KIWI Design Battery Head Strap Review: Power Up Your Quest 2 VR Adventure

A Gateway to Enhanced VR Adventures

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As serious VR fanatics, we’re always looking for new and improved ways to enjoy the medium. With its promise of greater comfort, longer playtime, and careful design, the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap for Quest 2 immediately caught our attention. After extensive use, we can honestly say that this add-on improves the fun factor of your Quest 2 adventures. Let’s dive in and see why.

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Comfort and Design: A Revolution in Ergonomics

The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap addresses one of the most widespread problems with virtual reality headsets—front-heaviness—by focusing on the most fundamental factor of comfort. The KIWI Design team has come up with a clever solution to this problem by carefully positioning the battery and adjusting the headset’s center of gravity. The result is superior head support and balanced body weight distribution. The comfort strap’s padding is not only broadened and thickened to provide support but also to relieve pressure in the event of prolonged use. Putting on this head strap is like putting on a cloud; the difference in comfort is dramatic.

The Quest 2’s overall design is elevated by the thoughtful incorporation of the head strap. The headset’s precision-engineered hinge, which allows for a maximum flip of 52 degrees, makes it possible to check your surroundings without taking it off your head. Those who need to wear glasses will appreciate this convenience very much.

Battery Life: Power Up Your Playtime

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The included 6400mAh battery is the most notable feature of this gadget. It’s not simply an issue of convenience; this will drastically increase your playtime. This battery will provide you an extra 2.5-5 hours of gameplay time, depending on the power requirements of the games or programs you use. This battery’s portability is invaluable to users like us who enjoy long periods spent in virtual reality. The charging process is simplified, and cable clutter is eliminated because the head strap and headset can be charged at the same time via a single connection.

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Out of the Box Setup: Effortless and Intuitive

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When you first get your hands on a KIWI Design Battery Head Strap, setting it up will feel natural. Everything you need, from the strap to the back foam pad to the user instructions to the cleaning cloth to the cable management clip, is included in the package. The strap’s adjustable hinge makes for a snug fit on your Quest 2, and attachment is a breeze. To get the most out of your headset, check that the battery cord is securely attached where you may hear a click. You can confirm visually if the battery is properly connected thanks to the indication lights.

Pro Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your KIWI Design Battery Head Strap

Here are some insider suggestions to keep in mind as you set out on your adventure with the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap for Quest 2:

Customize the Fit: Use the strap and dial to find the perfect setting for a snug but comfortable fit. The right fit not only improves comfort but also reduces unwanted motion when the going gets tough.

Firmware Updates: Keep your Quest 2’s firmware up to date in case you have trouble charging it. If you’re having charging issues, make sure you’re using version V49 or later.

Cleaning Routine: High-quality PU leather may be removed from the top strap pad and the head cushion for easy cleaning. This method not only keeps the attachment clean but also helps it last longer.

Check Battery Connection: Make sure the battery wire is firmly inserted into the headset until you hear a click, which indicates a solid connection. A proper connection can be visually verified by the battery’s indicator lights.

Explore Airlink & Virtual Desktop: Use the extra runtime to its maximum potential by experimenting with wireless PC VR streaming using programs like Virtual Desktop and AirLink. With these programs, you can watch VR videos without being tethered to your computer.

Balance Counterweight: If you find that your headset shifts around as you turn your head quickly, it may be necessary to tighten the straps to counteract the added weight in the back.

Regular Comfort Breaks: Make the Most of Rest Periods. Use the hinge on your headset to flip it up when you need a break, a conversation, or even a drink. This makes using virtual reality that much easier.

Power Management: If you aren’t going to use your Quest 2 headset for a while, turn it off completely instead of leaving it in sleep mode to save power.

Carry Cases: Although the head strap may prevent the headset from fitting into a regular carrying case, you can look into other solutions if you need to bring it around with you all the time. Check out a suitable carry case option here.

Incorporate new Accessories: Although the head strap improves comfort and gameplay, feel free to experiment with other accessories like VR coverings and lens shields to find what works best for you.

If you follow these VR best practices, you’ll get the most out of your KIWI Design Battery Head Strap and have a more pleasurable, longer VR experience.

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FAQ: Answering Your Questions About the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap

How many different head circumferences does the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap support?

The head strap is easily adjusted to accommodate individuals with head circumferences between 17.7 and 29.5 inches.

To what extent does the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap differ in size from the typical strap?

