Best SideQuest Games and Apps for Oculus Quest 2

As amazing as the Oculus Store is for reasonably priced content and an ever-expanding library of games, we always want more! Betas and pre-launch games, early access games, and simply fully finished games can sometimes be left waiting for approval for many months. The good news for those who are hungry for more is that a lot of content is added to AppLab and can be added to your Quest 2 library using SideQuest.

AppLab is a platform for all kinds of games in different stages of completion and quality. It includes experimental titles, features and user-created content too. Some of these titles are amazing and are just waiting for an official launch on the main Oculus store. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best SideQuest titles and apps you can pick up today. No need to do any heavy lifting, we’ve got you covered!

Before we get into our list though, you need to be familiar with sideloading. AppLab content isn’t pick up and play, it does need to be manually sideloaded to your headset. This process is relatively painless and as long as you follow our amazing step-by-step guide, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes! Here is the link to our  Oculus Quest 2 Sideloading Guide.

You see, we’ve thought of everything! So with that out of the way, let’s check out the best titles available on SideQuest. As always, the list is personal opinion and subjective. Don’t be upset if your own favorite’s don’t make it in the list. Let’s get into it!

1. We Are One Beta

A brilliant SideQuest beta worth checking out while it’s still free. Available currently through AppLab but will no doubt be getting an official launch soon on the Oculus store, We Are One is a strange time-based puzzle shooter. The idea sounds confusing but in practice, this makes for an incredibly fun puzzler. You travel in time loops and have the ability to make clones of yourself. It sounds difficult to grasp, but after five minutes of gameplay it just clicks and allows for some very creative problem solving situations.

Shooting your gun and throwing it so that your clone catches it just in time to survive is oddly satisfying when you manage to pull it off in one smooth motion. Every action you perform within each time loop gets copied and mimicked by your clones which means you need to plan your attack and use cooperation with yourself to get through each level! A mind bender indeed but deeply gratifying when it works.

The graphics are unusual here with a very unique art style. Lots of greens and whites are on display as each scene looks hand drawn and characters/creatures have that cell-shaded look that has become timeless. The overall look is like a coloring book that hasn’t been completed but it’s actually quite impressive. Very funky to look at. Nothing too taxing visually but impressive nonetheless.

You’ll find yourself ducking, shooting, dodging, reloading, and throwing guns with precision within no time, and even when it all goes badly wrong, you’ll still be grinning wildly. The gameplay is just so much fun and really addictive and mastering each level is very satisfying even after repeat playthroughs.

The gameplay and realistic physics make this truly a one-of-a-kind experience and even though the game is still a work in progress, there is plenty of content here to enjoy. Story wise, you are like a mother earth figure protecting the planet from invasion, which leads to most of the visuals taking on this poison ivy vine like garden aesthetic which is kind of cool. There are also talks of a level editor coming soon which could add endless gameplay hours for the more creative players out there. Definitely worth your time and well worth checking out while still in beta. Oh, and did I mention it’s free!! So you’ve nothing to lose!

Go protect Mother Earth here.

2. Gorilla Tag

This is incredibly popular with a huge multiplayer player base. Launched already officially on Steam, it has taken the VR gaming world by storm. It’s basically the game ‘tag’ from your childhood, but it’s so ridiculously addictive. It’s multiplayer online where you all play in a wooded playground area, and yes … you are Gorillas. One person is ‘It’ and once they touch someone, they also become ‘It’ the more players touched, the harder it becomes for the untagged players to escape being caught within the time limit. So simple and yet so much fun!

The real genius behind the game is how the movement is controlled. Frantic swinging of your arms can lead to true moments of hilarity but once you get used to traversal, you’ll be shimmying up trees like your Ezio from Assassins Creed and taking huge leaps from branch to the platform to the ground just to escape your pursuers. Tricky to master but so enjoyable even if you’re not the best at it. It’s the online element too that will keep you coming back for more.

Chatting with your friends as you’re being chased is just smile-inducing and online lobbies are always active so even if you’re mates aren’t online … you have no trouble finding a game. Graphics are very basic but that is irrelevant as this is all about the game play. There is some progression too and unique skins and assets can be unlocked the more you play and win. It’s nice to add that competitive nature to the game, which will keep you coming back for more. Best of all, as mentioned at the start … this is another free-to-play title so zero investment is needed on your part. Good crazy frantic fun lies ahead! Here are more details from the Meta Quest page to check out.

