How to Sideload games on the Meta Quest 3 using SideQuest

Unlocking a World of Exciting VR Experiences Beyond the Oculus Store


Over 500 games and applications can be found on the Meta Quest 3, making it a popular choice for gamers. However, SideQuest is your entry point to a world of virtual reality content beyond what you’ll find in the Oculus Store. Imagine it as a hidden doorway that leads to a vault full of content that has never been released before.

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to use SideQuest to install apps and games on your Meta Quest 3. After completing this guide, you’ll have access to a wider variety of virtual reality (VR) content than what’s available in the Oculus shop.

Section 1: Getting Started with SideQuest

What is SideQuest?

To install additional software on your Meta Quest 3, you can utilize a third-party app called SideQuest. The term “sideloaded content” is used to describe software and games that are not distributed by Oculus directly. It’s like having a secret passageway within your Meta Quest, giving you access to a whole new dimension of virtual reality adventures.

Why Sideloading Matters

While the Oculus Store does include a lot of great virtual reality material, there are some apps and games that aren’t featured there. These may be unfinished works, pre-releases, or materials that don’t quite pass muster with Oculus. By utilizing sideloading, you can gain access to and take pleasure in this supplemental VR material.

Section 2: The Easy Way – Installing SideQuest

Let’s go into the easy steps for setting up SideQuest on your copy of Meta Quest 3 now.

Step 1: Downloading SideQuest

Visit  on your computer to access the official SideQuest website.

The Easy Installer is highly recommended as it provides helpful training and setup guides upon download.

The Easy Installer helps you get started with SideQuest quickly and easily by streamlining the installation procedure.

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Step 2: Enabling Developer Mode

Developer Mode must be activated before you may sideload anything onto your Meta Quest 3. How? Read on!

  • On your Meta Quest 3, access the Settings menu.

  • In the Settings menu, navigate to the Developer tab.

  • Toggle the Developer Mode switch to enable it.

  • Enabling Developer Mode allows your Meta Quest 3 to accept sideloaded apps and games.

Step 3: Connecting Your Meta Quest 3

  • Connecting your Meta Quest 3 to your computer is the next step.
  • To link your PC to your Meta Quest 3, you’ll need a USB-C cable.
  • This initial setup requires a physical connection, so don’t skip it.

Step 4: Allowing Unknown Sources

It is necessary to enable the installation of programs from unknown sources to use sources other than the Oculus Store.

  • On your Meta Quest 3, navigate to the Settings menu.

  • Find the Privacy section within Settings.

  • There’s an Unknown Sources toggle in the Privacy settings. To enable content from untrusted sources, you must toggle it on.

  • This setting is essential for sideloading apps and games.

Step 5: Navigating to SideQuest

On your Meta Quest 3, open the Oculus Store.

In the top right corner, select Unknown Sources from the dropdown box. By taking this step, downloadable content can be seen from the side.

Step 6: Linking SideQuest to Your Account

On your Meta Quest 3, look for the SideQuest application.

Follow the on-screen prompts to connect the app to your SideQuest account. This is the last step before the setup is complete.

After the connection is made, SideQuest will work perfectly with your headphones. If you run into trouble or forget something during the installation process, the documentation and video guides will help you.

You can now use SideQuest to sideload content into your Meta Quest 3 system. The Easy Installer streamlines the installation procedure, but you can also sideload it. Let’s go the extra mile and learn how to install APKs by hand and other sophisticated techniques.

Section 3: The Hard Way – Alternative Sideloading Methods

The straightforward method outlined previously is accessible to a wide range of users. You can, however, look into other options if you’re technically savvy and keen on having more command over the sideloading procedure. These strategies allow for greater adaptability and individualization.

Manual APK Installation

Alternatively, you can use APK (Android Package) files to manually install apps on your Meta Quest 3. This is how it functions:

Find APK Files:

Find the application package files (APK) you wish to sideload. If you’re a programmer, you may either download these files off the internet or make your own.

Transfer APK Files:

Use the USB cable to link your computer and Meta Quest 3, then copy the APK files from your computer to the device.

sidequest apk installer

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Enable Developer Mode:

The Meta Quest 3 must be put into Developer Mode.

Use ADB Commands:

APK files can be installed with the use of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands. This method allows for more management of the sideloading procedure but does call for some technical know-how.

