The Best PS4 VR Games in 2022 – All the PSVR Games You Have to Try

Best PS4 VR Games for 2022

*Some titles also available on the PS5.

It’s the latest step in modern gaming: virtual reality (VR).

And when it comes to VR video games, the only console in town is PlayStation VR. With PS4 VR games you can immerse yourself in whole new worlds where YOU can be the hero or villain.

PSVR (PlayStation VR) is the first console to make high-quality VR games for the PS4 accessible for the masses.

Its growing library of PS4 video games ranges from first-party exclusives such as Farpoint, to world-bending exploration titles such as No Man’s Sky and Skyrim VR.

Full Immersion Gaming with the Best VR Games for the PS4

Full immersion gaming lets you experience things closer than even the most detailed first-person view can offer.  Through a headset and optional hand controls, such as Move or Aim Controllers, virtual reality lets you experience the game as your character, rather than just through a flat-screen.

But aside from the hardware, gamers find themselves needing to choose from a large library of PlayStation VR Games from both major brands and indie designers. So where does one even start?
That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular PSVR games for you to browse—let’s see what strikes your fancy, shall we?

A Review of the Best PSVR Games

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission


astro bot riding a joystick controller in a garden of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission game

Photo from Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Press Kit

Developer: Japan Studio, Asobi Team
Controllers: Dualshock 4
Astro Bot: Rescue mission brings the classic platformer to VR—with several twists to play to the immersion. Every level is woven around the player, and the designers used the scale of the landscape to their advantage. This wasn’t rated one of the best PSVR games of 2018 as a fluke; it easily compares to Super Mario 3D World.

You’ll find yourself running a series of courses, but make sure you take time to explore for secrets on your way to the finish line. Ziplines and Shuriken only add to the fun.

Gran Turismo: Sport


gran turismo cars racing in land

Photo from Gran Turismo: Sport Press Kit

Experience the exhilaration of PS4’s best racing simulator video game … now in VR! One of our favorite VR games is back, winning the hearts of gearheads around the world. Of all the VR games out there, none comes close to putting you in the driver’s seat of high-spec cars you can whip around the track and put the competition in the rearview.



battlezone military tank firing

Photo from Battlezone Press Kit

Genre: Arcade
Developer: Rebellion
Controllers: Dualshock 4
Classic gamers may recognize this 1980’s Atari classic, offering a blast from your past in a whole new format with PlayStation VR. Often considered the first VR game, Battlezone is what happens when Tron meets World of Tanks. With both solo and online options, Battlezone offers a variety of gameplay alongside striking neon graphics reminiscent of 80s sci-fi. Strap into your personal Cobra tank and prepare for intense combat and monumental scale. Environments, enemies, missions, and solo vs co-op make for almost limitless campaigns that offer truly unique virtual reality experiences.

Batman: Arkham VR


hand reaching out to batman arkham costume

Photo from Batman: Arkham VR Press Kit

Bring Arkham to live in this blockbuster title featuring one of DC’s finest heroes: Batman. Get up close and personal with Gotham’s infamous villains. Unravel Joker, Killer Croc, and Penguin’s sinister plans, thwarting disaster and saving Gotham. One downside, this game isn’t combat-based, but rather puts your mind to the test, figuring out puzzles and solving mysteries, and overcoming challenges with the use of Batman’s famed grapple gun, sharp wit, and forensic scanner.

Beat Saber


beat saber lightsaber hitting beats

Photo from Beat Saber Press Kit

Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Beat Studios
Controllers: Two Move Controllers
What would happen if you took Fruit Ninja, Star Wars, and Guitar Hero and then smashed all three together? Welcome to the Rhythm electro-slasher sensation Beat Saber! Gamers and Gaming Sites agree; Beat Saber is one of the best things to come to VR. Take control of two glowing sabers to slash through objects and match the beat. Talk about your cardio! Dodge around any Dissonance and bring out the best of each hand-crafted masterpiece alongside vibrant, futuristic graphics.

Trover Saves the Universe


trover saves the universe world with trees and rock mountains

Photo from Trover Saves the Universe Press Kit

Coming from the fan-favorite co-writer behind none other than Rick and Morty, is Trover Saves the Universe. This dreamlike VR video game puts you in the shoes of the main character who has had his dogs stolen and placed in a massive bird’s eye sockets. If that wasn’t weird enough for you, sci-fi fans, Trover himself sports a pair of faces for eyes and isn’t exactly happy about having to help you out. This odd game will leave you entertained, bedazzled and is sure to trigger a few laughing fits along the way.