Because of the extra padding and built-in battery, the head strap is slightly larger. The increased comfort and battery life more than makeup for the slight increase in bulk, which may prevent the use of some accessories.

Is it possible to charge the headband and the headset at the same time?

In a word, yes. The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap stands out from the pack since it can be charged alongside the headset via the same connection. This function helps keep your charging space neat and tidy.

How much additional time does the internal battery add for playback?

The 6400mAh battery in the head strap can extend your playtime time by an additional 2.5-5 hours, depending on how hard you play or how often you use certain apps. Fans of virtual reality will like the added playtime.

Is it hard to put the head strap together?

KIWI Design’s battery head strap is easy to set up, so there’s no need to worry about it. All hardware for fastening the strap to your Quest 2 is included in the package. The battery’s indicator lights and the hinge’s adjustability provide visible evidence of a tight fit.

Can I use the hinge to peek outside without taking the headset off my head entirely?

The headset’s precision-engineered hinge allows for a maximum of 52 degrees of movement, so you may glance around without removing it. Users who need to use eyeglasses will appreciate this function greatly.

What size of carrying case can I use with the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap?

The head strap may not fit in some of the more common headset carrying cases because of its somewhat larger size. However, there are options for carrying cases that are large enough to fit the headset along with the head strap.

How can I get the most out of the head strap?

For the best possible results, connect the battery cable to the headset until you hear a click. If you are having trouble charging your Quest 2, you may also want to update the firmware to version V49 or later.

Is the head strap durable and simple to maintain?

The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap does have a removable top strap pad and head cushion made of premium PU leather. Because of how simple it is to clean and maintain, the accessory will stay clean and last longer.

Aesthetics: A Fusion of Form and Function

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The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap is an aesthetic beauty that complements the Quest 2 and its design in every way.

The head strap’s minimal, well-designed aesthetic stands out at first glance. KIWI Design gave the head strap a lot of thought, making sure that it not only does its job but also looks well with the rest of the Quest 2. The ergonomic shapes of the strap not only help it fit snugly but also lend an air of sophistication to the headset.

The precision-engineered hinge isn’t simply there for practicality; it also makes a stylistic statement. Because of the meticulous engineering that went into its construction, the hinge operates smoothly, allowing the headset to be easily flipped up as necessary. This detail enhances the head strap’s attractiveness and highlights its adaptability.

In addition to its sleek design, the high-quality materials used to make the head strap give it a sophisticated air. Using an eco-friendly polymer ensures long life without sacrificing style. The combination of padding for increased comfort and elegant design features strikes a nice balance between form and function.

The battery’s indication lights, which show whether or not the device is properly connected and charging, also lend an air of future sophistication to the design. The color-coded LEDs are tastefully integrated into the design of the head strap to convey information visually and provide the impression of high technology.

The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap is more than just an accessory; its sleek design and practical features make a significant contribution to the overall immersion. The stylish design of the head strap reflects the careful craftsmanship that brings your Quest 2 experience to new heights, whether you’re exploring virtual worlds or engaged in intense game sessions.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Benefits


  • Unique ergonomics provide supreme ease of use.

  • The battery life is impressively long, allowing you several hours of VR fun.

  • Conveniently, the headband and the headset may be charged at the same time.

  • A hinge expertly designed for effortless environment monitoring.

  • Longevity-enhancing polymer construction.

  • Stylish design that improves the Quest 2’s overall look.


  • Because of its slightly increased thickness, this strap may not work with all of your favorite accessories.

  • It can be difficult to locate a docking station large enough to accommodate the headset and head strap.

Conclusion: Take Your Virtual Reality Experiences to the Next Level

The KIWI Design Battery Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2 is a must-have accessory for any serious Quest 2 user who wants to get the most out of their virtual reality experience. When it comes to ease of use, durability, and battery life, this head strap is in a class all its own.

The 6400mAh battery and comfortable design make for long sessions of gaming, and the device’s portability means you can take it anywhere. The 52° of tilt that the headset’s well-engineered hinge provides is great for media consumers who also want to keep an eye on their surroundings.

The connection of the battery cables may be confirmed by touch, making setup much easier than it already is. Expert advice can enhance your experience by maximizing firmware updates, maintenance procedures, and power consumption.

The 18-month warranty that backs the KIWI Design Battery Head Strap is an assurance of dependable assistance in all of your augmentative endeavors. It’s more than simply a neat addition to your Quest 2 experience; it’s the key to greater ease, more extensive exploration, and pure fun. A must-have purchase for longer VR gaming sessions.

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