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How to Sideload games on the Meta Quest 3 using SideQuest

Unlocking a World of Exciting VR Experiences Beyond the Oculus Store Introduction Over 500 games and applications can be found on the Meta Quest 3, making it a popular choice for gamers. However, SideQuest is your entry point to a world of virtual reality content beyond what you’ll find in the Oculus Store. Imagine it […]

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ghostbusters meta quest 3 controllers and headset worn

New Meta Quest 3 Games: Revolutionizing Your Gaming Experience

Exciting news for the virtual reality community was announced at the Meta Connect 2023 convention. The most exciting news is that the long-awaited Meta Quest 3 has finally arrived (launched globally on the 10th of October 2023). A slew of add-ons and a promising roster of new games and features were announced alongside this ground-breaking […]

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meta quest pro vr headset

Unveiling Super Resolution on Quest 2 for Enhanced Visuals

Introduction to Super Resolution on Meta Quest 2 Super Resolution is a new tool for programmers made available by Meta, the creators of the widely used VR headset Quest. This update is made to better the visuals of Quest’s virtual reality applications and games. Meta asserts that, compared to older upscaling methods, Super Resolution offers […]

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man wearing quest 3 vr headset with immersive game playthrough in front

Leaked Quest 3 Setup Videos Show ‘Smart Guardian’ Room-Scanning In Action

Meta, the company most known for developing the wildly successful Oculus Quest VR headsets, has announced a new standalone VR headset called Quest 3. This highly anticipated release improves upon the Quest 2 in many ways, including the introduction of the innovative “Smart Guardian” safety feature.  It appears that the long-standing claims about Quest 3’s […]

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skyrim vr character walking in full body armor with a sword at his back

Skyrim Chat GPT Mod: Revolutionize NPC Interactions – VR Guide

Chat GPT – The New Essential Modding Tool The newest crucial modding tool that is transforming the video game business is Chat GPT. Chat GPT, a big language model trained by OpenAI and built on the GPT-3.5 architecture, gives players the power to design intricate changes that can entirely alter the gameplay experience. Dialogue Mods […]

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player shooting robot in robo recall

Robo Recall Modding Guide: Comprehensive Tips and Tutorials

Robo Recall was an Oculus exclusive developed by the juggernaut games studio known as Epic Games … ever heard of them? It was made way back when The Rift was first launched in March 2017. A frenetic shooter with great artistic action set pieces, lovable characters, comic book style coolness, and overall was a shooter […]

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inserting cable to oculus headset

How to Sideload Adult Apps and Videos on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest was a breakthrough in modern technology, for the first time making powerful VR headsets affordable and accessible to the masses for all genres. In fact, VR porn and VR adult entertainment (games, interactive devices, and so on), is a rapidly growing category in the VR space, offering a whole new way to […]

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Man playing VR via TV Oculus Casting

Oculus Casting : How To Cast Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 To Your TV

Virtual Reality is a fun medium with growing potential. The major appeal sometimes though is the sheer spectacle of it all. We’ve all seen the many YouTube videos of people screaming as they play horror titles or losing their balance as they commit wholeheartedly to the VR experience. It’s enjoyable to watch, and more importantly, […]

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