ZyberVR 16FT/5M USB 3.0 Product Review: A to C Steam VR Gaming and Charging Cable

Do you find it frustrating to have your gaming sessions in PC VR games cut short because your Quest 2 or Pico 4 headset runs out of battery? One possible answer to this problem is the ZyberVR 16-foot (5-meter) USB 3.0 A to C Steam VR Gaming and Charging Cable. To help you make an educated decision about how to best improve your virtual reality gaming experience, we’ve conducted an in-depth review of a popular gaming and charging cable on the market today.



There is a power status LED light and a USB-C connector at the end of the 16 ft. / 5 m long wire.


Compatible with mobile VR devices including the Quest 2, Pico 4, and the Quest Pro. Needs a computer set up for virtual reality.

Data Transfer Speed

Offers speeds of up to 20Gbps for data transfer and up to >2.2Gbps for VR streaming.

zybervr steam vr gaming and charging cable speed

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Charging Management

Maximum charging current of 5V 2A; variable charging current to match available power.


Nickel-plated iron and gold-plated pins are used in the construction of USB-A and USB-C plugs.


Over 10,000 plug-in/unplug cycles passed the durability test.

Design and Features

The ZyberVR cable is an adjustable USB-A/C connector on one end and a USB-C connector at a right angle on the other end of a 16-foot (5-meter) flexible cable. The accompanying velcro strap and 90-degree USB-C connector keep the wire out of the way as you use the headset.

You can plug the charger into a charging management box around 30 centimeters down the cable from the USB-A/C port. This increases the power delivery of the cable to 5V/2A, so your virtual reality headset may be charged as you play.


The ZyberVR cable performed exceptionally well in our tests regarding data transfer and charging speed. The Quest 2’s battery life was impressive, remaining at or near 100% even during graphically intensive VR games. The software controlling power distribution to the headset may cause intermittent power drops, but they are unlikely to have any discernible effect on gameplay.

Data transfer rates using the cable, as measured by the Oculus PC app, were 3.1Gbps, which was higher than those achieved with the official Link Cable and a third-party cable. This high level of performance guarantees a smooth and responsive gameplay experience.

zybervr steam vr gaming and charging cable cable features

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  • Efficient Charging – Allows you to play games for longer periods by letting you charge your headset as you play.

  • High-Quality Data Transfer – Rates Available Provides quick data transfers for stress-free virtual reality play.

  • Flexible Compatibility – Compatible with a wide range of virtual reality hardware setups.

  • Affordable Cost – Costs less than similar charging cables on the market.


  • Cable Flexibility – Not as pliable as other cables, therefore it won’t work as well with large-scale VR setups.

  • Premium Feel – Not as high-quality as some other cables, but the low price makes up for it.

  • Charging Setup – Power supply and cable routing must be considered; an extension cord may be useful for ideal positioning.


The ZyberVR 16FT/5M USB 3.0 A to C Steam VR Gaming and Charging Cable is an affordable way to keep your Quest 2 or Pico 4 powered up while you play virtual reality games on your PC. Its low price and fast data transfer rates make it an attractive option for virtual reality fans. Although it lacks some adaptability and a high-end feel, it delivers excellent performance and is reasonably priced.

Rating 5 out of 5

If you’d like to purchase the ZyberVR cable, check it out here.

How to Use the ZyberVR 16ft/5m USB 3.0 A to C Cable Like A Pro Charging and Playing Cable for Steam VR

zybervr steam vr gaming and charging voltage intensifier

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Secure Cable Placement

Secure the ZyberVR cord to your virtual reality headset’s head strap with the included velcro strap for hassle-free gaming. This ensures that you won’t get kicked off the network mid-game.

Optimize Power Delivery

Ensure your charge management setup permits simple cable movement if you intend to use the wire for data transfer and charging. To facilitate both power delivery and mobility, you may wish to use an extension cord.

Keep Your VR Headset Updated

Keep the software and firmware on your virtual reality headset up to date. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to issue updates that expand support for third-party peripherals like the ZyberVR cable.

Mind Your Play Space

The ZyberVR cable is significantly less flexible than alternatives, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on doing any room-scale VR activities. If you don’t want to strain the cables, adjust your motions accordingly.

Balance Charge and Gameplay

However, after the VR headset is fully charged, the software may minimize power draw, even though the cable can keep it charged while you play. In case you notice little changes in the charge status while using, keep this in mind.

ZyberVR 16ft/5m USB 3.0 A to C Steam VR Gaming and Charging Cable Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the ZyberVR cable compatible with my VR headset?

In addition to the Quest 2, Pico 4, and Quest Pro, the ZyberVR 16FT/5M cable is also compatible with other standalone VR headsets. Virtual reality computer hardware is required.

How do I set up the charging management for the cable?

Connect your virtual reality headset’s charging cord to the charging management box. To keep your headset powered while you play, this will increase the current through the cord.

Can I use this cable for data transfer only, without charging my headset?

The ZyberVR cable can be used for data transfer in addition to power delivery. If you aren’t charging your headphones, you can simply use the wire in its regular fashion.

Is the cable compatible with USB-C and USB-A ports on my computer?

The cable’s USB connector may be switched between USB-A and USB-C modes, so it can be used with any type of computer port.

Does the ZyberVR cable come with a warranty?

ZyberVR guarantees their hardware to work properly. For warranty information, please refer to the product’s packaging or the ZyberVR website.

Can I use this cable for other USB-C devices or applications?

Although it was created with virtual reality headsets in mind, this cable can be used with any USB-C device or data transfer application that meets the cable’s technical requirements.

Does the cable work with the latest VR games and applications?

When it comes to the data transfer needs of cutting-edge VR games and apps, the ZyberVR cable has you covered. Make sure your virtual reality (VR) headset and computer are compatible with the games you want to play, though.

If you’d like to purchase the ZyberVR cable, check it out here.

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