VR Interactive Sex Toy Reviews – The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon

Interactive VR Sex Toy Reviews

The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon – Experience The Interactive Sex Toys of the Future

In the past, male masturbators fell short of their promise, requiring manual power (i.e. your own hand) to deliver strokes.

Today, innovative technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and immersive VR experiences combine to bring automated and interactive masturbation to life.

Both the Kiiroo Keon and The Handy represent cutting-edge interactive sex toys and automatic male masturbators.

In this guide, we pit these two frontrunners against each other, with a comprehensive review of what makes each so great.


The Handy Overall Rating =


  • Unique ergonomic design makes use comfortable

  • Strong stroke thrust

  • Adjustable stroke with impressive speed

  • Customizable stroke length and tightness

  • Stretchable sleeve for enhanced comfort

  • Intense, realistic sensations

  • Easy to sync with adult videos

  • Fits virtually all sizes

  • Strong community with new features to try out

  • Connects to smartphones and computers

  • Versatile

  • Strong value


  • Requires a constant supply of power (i.e. it’s corded)

  • Can get uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time

  • Takes a little getting used to, to find your stride

  • The controls aren’t super intuitive

  • Those that prefer a tight fit may find the sleeve to be too loose

KIIROO KEON Overall Rating =


  • The most realistic sleeves on the market

  • FeelStars sleeves are based on real adult actresses and punsters

  • Adjustable length stroke

  • Adjustable speed and tightness

  • Tactile buttons and intuitive controls

  • The comfortable design makes use a breeze even when using while watching adult VR videos

  • Compatible with a broad range of connected devices

  • Teledildonics enabled

  • Compatible with more websites than The Handy

  • Battery-powered or plugin

  • Up to 230 strokes per minute

  • Easy to clean

  • Hands-free option


  • Unable to override porn scripts

  • Occasional glitches with video sync

  • Screw cap tends to rattle a bit

  • Could feel too tight if you are a larger gent

  • A bit heavy

  • Pricey

Kiiroo Keon Review

A leader in interactive sex toys and teledildonics, Kiiroo is known for its cutting-edge sex-tech, advanced sex toys, and automated masturbators for both sexes.

Web-enabled and interactive masturbation devices are redefining the boundaries of sexual exploration, and offering tantalizing opportunities for intimacy in long-distance relationships, online dating, and self-pleasure when riding solo.

Keon Feel Stroker VR Sex Toy by Kiiroo

What is the Keon Kiiroo?

Introducing the next generation of interactive sex toys and automated masturbation devices for men, the Keon sets the standard for this category impeccably high.

Offering a truly automated experience, each stroke is powered by a quiet but powerful motor, and synced to a variety of media and devices sure to satisfy your every desire. From VR porn and games, to live cam girls and long-distance sessions with your partner, this device does it all.

What Makes the KEON So Unique?

The Keon Kiiroo is where interactive sex toys meet technology, melding the two in a way that offers an unmatched experience of pleasure for men looking to automate masturbation.

Featuring an innovative silicon sleeve engineered to replicate the feeling of a real vagina, the Kiiroo lets users adapt the experience to their every whim and desire, with each session tailored to your preferences.

KEON: The Leader in Interactive Automated Masturbation

The Next Generation of Interactive Sex Toys, Save Your Hand, Let the Machine Do The Heavy Lifting

You’ve likely been relying on ‘manpower’ to take care of yourself for years, but the Kiiroo is here to put give your wrist a break.

Key Features

Interactive Pleasure Connected to VR, Cams, Toys, and more…

Key Features Aimed at Maximizing Pleasure Include:

  • Precision control over the entire experience

  • Adjust the length and speed of strokes in real time

  • Easy to find and use, tactile buttons allow for mid-session adjustments even with a VR headset on

  • LED lighting system reacts responsively to commands

  • Real-time display of current speed, battery life, and connection mode

  • Comfort-engineered design allows for a tight grip and is effortless to hold, featuring intuitive curves and no distractions

With the KEON device, you can sync strokes and touch with:

  • With 2D and Virtual Reality (VR) interactive compatible XXX videos, games, and more

  • Other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys and devices

  • With interactive webcams and cam shows

Keon Kiiroo Feel Stroker and FeelStars

Created to deliver a hyper-realistic experience, the FeelStars line features skin-like material that when combined with premium water-based lube, gets you as close to the real thing as possible.


A box with a feel stroker male masturbation sleeve by kiiro

Ever wondered what it would be like to hook up with your favorite porn star? We’ve all been there. With the Kiiroo, you now have the next best thing: a chance to experience what sex would feel like with your favorite social media queen, actress, or cam girl.

