Rec Room Virtual Reality Game Review: Dive into the Gaming Realm


Like most people these days, VR users are looking for that experience to really put them in the game. They want variety, action, good people to play with, and multiplayer is very important, it allows the game to never be the same. However, most of all, people want fun.

Allow me to introduce you to Rec Room by Against Gravity, who have taken the multiplayer VR experience to new heights and have made this game so much fun!

Rec Room is a game that consists of extremely competitive mini games, and user rooms that deliver a unique experience to the player, so don’t expect a story line, because there isn’t one, it just consists of hours of unrelenting fun! With these games, you can play with other (real) people in the world, making for an exciting, ever changing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Like most online experiences, you get to create your avatar from a plethora of different character clothes, hair styles, and then you can choose your name. Once your character is created, you can head into the main area where you can decide to go to different rooms and play various games.

rec room vr pirateOne of the best things about Rec Room is that you don’t have to do anything at all, you can just chill, make friends, or just explore. Think of it as a giant chat room where you can decide to do anything you want, within reason of course.

Another amazing feature of Rec Room is, it allows you to cross play with someone who has a Vive, Rift, Windows VR, or a PlayStation 4. You can also choose how you move in the game, if you like smooth locomotion with no comfort at all, you can do it, if you feel sick with the locomotion you can either lower your visibility, or just change to teleport mode.

Most all the games are based around multiplayer.  In my experience there has never been a shortage of people to play with, for any game you choose to play. Against Gravity is also great at updating their games, so you never run out of things to do.rec room vr quest jumbotron

Some of the games in Rec Room are Paintball, which is my personal favorite, Dodgeball, Paddleball, Laser Tag, and Bowling, to name a few. In Paintball, there is nothing quite like it, when you are hunkered down behind a stack of straw, knowing that any second someone can pop around the corner and shoot you in the face with a paintball gun, or throw a grenade from the other side of the map and destroy you in just a couple of seconds. For that reason, when you are playing this game you are going to be active, almost all of the time, so make sure you have space around you, where you can swing your arms, and duck, and dodge bullets coming your way.

There are also missions you can run around with a bow and arrow, or a sword and a shield, and just destroy enemies with none of the gore that you get in more mature games these days. Most enemies will be gone with a puff of smoke, or just crossbones above their head to tell you they got hit. You can play Poker, darts, or you can make your own sandbox room and literally do anything you want to do in there, create a house, game, or anything else, the possibilities are endless.

rec room vr quest crimsoncauldron

The graphics in Rec Room are not as high end as Robo Recall, or The Climb, however the developers have focused their ideas on making this one of the most fun games you will ever play instead of pushing the graphics to the extreme. However, the graphics are not horrible either. The models they use look like basic people with painted on faces, and the hands are like a mitten. Everything looks basic, but you’re not focused on that at all while you are playing because it is so immersive.

The sound in Rec Room is great, they have a music track that will loop around. If that gets too annoying you can turn it off and just have the sound effects. The sound of a shotgun going off (in Paintball or a Battle Royal) when not expecting it will make you jump, and it’s hilarious when it does.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, the gameplay in Rec Room is so amazing. You must experience it to really understand why people like it. Watching a YouTube video is not enough to see why this game takes your VR experience to the next level.

The game will appeal to young and old alike. They have put some impressive options for you to choose what you want to hear and not. They have rec room vr recroyale frontiera regular account for when you want to talk to people, and you can laugh and have fun, you can also mute, block, vote kick, even report people that are making your game not as enjoyable. They also have a Junior account, that doesn’t allow the account holder to hear other people, they also can’t talk to other people. They can’t receive in game text messages, share drawings, or create custom rooms. This is COPPA Certified as being Kid Safe, this way the parent or guardian doesn’t really have much to worry about. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your child when they are playing.

One of the best features of this game, is that it is completely free of charge! With so much to do in this game, you do not have to spend a penny to fully enjoy it. They just added micro transactions where you can pay some real money for tokens, but it is not needed at all.

I suggest that if you have not already downloaded it, or have not played it in a while, get your headset on, get limber, and come meet me for some Paintball… I’ll see you in there soon!


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