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varjo aero vr headset

Best VR Headset for PC: Comprehensive Review of Top Options

[toc heading_levels=”2,3″] The explosive popularity and success of Virtual Reality over the last few years is nothing short of mind-blowing. With this success comes a bit of a double-edged sword for consumers though. On the one hand, you have competitors in the VR space producing amazing technological advances in the hardware while also producing amazing […]

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pvr iris adult vr headset

Best VR Headsets for Porn: Top Picks and In-Depth Reviews

The Best Way to Watch VR Porn is on the Top VR Headsets It was only a matter of time before virtual reality bought a whole new dimension to the porn industry. What better way to make your wildest fantasies as close to reality as possible than through the immersive world of VR. Virtual reality […]

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sony wh 1000xm4 earbuds

Best Headphones for Virtual Reality: Expert Reviews and Top Picks

[toc heading_levels=”2,3″] Virtual reality offers levels of immersion that no other medium comes close to. Whatever your taste, be it gaming, socializing, or consuming content like movies, music, or TV shows, virtual reality has taken us to a place we’ve never known before. Having the outside world blocked out is part of the charm of […]

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person holding oculus quest 2 controllers

Oculus Quest 2 64g vs 256g – Which One Should I Buy?

[toc heading_levels=”2,3″] So with the Oculus Quest 2 or the Meta Quest 2 (depending on how trendy you are) dominating the virtual reality market, there is one outstanding question you need to answer. No, it’s not whether or not you’re going to buy one because that answer is obviously yes! The real question is which […]

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vive flow glasses

Vive Flow: HTC’s Standalone VR Headset Unveiled

Love VR? Then you’ll love the Vive Flow, which has recently been released by HTC Vive. This standalone headset is designed with the casual consumer in mind, making it easier than ever for the general population to get excited about and use VR. More specifically, this headset is engineered for consumers who have an interest […]

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oculus quest 2 vs quest 1 banner with is it worth an upgrade text

Oculus Quest 2 vs Quest 1 – Is it Worth an Upgrade?

Quest 2 vs Quest 1: A showdown of epic proportions The original Oculus Quest 1 was one of the most hyped-up VR headsets to hit the market, and its successor, the Quest 2, is posturing itself up to have an even bigger impact. The new Quest 2 offers a range of updates on both the […]

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assembled google cardboard vr

Google Cardboard: Unveiling the Wonders of Free VR

Virtual reality is the new wave of media that is already too large to ignore. With the price of VR headsets rapidly decreasing over time, it’s only a matter of time before the average household owns and is familiar with VR. Until that point, the absolute best bang for your buck in terms of VR […]

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