Kiiroo offers more than 14 unique ‘FeelStars’ models, all formed from REAL molds of the actresses’ vaginas, giving you unprecedented access to feel what these stars are like in real life.

But that’s not all, you can sync your Kiiroo device to 1000s of custom-made, interactive FeelStars videos, offering an unprecedented sexual experience with your favorite porn stars.

Models Currently Available Include:

  • Victoria June

  • September Reign

  • Natalia Starr

  • Nicolette Shea

  • Rae Lil Black

  • Romi Chase

  • Kenzie Taylor

  • Lauren Phillips

  • Leigh Raven

  • Molly Stewart

  • Alexis Fawx

  • Apolonia Lapiedra

  • Ashley Barbie

  • Britney Amber

  • And more to come…

The Handy Review

Technology meets masturbation with ‘The Handy’ Dubbed as the ‘ultimate male masturbator’, we review whether or not this interactive sex toy lives up to the hype, as well as how it compares to other gadgets such as the Kiiroo Keon.

the handy stroker device beside it's packaging box

What is The Handy: A Quick Overview

Men’s attitudes about automated masturbation and interactive sex toys will be dramatically changed by the Handy stroker.

This device comes with integrated WiFi capabilities, making it the perfect interactive sex toy for synchronizing with your favorite porn videos, games, and XXX VR simulations.

This cutting-edge hand job device is intuitive with virtually no learning curve, and requires little cleanup, adding to the enjoyment of your experience.

The package includes an adjustable grip and programmable stroking, offering mind-blowing orgasms that you once only dreamed of.

Enjoy repeat performances with unmatched pleasure powered by The Handy’s robust motor and power supply.

Key Features

Let’s take a look at this device’s key features as we delve further into this review…

Cutting Edge Design

Unique to this interactive sex toy is a design never-before-seen. Features high-quality materials and leading-edge technology, this device delivers an impressive feel.


  • 5” (23cm) length
  • 75” (7 cm) diameter

Technology and Features Overview

  • 10 sensors for an enhanced experience

  • 4 Hall effect sensors automatically detect the position of your penis

  • Duel infrared and temperature sensors

  • Lock detect sensor ensures proper position during use

  • Brushless motor offers strong stroking power

  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled for remote use and synching

  • Compatible with VR, smartphones, and videos

Flexible Sleeve

The elastic TrueGrip sleeve mechanism on the Handy allows it to accommodate all penis sizes and shapes.

Users like yourself can adjust this patent-pending technology to fit snugly, loosely, or anywhere in between based on personal preference with each session. To make the sleeve tighter, a velcro band is wrapped around the sleeve part of the device.

A textured surface has been applied to the sleeve to increase stimulation, while its smooth material glides like a well-manicured hand.

When you’re finished and ready to clean up, simply undo the strap, remove the sleeve, and wash the area with soap and warm water in the sink. That’s it. No unique cleansers are required.


Six distinctively textured sleeves from the Handy company’s Dream and Open-ended collections, which offer individualized sensations, are now available for use with this interactive sex toy. Some offer an incredibly lifelike grip while others are stiffer, tighter, or both.

the handy vr masturbator device with manual and charger

Intense (Mind Blowing) Strokes

Other than ‘The Flash’ himself, few devices (or real hands) could match the stroking speed of The Handy, with a top speed of around 10 strokes per second.

But it’s not just about speed. This interactive sex toy can be adjusted to offer stroke lengths between 0-4.3” (or 011cm) at will.

Although we appreciated the vigor and speed this device offers, you have to be careful not to overstimulate it. Some individuals may find that higher speeds are altogether uncomfortable.

To manually vary the speed, you’ll need to maintain one hand on the controls. This can be awkward at times, but manageable with a little practice and patience.

Remotely Controlled

This is a major plus considering that The Handy’s buttons are a bit awkward to navigate when ‘in the moment’. Settings can be further adjusted to emulate a realistic masturbating experience.

In order to remotely control the device, you’ll enter a product key on the website, then connect your device to your smartphone or other devices.

From there you can modify the speed and stroke length using the sliders.

Local Video Player for Unmatched Seamless Sync

The device’s local video player enables you to play and sync virtually any adult video with teledildonic compatibility. This feature alone is well worth the price tag, bringing the entire experience to life.

Amazing VR Experience

The Handy has several porn video partners compatible with the device, offering immersive experiences that transcend the virtual into the real world.

An Active Community for Extra Fun

‘The Handyverse’ community brings together tech, adult entertainment, and XXX gaming enthusiasts together to create hardware, scripts, software, games, and improved controls.

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