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Oculus Rift Adjustments and Tweaking using the Oculus Tray Tool

Let’s talk about the Oculus Tray Tool. Advanced Rifters have been tweaking since release, from driver fixes to hacking in and upgrading the graphics. But much of this stuff requires working with confusing developer tools, until now that is. The Oculus Tray Tool recently released by Reddit user ApollyonVR gathers all the best tweaks and […]

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Guy enjoying free games on the oculus rift

The Best FREE Oculus Rift Games and Experiences of 2022

So, you invested in the Oculus Rift. Well, what now? You can’t just hang out in the Oculus Home all day. Well maybe you can, it is rather beautiful in there. But there’s no sense in missing all the awesome experiences. While the Oculus store has an excellent catalog nowadays you will also want to […]

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Google Cardboard VR Headseat

How does Google Cardboard for Camera Work

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality system from Google that can be designed for use with a head mount for a smartphone. It has been developed as a low-cost virtual reality (VR) headset that works with phone apps. Google also has a Cardboard Camera app that allows you to turn your smartphone into a VR-experience […]

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Roller Coaster Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset is Under $20!

What is Google Cardboard? Google has some of the greatest minds in the world working for them. They are a group of innovative, curious, and highly imaginative people. Unsurprisingly, they can come up with simple, but marvellous ideas as well. The Google Cardboard is one such idea. After all, who would’ve thought that you would […]

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VRSE Apple VR Apps

The Best VR Apps for Android and Apple (IOS) 2016

VR is taking the world by storm and you do not have to be a pro gamer to enjoy the benefits of virtualy reality apps. Here are our top picks for the best VR Apps for Android and Apple. Check it out! Top 5 Android Virtual Reality Apps Virtual reality (VR) is the next big […]

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