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player fighting a skeleton enemy in Bonelab

Bonelab – In-Depth Review (Meta Quest 2)

Bonelab burst onto the Oculus Store and Steam platform back in September 2022. The promotion prior to launch was nonexistent with the creators only announcing the existence of the game a week before releasing the finished product. This was quite a ballsy move and even though the anticipation for the arrival of Bonelab was short-lived, […]

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player shooting robot in robo recall

Robo Recall Modding Guide: Comprehensive Tips and Tutorials

Robo Recall was an Oculus exclusive developed by the juggernaut games studio known as Epic Games … ever heard of them? It was made way back when The Rift was first launched in March 2017. A frenetic shooter with great artistic action set pieces, lovable characters, comic book style coolness, and overall was a shooter […]

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walkabout mini golf vr icy mountains course

Swing into Virtual Fun: VR Mini Golf Adventures Await!

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a virtual reality game that immerses players in a miniature golf course set in the Australian Outback among other locations. The game is developed by Virtual Realms and is available on Steam and the Oculus store for Oculus Rift, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Visuals […]

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black gorilla in a vr forest in the free Gorilla tag game

Gorilla Tag VR

Gorilla Tag VR has taken the virtual reality community by storm! Everyone in the family plays Gorilla Tag VR. Why? Well, that’s simple. Every once in a while, we get a new game that captures people’s attention with its creativity and addictive gameplay. When really successful, the whole world gets caught up in the game’s […]

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half-life alyx levitation vr title on screen

Half-Life Alyx Levitation looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Half-Life Alyx launched back in 2020 for VR and single-handedly changed the VR gaming space forever. Still lauded as one of the greatest VR gaming experiences of all time and considered by many to be an all-round perfect ten out of ten game. Levitation has just been announced as a new gameplay mod that has […]

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A giant spider from the virtual reality game Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR Review – Essential Purchase 2022

SKYRIM VR REVIEW– ESSENTIAL PURCHASE 2022 – Skyrim launched way back in 2011, which now makes me feel incredibly old. Since then, it has been released, re-released, remastered, and evolved into countless reiterations across multiple platforms and across generation after generation of consoles. A much-beloved game that has clearly held high value to consumers over […]

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player shooting a male enemy

These are the Best VR Horror Games for Quest, Quest 2, PSVR, and PCVR!

Heart pounding, chill-inducing, jump out of your seat scary VR horror is here, and we LOVE IT. There’s something about being scared that makes video games even more exhilarating and fun to experience. And in VR, these thrills literally come to life before your own eyes. If you enjoy a good horror-fest, startling scenes, and […]

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garden of the sea title gameplay screen

Garden of the Sea Review — Oculus Quest 2

The VR gaming market is saturated currently with shoot em ups, puzzlers, and even more shoot em ups! That’s not a complaint from me as some of these titles are excellent but it’s nice when something different comes along. Oculus Quest 2’s Garden of the Sea is definitely a very different experience. The best blurb […]

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skyrim collage

25 of The Best SteamVR Games in 2022

The Most Impressive SteamVR Experiences for Vive, Index, and Reverb G2 Sure, both Facebook (Meta) has its store for the Oculus and Rift, and Sony has its own store for the PSVR and PSVR 2, but when it comes to experiencing the full capabilities of VR on the PC, SteamVR reigns supreme. SteamVR titles represent […]

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