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6 Best VR Videos to Watch Right Now: Unleash VR Wonders

We have scoured the internet, done the legwork, compiled the data, and saved you some trouble. Presenting the top 6 VR video experiences from around the globe. Don’t worry if you don’t know your monoscopic from your stereoscopic or your 3D side by side from your 3DoF, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you here. Pulling inspiration solely from the vast YouTube library, all the videos covered are free to view and easily accessible to all. The list is presented in no particular order although my number one recommendation has been saved until to end so please ensure you read right to the end so you don’t miss out. The list also covers a broad range of experiences to suit as many different people’s interests as possible. Ranging from categories including art, history, music, and even horror, the emphasis here is on fun. The list itself is based on my own personal taste so please don’t be offended if you don’t see your own favorites on the list. With all that out of the way, let’s get into it!

VR 360 Video of Top 5 Roller Coaster Rides 4K Virtual Reality

Roller Coaster VR videos are now a dime a dozen on the internet but that’s for one great reason … they are immensely fun! A great way to introduce a friend of family member to VR and usually an easy way to impress upon others the potential of the medium. The sense of speed and movement during the down slopes with the palpable tension rising on the up slopes it’s always a good source of fun. Choosing the best rolloarcoaster Vr video is like choosing a needle in a haystack but the link provided offers a five in one experience that is quite impressive. Ranging from realistic to surreal the almost nine minute long video showcases impressive visuals with a tutorial like voiceover for beginners and excellent sound effects throughout. This is a great starter video to get you in the mood for VR before going down the rabbit hole and playing hundreds of rollercoaster videos one after the other. Can be enjoyed by all the family.

Salem – A Witch Hunt Tale | 8K 3D 360° Immersive Adventure for VR Headsets

Going from high flying trips to trips down memory lane now, we have a beautiful history lesson about the Salem Witch trials. A brilliantly shot video with incredible high detail and an engrossing history lesson to boot. The 15-minute tale is told through visual prompts, narration and presentation which feels both polished and professional. The actress/presenter tells the tale of the Salem witch trials and although it’s a gruesome tale, she is often whimsical and thoroughly engaging throughout the video. Add to that, the beautiful and varied locations where the story is shot and you’ll find yourself completely in awe as you look around in full 360 degrees. The monuments and landmarks are beautiful to see onscreen and the overall feel of the piece is slightly morose but still educational and intriguing to boot. Most enjoyable wearing headphones to block out the outside world and allow yourself to fall deep within the narrative of the tale: a video not to be missed.

360 | It

To the darker side of horror now with Stephen King’s It. This complimentary jump scare ladened video was released to help support the 2017 movie remake. It does so much more than any trailer could promote a movie. Relying completely on people’s fear, this short horror experience will definitely catch you off guard. From Pennywise’s promises from the storm drain to George’s screams and disturbing catchphrase ‘you’ll float too’, this is a powerful piece of film. The camera generally pulls your view towards the action but you still have 360-degree views and you may find yourself deliberately trying to look away when the onscreen terror gets a little too much to handle. To be honest, having seen the newer movies IT and IT Chapter 2, I actually found this short VR video more effective at getting the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Sound plays a huge part in building the tension hear so I would definitely recommend strapping headphones on your head and cranking the volume to eleven for this one. Or better yet, find a victim to endure the terror instead. Nothing better than scarring family members for life around the Christmas holidays!

Dreams of Dali: 360º Video

The work of Salvador Dali has long been revered and deserves to be explored in the finest of details. The ‘Swans Reflecting Elephants’ piece has been a poster on my wall for many years and is one of many works belonging to Dali that you could stare at for hours and find more surreal details the longer you look. The natural evolution of bringing his work to life is genius. Created like a virtual walkthrough of a world created by Dali itself, this video is completely overwhelming in the best way. Submitted by the ‘Dali Museum’ this short five-minute video (although there is also a part 2) gives the viewer a glimpse at Dali’s finest works brought to life in this eerie surreal different plane of existence. The ghostly echoing ambient music perfectly fits the piece and it sometimes feels like the video is threading a line between art and horror but never quite crosses it. To see these sights and sounds of one of the greatest known artists to have ever lived is both inspiring and glorious to explore. It’s hard to describe but it feels like you are getting access into the great creator’s mind and seeing his work animated into life is absolutely breathtaking. I regularly re-watch this video as it almost serves as a meditation video and really helps to calm the mind and focus your thoughts: one that really should not be overlooked.

Flight Of Voices: 8K 3D 360° Live Concert VR Experience with Immersive Spatial Audio

Now to the vast world of music. Similar to rollercoasters, there a literally hundreds of VR music videos out there. Unlike rollercoasters, music is a very broad category and everyone has their own preferences and unique tastes. That said, I think everyone can enjoy ‘Flight of Voices’ as their upbeat easy listening vibes are gentle on the ear and impossible to dislike. The band itself is a collective of like-minded individual musicians and it’s clear they have a vast wealth of talent. This intimate concert was created to be enjoyed specifically in VR. The musicians sit circling the viewer and the concert is substantial in length compared to other videos on this list. Eight songs in total are performed in a live session for your pleasure. Each artist on stage shares their range and talent and the variety of music between the eight tracks is impressive. All tunes are catchy but as mentioned, the range is wide enough that you’re

bound to find a song or two to your liking even if they aren’t aligned to your usual music tastes. Visually there is very little on show here. The general mood is intimacy so bar some creative mood lighting, you don’t have much to look at except for the performers. The audio however is on another level and really helps to showcase the potential of VR. Implementing spatial 3D audio means that with a decent pair of headphones, you can pick out individual musicians more clearly simply by turning towards them. It sounds basic, but it is definitely a game-changer and brilliant use of audio that needs to be experienced by everyone. As I’ve mentioned, music genres are an acquired taste so even if ‘Flight of Voices’ aren’t your cup of tea, it’s a great introduction into VR music and will definitely start you down the path to finding more VR music experiences for your liking.

My Recommendation: 360° Underwater National Park | National Geographic

In my own personal opinion, there is nothing more spectacular to view or experience than the planet we live on. National Geographic has a range of VR videos available on YouTube which cover wonderful places and creatures from all around the planet. Underwater for me is one of their best and therefore the best VR video available right now on YouTube. Seeing the amazing world thriving below the waterline is stunning and magical. The quality of production here is absolutely staggering and you will see such scenes of beauty that you’ll struggle to believe it is real. From aerial shots of tropical locations high above the water to deep dives into the dark blue ocean, these short clips cover a lot in a very short space of time. The music swells and inspires and shows a level of production value just not possible without a huge channel like National Geographic behind it. This dipping of the toe into beautiful worlds unknown will no doubt be the catalyst to send you on a journey of discovery. So from there, why not explore the Forests of Borneo or the Okavango Delta. Or maybe an expedition up to the top of Everest next … all from the comfort of your sofa. National Geographic has long since been pioneers in bringing visual spectacles that are out of this world and their VR content surpasses all that has come before. Essential VR viewing!