice in Fallout 4. Not to be skipped. Click here to get the mod.


As if copied and paste straight from Skyrim Vr, the FRIK mod is absolutely amazing. Adding your full body within the game changes your experience for the better. Getting to look down and see your full body seems obvious but really makes a difference when before this mod, you’re staring at nothing. Great for more realistic game immersion. Click here to get the mod.


Tired of scrolling to menus and selecting weapons from your inventory? Of course, you are … that’s not realistic in the slightest. The Virtual Holsters mod allows for up to seven holsters all over your body. This means accessing the weapon or item you want in the heat of battle is as easy as reaching for it and pulling it out. Such a vast gameplay improvement over what’s already on offer. Great fun to use in-game and a good all-round improvement for Fallout 4 VR. Click here to get the mod.


Some may consider this a cheat more than a mod, but I definitely found it useful and it gave me some gameplay improvements. This mod removes the recoil from the base game weapons which allows for more accurate aiming and overall makes the gunplay just that little bit easier to manage. Probably not one for the purists but definitely worth trying it. If you like it, stick with it. If not, then turn it off and no harm done! Click here to get the mod.


Don’t get too excited, the name of this mod is misleading. No, you won’t be transported into the gates of hell to wreak havoc unfortunately. Instead, it’s a very good addition to in-game weapons. Adding cool laser sights and torches to existing weapons in the game. This makes gameplay more fun and takes the edge off aiming a little. Definitely worth checking out as it enhances your gameplay experience overall. Click here to get the mod.


This one is worth checking out if you’re PC is struggling to run Fallout 4 VR at a stable framerate. It cuts out any placed outdoor light sources which helps reduce the pressure on your hardware a little. Good to experiment with if you’re game is starting to chug during outdoor environments. Toggle it on or off to see if you find any improvements overall in your VR experience. Click here to get the mod.

There you go, that is ten of the best mods currently available for Fallout 4 VR. Experimentation is half the fun! Pick and choose as you please. My advice is to try adding the mods one at a time so that if there are any conflicts or performance issues, you know which mod to switch off.

More importantly, I promised a quick guide on how to add the mods so please see below…


All of the listed mods can be found on nexus mods and the links provided will take you straight to each one. Before installing anything, please read the full description of each mod. Most modders will share installation instructions plus any notes or known bugs with troubleshooting advice. The extra two minutes you take to read the description is absolutely invaluable. Some mods require you to copy the files into specific folders. Some files will over wright original files so another good piece of advice is to backup up your files and folders before making any changes. Once you’re fully up to speed with all instructions and have read the description, you can click on the ‘files’ tab and select to either use nexus mod’s own download manager or the manual download option. I would personally suggest using the mod manager for consistency. Nexus mods has a wonderful supportive community behind it too. So if you run into any issues or need any questions answered, you can reach out for help. You will need to sign up to Nexus Mods first but membership is free and it’s well worth a few minutes of your time for all the amazing mods they have on offer for many PC titles….Vr and non-Vr included.

And there you have it. Fantastic mods to add new life to Fallout 4 Vr and a guide on how to install them. If you have any interest in our comprehensive guide for mods in Skyrim VR then check out our Sykrim Mod Article.