SideQuest without a PC

Sideloading content onto your Meta Quest 3 with a mobile device is possible even if you don’t have access to a personal computer. This is now feasible thanks to the smartphone software developed by SideQuest. The procedure is as follows:

Get the free SideQuest mobile app now:

Discover the SideQuest app for your Android or iOS device and install it.

Connect to Your Meta Quest 3:

Link your mobile device to your Meta Quest 3 using a USB cord.

Enable Developer Mode:

The Meta Quest 3 must be put into Developer Mode.

Use SideQuest Mobile:

To sideload content from your mobile device, launch the SideQuest app and follow the on-screen instructions. Users who don’t want to use a computer can benefit from this strategy.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some advanced tactics for people who want to get the most out of their sideloading experience:

Custom Mods:

Popular games like Beat Saber can be modded with SideQuest. Mods are user-created additions that can be explored and installed to improve gameplay.

Adjusting VR Settings:

With SideQuest, you have greater control over the functionality of your Meta Quest 3 by adjusting VR variables like refresh rate and texture size.

Connecting to Other Devices:

Connecting your Meta Quest 3 to external devices, such as PS4 or PS5, is easy with SideQuest. Late in 2023, for instance, we anticipate complete GamePass compatibility between XBox and Meta, allowing you to enjoy all of your fantastic XBox games on a more expansive virtual screen.

If you want to get the most out of your virtual reality experience, you should make use of these more sophisticated tools and techniques.

You may expand the capabilities of your Meta Quest 3 and discover a world of VR entertainment beyond the Oculus Store by downloading SideQuest. Whether you opt for the tried-and-true or explore uncharted territory, sideloading provides additional functionality for your VR headset.

Section 4: Sideload Games and Apps with SideQuest

You can now go out and discover some truly amazing games and apps for your Meta Quest 3 thanks to SideQuest. Let’s go over the steps:

Finding Games and Apps

sideqest games and apps

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Launch the Meta Quest 3 SideQuest app. This is your entry point to a vast virtual reality media library.

Check out SideQuest’s huge selection of games and apps. There are paid and unpaid choices, as well as beta versions and research initiatives.

How to Sideload Games

Sideloading allows you to install apps and games on your Meta Quest 3 from a computer.

To start the download, select “Download App” from the menu. You may be prompted to allow SideQuest to install programs from unknown sources throughout the installation.

Once the download is complete, click “Install” to install the game or app on your Meta Quest 3.

Have fun with the media that you just sideloaded. Start up the VR game or app and prepare to be swept away by virtual reality.

Modding and Customization

You can do more than just sideload games with SideQuest. It’s the place to go to get your virtual reality hacked to your liking.

Here are some ways you can take your Meta Quest 3 to the next level:

Mod Beat Saber: Beat Saber is a well-liked virtual reality game that can be customized using SideQuest. To increase the fun of the game, you can personalize it with your own sabers, music, and other features.

Adjust Refresh Rate: Adjusting your headset’s refresh rate can improve both performance and visual quality.

Modify Texture Size: Find the sweet spot between performance and visual quality by adjusting texture sizes.

Connect to Other Devices: You can broaden your gaming options by linking your Meta Quest 3 to other systems, such as the PS4 and PS5. This is made possible through SideQuest.

Expanding the scope of what may be done in virtual reality is the ability to sideload content and make adjustments. Creating a personalized virtual reality experience goes beyond merely playing games.

Section 5: Troubleshooting and FAQs

Problems arise in the course of any technical procedure. Here are some of the most often reported problems with SideQuest’s sideloading and how to fix them:

Common Issues and Solutions

If you’re having trouble connecting your Meta Quest 3 to a computer or mobile device, make sure the USB cable is in good shape. Make sure that your Meta Quest 3 is set to Developer Mode, too.

App Installation Failures: Possible causes of an unsuccessful app installation include incompatibility with the device or a damaged APK file. Verify that the program runs well on the software installed on your Meta Quest 3.

Stuck in a Boot Loop: After sideloading, users occasionally see a boot loop. Resetting your Meta Quest 3 to factory settings should fix the problem. Take note that doing so would permanently delete all data from your device, so make sure you have a backup of anything you consider essential before proceeding.

Sideloading Errors: The SideQuest community and forums are a good place to look for answers if you run into problems with the sideloading process while using SideQuest. Users frequently report issues and offer suggestions for fixing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

meta quest 3 vr headset and controllers display

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Is Sideloading Legal?