Blood & Truth


player shooting a bald man with two guns in blood & truth game

Photo from Blood & Truth Press Kit

Genre: First-person Shooter, solo
Developer: Sony London Studio
Controllers: Dualshock Compatible; Two Move recommended
PSVR has something for everyone, that includes the First-Person, Solo-Player, Shoot’em up fans. Players star as elite soldier Ryan Marks as he takes on the crime-ridden London underworld to save his family. Epic gun-play, drone piloting, rappelling, even parachuting all come into play in this blockbuster-worthy shooter. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be the action hero, now is your chance to find out. Anyone who played the London Heist demo got a taste, and Sony London took that taste and turned it into an entire feast.

Arizona Sunshine


gun pointing at a cowboy zombie in arizona sunshine game

Photo from Arizona Sunshine Press Kit

Developer: Vertigo Games
No list of the best VR video games for PlayStation would be complete without the infamous Arizona Sunshine. Uniquely melding humor with horror, this game tosses players into a desert landscape overrun with bloodthirsty, brain-hungry zombies! Using a myriad of weapons, you find along the way, you’ll battle the hordes and save as many humans as you can. With co-op and multi-player modes you and your friends can team up to see what you’re made of.

Borderlands 2 VR


player shooting huge monster with guns in borderlands 2 vr game

Photo from Borderlands 2 VR Press Kit

Genre: Looter Shooter
Developer: Gearbox
Controllers: Dualshock 4; Move controllers and Aim controllers supported
Dystopian practically-post-apocalyptic setting meets general hilarity. That’s right; the badasses of Pandora are back—this time in full VR. Play as Maya, Axton, Salvador, or Zero to blast your way through hordes of bandits and monsters all in the name of finding the Vault and defeating Handsome Jack.
Gamers expressed concern with the vibrant, fast-paced looter shooter being ported to VR, but Gearbox has blown critics out of the water with how smoothly they transitioned into the new format. This title promises hours of gameplay, with difficulty tiers and multiple characters to play through, let alone the end game content. Welcome to Pandora. Buckle up, Slab.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files


player drinking with two men in l.a. noire the vr case files game

Photo from L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Press Kit

Developer: Rockstar Games
Controllers: requires the Move controller
This odd-sounding VR adaptation puts you in the detective’s shoes, collecting evidence, taking case notes, and hustling the bad guys on the streets and rooftops of the city. Challenge your mental acumen with engaging and tricky puzzles and lock up criminals in this surprisingly fun essential. Worth noting is the game lasts around 10 hours. Pretty solid for VR.



player shooting large spiders with gun in farpoint game

Photo from Farpoint Press Kit

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: SIEA/Impulse gear
Controllers: Aim
Speaking of immersion, it doesn’t get much better than using the rifle-shaped Aim controller to really delve inside a shooter game—and Farpoint is the perfect shooter to try it out. In fact, Farpoint is the perfect shooter for PSVR acclimation, avoiding many of the reported early pitfalls like nausea or motion sickness. Solo mode offers a solid 6-7 hours of gameplay, whereas PS Plus enables online co-op for infinitely more glory. Fight your way through alien landscapes, duck and dodge to hide behind cover, and master a variety of weapons to blast away the opposition.

I Expect You to Die


player shooting dollar bills with gun in i expect you to die game

Photo from I Expect You to Die Press Kit

Genre: Action
Developer: Schell Games
Controller: Dualshock works, Move recommended
Fans of classic double-o spy films and escape rooms have found their VR calling. I Expect You to Die is a puzzle-based challenge that puts you in the shoes of a highly-trained special agent who must defuse several sticky situations—without leaving your seat. You do have the benefit of telekinetic abilities, and the Move controls open up a whole new layer of interaction with your surroundings. Defuse bombs, stop room flooding, and more to prove your worth.

Iron Man VR


iron man vr hands reaching out in the sky

Photo from Iron Man VR Press Kit

Genre: Adventure/Shooter
Developer: Camouflaj
Controllers: Move
Let’s be honest, here. Who hasn’t fantasized about stepping into that red and gold armor? About being millionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark—and did we mention Avenger? Now, PSVR delivers the experience. Iron Man VR would be exciting enough with just the combat arenas and the control scheme for flying and shooting, but the developers took this game one step further with an enticing storyline. Spin on the spot, shoot and fly in any direction and more in this epic plotline.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


keep talking and nobody explodes time bomb

Photo from Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Press Kit

Genre: Co-op Puzzle
Developer: Steel Crate Games
Controllers: Dualshock
Test your ability to stay calm and trust your friends with this asynchronous puzzle game. One player wears the headset and is presented with an explosive device that increases in complexity as you progress through the levels. Player two uses the regular screen to read through and decode the instructions to help Player One defuse the bomb. Simple in explanation, surprisingly fun in execution. This game is a great introduction to the system and an exercise in teamwork and puzzle-solving.



