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samsung vr headset

XR Headset Reviews: Samsung’s XR Headset and Apple’s Vision Pro

Even though it is one of the world’s premier tech companies, Samsung is having trouble perfecting its Extended Reality (XR) gear. SBS Biz, a South Korean news organization, reports that Samsung has informed its partners of a three to six-month delay in the highly anticipated headset project. The XR headset’s original release date was early […]

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apple vision pro vr headset on top of a table

Apple Vision Pro – Everything You Need to Know

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Apple has given an official press teaser trailer of their latest VR tech. Apple unveiled its highly anticipated augmented reality headset on June 4th, the Apple Vision Pro, which the company claims to be “the most advanced personal electronic device ever.” After the presentation, it was […]

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apple vision pro's eye tracking interface apps

Apple Vision Pro’s Eye Tracking Interface on Quest Pro

As it develops, virtual reality (VR) technology promises to further blur the distinctions between the virtual and real worlds through its immersive experiences. The Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary technology that uses eye tracking and hand pinching to control the user interface, and it represents one of the most important advances in VR interaction […]

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a couple with party hats looking at a boy holding a vr

Meta Lowers The Minimum Age for Quest Users to 10

Meta Lowers Minimum Age for Quest Headsets: A Controversial Move by Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerburg is at it again! A major update to Facebook’s VR platform has been unveiled by its parent company, Meta. Meta has chosen to drop the minimum age for its famous Quest headset from 13 to 10 years old, a move that is […]

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man wearing bigscreen beyond the world’s smallest headset

Bigscreen Beyond: In-Depth First Look for The New Headset

It’s not very often we see an app developer take the next big leap and start designing the hardware to best run their app on. Enter Bigscreen! We’re all familiar with the very popular Bigscreen beta app that allows for the social streaming of content in multiple 3D environments. Getting to virtually go to the […]

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man wearing vr headset and pointing at a drone

A Complete Guide on Using a VR Headset with a Drone

A fascinating technology that has gained popularity recently is virtual reality (VR). Its immersive qualities have created new opportunities in a variety of industries, including drone flying, education, and gaming. Drone pilots can get a new and engaging experience by controlling drones using VR headsets. We’ll walk you through using a VR headset with a […]

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varjo aero vr headset

Best VR Headset for PC: Comprehensive Review of Top Options

The explosive popularity and success of Virtual Reality over the last few years is nothing short of mind-blowing. With this success comes a bit of a double-edged sword for consumers though. On the one hand, you have competitors in the VR space producing amazing technological advances in the hardware while also producing amazing VR experiences […]

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sony wh 1000xm4 earbuds

Best Headphones for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers levels of immersion that no other medium comes close to. Whatever your taste, be it gaming, socializing, or consuming content like movies, music, or TV shows, virtual reality has taken us to a place we’ve never known before. Having the outside world blocked out is part of the charm of virtual reality. […]

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