VR Headsets

sony wh 1000xm4 earbuds

Best Headphones for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers levels of immersion that no other medium comes close to. Whatever your taste, be it gaming, socializing, or consuming content like movies, music, or TV shows, virtual reality has taken us to a place we’ve never known before. Having the outside world blocked out is part of the charm of virtual reality. […]

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person holding oculus quest 2 controllers

Oculus Quest 2 64g vs 256g – Which One Should I Buy?

So with the Oculus Quest 2 or the Meta Quest 2 (depending on how trendy you are) dominating the virtual reality market, there is one outstanding question you need to answer. No, it’s not whether or not you’re going to buy one because that answer is obviously yes! The real question is which version do […]

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vive flow glasses

HTC Vive Releases a Standalone VR Headset – The Vive Flow

Love VR? Then you’ll love the Vive Flow, which has recently been released by HTC Vive. This standalone headset is designed with the casual consumer in mind, making it easier than ever for the general population to get excited about and use VR. More specifically, this headset is engineered for consumers who have an interest […]

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vrbg featured image vr headset christmas buying guide

VR Headset Christmas Buying Guide

Whether you’re new to VR or looking to upgrade to the highest spec kits, there is something for everyone in this detailed shopping guide for 2022. When compiling the best of the best, I have taken into account many factors including price, value for money, accessibility, and barriers to entry to name a few. So […]

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oculus rift santa wearing suit with white glovs

Oculus Rift & HTC Vive Quick Start Guide

Welcome to VR If (to your surprise) you happened to unwrap a new HTC Vive or Oculus Rift this Christmas, then CONGRATS, and welcome to the future of gaming! It wasn’t long ago that geeks and the tech aficionados dreamed of the handheld communicators from Star Trek becoming a reality…then the iPhone hit the market. […]

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vrbg featured image sneak preview of the new magic leap ar headset

Sneak Preview of The New Magic Leap AR Headset

The augmented reality (AR) market is heating up, with new and innovative ways to utilize AR in work and play, and with more enterprise customers jumping on board. From medical schools to engineering, architecture, and even military applications, the world of AR is rapidly expanding. To meet this growing demand, Magic Leap has once again […]

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