3. Crisis Vrigade 2

Gone are the cutesy graphics of the original (seriously it looked like something straight of Robloxs) and replaced with more realistic visuals which helps elevate this addictive shooter. Anyone who has ever played time crisis in the arcade will thoroughly enjoy this first person on rails shooter. You play as a cop or more accurately a combat shooting killing machine! The levels are on rails but there are alternate paths and multiple choices for cover spots etc to choose from as you’re playing.

The guns look, feel, and sound realistic and there are a variety of power-ups you can shoot as you play to heighten the game play experience. The inclusion of power-ups adds to the arcade-like feeling of the game. It will definitely bring you back to your arcade playing days if you’re old enough to remember what an arcade is! VR adds new levels of interaction and immersion though that the arcades can’t come close to.

Being able to physically move your body to hide behind cover and peek out is awesome. When you’re under heavy fire in the game, you really feel the pressure and intensity and may find yourself squirming to try and make your body smaller. Add to that the physicality of pulling guns from your holster, firing and reloading clips with your hands and it’s clear that we’ve surpassed the classics that came before it. VirtuaCop, House of the Dead, Time Crisis, and even Mad Dog MacCree are all classics in their own right.

It feels like the developers SumaLab honed in on these classics and paid the ultimate homage to all of them with this nifty first-person perspective shooter. The in-game challenge is quite difficult and aiming accuracy is a must but the settings are also adjustable so you can lower to allow a more relaxed gaming experience. There are also comfort options for adjusting blinkers and movement, which cater to all types of VR users.

There are plenty of scenarios, weapon variety, unlockable skins, and even boss battles to bolster the already impressive content. This means you’ll get lots of length and replayability out of this amazing title. Also, this is a great party game to load up as the nostalgia combined with the frantic gunplay can lead to some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments. There is even a co-op mode so there’s no reason why you and a buddy can’t have a blast pretending to be the best elite swat team on the planet! Reasonably priced too this one should not be missed. Check out our link to the Oculus page for the game here.

4. Windlands VR

Windlands VR is quite a dated title at this stage and you may have played it before or at least heard about it. It was released on PSVR and PCVR back in 2016. Even though it’s now considered ancient by modern standards, it has matured like a fine wine. The game play itself is a cross between swinging mechanics and parkour. Think Batman’s grappling hooks combined with Mirror’s Edge and you’re some ways close to understanding how the game plays out.

The graphics are cartoonish and basic with few textures however it is still beautiful to look at. Exploring these floating ancient cities high above the clouds has an air of mysticism. The game moves as fast as you do, meaning there are plenty of opportunities just to stop and take in the scenery although this may halt your progress.

The sense of height and fast motion isn’t for everyone. You need a strong stomach and some nerves of steel if you are going to attempt to traverse these levels. The more your move forward the faster you pick up speed and some sections of each level require you to gather more and more momentum to cross large gaps. It isn’t always possible to stop on a section because starting your swings from a standing still position won’t allow enough inertia to carry you forward. Sounds more complicated than it really is though.

Replaying levels will allow you to master traversal and have you breezing along like your Spiderman with a death wish! Beyond the traversal and exploration, there isn’t much else on offer here. There is a timed mode where you try to beat your fastest time but again, this doesn’t really add anything new to the game play. An enjoyable traversal simulation if a little one note. Not for everyone but still a very decent experience.

If you’d like to swing on a star, check it out here.

5. Simple Planes VR

Let’s be honest here, the range of flight simulator games available on the Oculus Quest 2 is extremely short. In fact, not only can I count them on one hand, I can pretty much count them on two fingers. Enter Simple Planes VR. This simulator really helps to fill a hole in the genre. Graphically it is on a par with Ultrawings and the amount of content on offer for a very small purchase price is incredibly reasonable.

The reason for a large amount of content is the fact that this game began its life as a PC and mobile flatscreen title. The developers Jundroo LLC have over the last few years released updates and added more and more content before ported it over to virtual reality. It has a well-established loyal fan base and also a huge community of content creators who tinker and design crafts.

Though there is no creator mode available in this VR version, all created content made on PC or even through the mobile app is available to download in game. This means there is a near endless amount of new creations for you to experience when you dive into this title. The controls are refined and intuitive. There are different comfort mode settings also to allow for the more casual newbies out there.