The act of sideloading is perfectly lawful. The maker of your Meta Quest 3 permitted you to install software like games and apps.

Does Sideloading Void Warranty?

Doing so will not invalidate your warranty. To a certain extent, Meta (previously Oculus) approves of sideloading.

Is It Safe to Sideload Apps on My Meta Quest 3?

When done properly and through reliable channels like SideQuest, sideloading is perfectly safe. There is some risk involved, though, when obtaining files from sources you don’t know anything about. Use only trusted services and exercise caution while sideloading content.

What Types of Content Can I Sideload Besides Games and Apps?

Sideloaded content goes beyond games and apps, and includes things like 360-degree films, educational experiences, virtual cinemas, simulations, and utilities. A wide variety of sideloadable content is available on SideQuest.

Can I Sideload Content Without a PC?

The SideQuest smartphone app allows you to transfer data to your Meta Quest 3 without the need for a personal computer. In place of the more conventional PC-based sideloading method, our mobile option enables you to connect your VR headset to your smartphone and install material instantly.

Does Sideloading Void My Warranty?

Your Meta Quest 3’s warranty will not be voided by sideloading. Meta encourages proper sideloading, and your warranty will be unaffected as long as you don’t break any rules or interfere with the hardware. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I Uninstall Sideloaded Apps and Games?

The Meta Quest 3 does allow the removal of any downloaded third-party software. To do this, head to your virtual reality headset’s settings, select “application management,” and delete the unwanted stuff there.

Are Paid Apps on SideQuest Free to Download?

No, you still have to pay for the SideQuest apps that cost money. Remember that sideloading a purchased software does not make it free, and always buy apps from the official app store to show proper respect for the developers and their hard work. You can’t get around minimum order requirements by sideloading.

Can I Sideload Paid Apps for Free?

False, it is unlawful and immoral to sideload paid programs without paying for them. Never steal or copy code without permission.

Is My Meta Quest 3 at Risk from Sideloading?

Sideloading is risk-free if done properly. Use caution when downloading files from the internet and stick to reputable sites like SideQuest.

You can have a more successful sideloading experience with SideQuest if you take care of these typical problems and learn the answers to the most important frequently asked questions.

Section 6: Exploring Beyond Games

The choices for your Meta Quest 3 are practically unlimited because of the sideloaded content and customization options. Let’s have a look at some fascinating options outside of gaming:

Customizing Your VR Experience

Better Visuals: Fine-tune your texture sizes and refresh rates for a more satisfying VR experience with improved visuals.

Custom Mods: You can add your music, sabers, and other customizations to virtual reality games like Beat Saber. These enhancements give your game a whole new feel.

Social VR: Learn more about virtual reality (VR) social platforms and how you may make new acquaintances online.

Virtual Cinemas: Virtual reality theaters bring you inside the action of your favorite films and shows.

Educational Content: To learn about and experiment with new fields of study in virtual reality, simply sideload relevant educational apps and activities.

Unlocking VR Potential

Wireless Play: You may get away from the cords and enjoy more mobility with certain apps and games that support wireless play.

Multiplayer VR: Experience virtual reality with friends or random players from all around the world.

360-Degree Content: Immerse yourself in new landscapes and adventures with 360-degree videos and experiences.

VR Fitness: Use virtual reality (VR) fitness applications or games to motivate you to work out.

Simulations: Try out virtual versions of common actions like flying, driving, and exploring.

When it comes to sideloading and personalizing your virtual reality experience, the sky’s the limit. By delving into these possibilities, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Meta Quest 3 and enjoy a wide variety of non-gaming material.

Section 7: Conclusion

In conclusion, utilizing SideQuest to sideload apps and games onto your Meta Quest 3 is a potent way to gain access to a wide variety of intriguing VR experiences beyond what is available in the Oculus Store. Whether you opt for the tried-and-true or explore uncharted territory, sideloading provides additional functionality for your VR headset.

Keep in mind that developers need to be respected while you explore the sideloading world. Sharing your mods, findings, and experiences with the VR community is a great way to help out. Doing so helps the virtual reality industry expand.

The virtual reality experience is just getting started for you. With SideQuest, you can access the full capabilities of your Meta Quest 3 and venture into a virtual reality world with no limits.

So, take that first step through SideQuest’s hidden passageway and explore the wealth of virtual reality media waiting for you inside. The time has come to begin your journey into uncharted dimensions with Meta Quest 3.

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