quill standing near a closed door at the end of stairs in moss vr

Photo from Moss VR Press Kit

Genre: Platform
Developer: Polyarc
Controller: Dualshock
If you’re looking for a whimsical adventure with an adorable protagonist, look no further than Moss. In this platformer, the player takes on an active role as a guardian or helper for little Quill while experiencing the world from her perspective—that of a small grass mouse. Moss is one of the first successful VR platformers; the developers did a great job capturing the functionality of the classic controller with the immersion of VR, allowing for a smooth, fanciful adventure that’s fun for the whole family.

No Man’s Sky VR


three alien vehicles in the sky in no man’s sky vr game

Photo from No Man’s Sky VR Press Kit

Genre: Survival
Developer: Hello Games
Controllers: Dualshock or Move
When No Man’s Sky first announced their foray into VR, most fans expected an addendum to the slow-rising star. What they got was the game in its entirety, the almost limitless universe and their fingertips in full VR glory. The controls have been adapted as well, letting players choose between the familiar Dualshock or introduce a Move controller for a new level of realism with the ship’s throttle. Like the original game, No Man’s Sky VR wasn’t without its share of technical hiccups leading to launch, but Hello Games has delivered an incredible experience.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


person preparing to shoot a gun in resident evil 7 biohazard

Photo from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Press Kit

Genre: First-Person Survival horror
Developer: Capcom
Controllers: Dualshock
That’s right: Capcom soft-rebooted RE7 for VR. Not for the faint of heart, Resident Evil 7 brings a whole new level to zombie survival thrills and chills. 18-hours of terrifying gameplay await the courageous and strong-stomached among us. One can easily overlook a few sacrifices with the graphics of Resident Evil 7 when considering the immersion and totality of the VR experience as a whole. Tense, yet well-paced, this PlayStation VR game lets you experience heart-pounding terror on a whole new level.

SuperHot VR


gun shooting red enemies in superhot vr

Photo from SuperHot Press Kit

Genre: Time-bending Puzzle Shooter
Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Controllers: Move
If you’ve ever wondered how it felt when Neo saw time slow around him to dodge Agent Smith’s bullets, then SUPERHOT is the perfect VR game for you. Similar to RE7 and No Man’s Sky, SUPERHOT has been completely integrated into the VR experience—but it goes beyond the other two and completely flips the gameplay. The non-VR version of SUPERHOT was popular in its own right, but switching the game up to immerse your entire movement adds a whole new state of excellence. For the uninitiated, Time in SUPERHOT only moves when you do. You are constantly dropped in precarious situations and must use your wits and time-bending to puzzle out an escape.

Tetris Effect


tetris screen in the middle of winter in the forest in tetris effect

Photo from Tetris Effect Press Kit

Genre: Arcade, Strategy
Developer: Monstars and Resonair
Controllers: Dualshock
C’mon: it’s Tetris! What more do we need to say? Ok, ok, it’s Tetris in a way you’ve never seen it before. Hypnotic and enchanting, it’s as much an immersive music video as a classic strategy tile-matching puzzler. The concept sounds simple enough, but it’s all about the experience—you have to play it for yourself to fully understand why so many gamers and critics are raving about this almost-psychedelic experience.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR


sword attacing a large spider monster in Skyrim VR

Photo from Skyrim VR Press Kit

Genre: Open-World Fantasy
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Controllers: Dualshock or Move
“Hey, you. You’re finally awake.” Well, Bethesda had an easier time than the Dovah-Kiin when it comes to crossing borders: in this case, into the realm of VR. Fans of the epic fantasy series The Elder Scrolls are long familiar with the trials of the Dovah-Kiin, starting with the familiar black screen and awaking in the wagon alongside Lokir and the Stormcloaks. Now, you can experience the entire Skyrim adventure in full VR. Players have their choice of the familiar Dualshock or the new and fascinating Move control system as they discover their destiny as the Dragonborn.

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A Growing Library of VR Video Games for PS4

This list just scratches the surface of the ever-expanding library of VR titles available on PSVR.
From newbies to veteran gamers, these VR games represent what we feel are the perfect addition to any line-up.
Find your genre, find your controllers, and game on. An expansive library of games with hours of content awaits. What path will you choose?

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