The one-to-one immersion you get when sitting on your couch is suddenly transformed to sitting inside the cockpit of a plane is stunning. Flight sims are the perfect crossover game to be enjoyed in VR. Getting to grips with the controls and toying with flipping switches, pushing buttons, and pulling levers is both tactile and satisfying to do. You simply can’t get the same experience from a flatscreen non VR title. Soaring through the skies and getting a real sense of height with a tinge of vertigo for good measure is a thrilling experience.

As mentioned, there are a small few titles already available on the Quest 2 but this is the best at offering bang for your bucks in my opinion. So if you enjoy flying, you’ll have an endless supply of different crafts to choose from ranging from B-52s, hovercrafts, helicopters, and even weaponized wheelchairs! Yes, you read that right! The amount of fun is endless.

If you’re more into your own creations, then you can play with the workshop on Pc or mobile, upload your saved creation to their website and then later test it out in VR. What’s not to love! An amazing flight simulator with an infinite amount of content at an incredibly small price. Absolutely essential purchase for any propellor heads out there!

Check out Simple Planes VR here.

6. Baby Hands

One for the younger generation now or for those of us that are maybe young at heart. Baby hands is being developed by Chicken Waffle (great name!) and is basically a tongue-in-cheek baby simulator. You play as a small child wreaking havoc with every move you make. The emphasis here is on fun and there is a healthy sense of humor added into the mix. Children of all ages will love this title as they get to explore their rebellious side in a fun sandbox environment.

Best of all, instead of wrecking your own home, they’re just ruining one in virtual reality! The graphics are cartoonish and crisp. Very colorful and visually impressive. I found it reminded me most of Toy Story and Rugrats, sort of a mix between the two worlds. This 90’s themed sandbox game offers puzzles, mini games, toys, and hundreds of creative interactions.

The main objective of the game though is just to make a mess and have some fun. Go shove things in the VCR, smash a few plates in the kitchen, get target practice with your toy bow, break out of your playpen, play catch, search for clues with your magnifying glass, or even just flood the bathroom.

Everything is viewed from the eye line and perspective of a baby and it can just be fun to roam around and do very little. The game isn’t 100% polished and you may encounter some glitches and crashes from time to time while playing but for the most part this is a hilariously fun gaming experience.

Younger kids will get countless hours of entertainment out of it. Older kids might find the content leads to a shorter gaming experience and it might not hold their attention as long. That said, this is still a wonderful title and deserves a high recommendation for anyone with kids. It’ll keep them distracted and entertained and also won’t break the bank. Let’s face it too after the kids go to bed, you’re going to pop on the headset and give it a try for yourself. Trust me too, you will most likely have a blast. So go relive your misspent youth with Baby Hands!

Go see what Baby Hands has to offer here.

7. Crazy Kung Fu VR

I know Kung Fu! Actually, to be more accurate, I know how to dodge, punch and block my way to a healthier life. Crazy Kung Fu VR sees you working up a sweat while you tackle a spinning training post that as far as I’m concerned, is out to kill you! The game is a combination of rhythm, exercises, and movement. The spinning post has different paddles attached that spin towards you. You either punch the punch pads, dodge the swords and block the pikes. Sounds simple but the post will change heights and directions and up the tempo to keep you on your toes.

As you’ve probably already worked out, this is a clever exercise app disguised as a game and it works brilliantly. Climbing through the levels and progressing through harder difficulties is addictive. All the while, you’re getting a great cardio workout and limbering up long-forgotten muscles and body parts. The difficulty scales so lower levels are ideal if your fitness level isn’t quite there yet and it’s great to gradually progress as you’ll feel the health benefits also.

Just remember not to push yourself too hard as you may feel a little stiff after a decent gaming session. The graphics are quite basic but suit the game as your focus is solely on the spinning post of death and the peripherals don’t really matter. That said, there are a few different environment choices that unlock the more you play through so pick the one you like the best. Sound design is spot on here and you get satisfying thumps and thuds when landing your blows. Sound is also essential for timing as you progress so I would suggest keeping the volume up high for this one.

A breakdown of your score and percentages of hits and misses is shared at the end of each level which may appeal to those competitive people looking to 100% each level or beat a high score. This game will keep you coming back for more and at the same time, provide an excellent workout to make you feel good about yourself. Well worth checking out.

See more about Crazy Kung Fu VR here.

There you have it, a varied list of truly excellent titles for you to peruse! Plenty of entertainment and high quality experiences for all. With a few simple steps, you’ll be Side Questing in no time! Hope you enjoyed our list and keep your eyes here for all your future Vr content!

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