woman taking a break from using vr headset

Is Virtual Reality Bad for your Eyes?

The biggest fear that crosses most people’s minds before they try virtual reality is whether or not it’s bad for your eyes. Will it hurt your eyes? Can you go blind? What can VR do to your eyes? The list goes on. It’s clear to me why these thoughts go through our minds. It doesn’t […]

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msi crosshair 15 gaming laptop

Best Gaming Laptop for VR: Top Picks and Reviews Guide

Investing in a gaming laptop for virtual reality is something worth considering. Having the portability of a laptop with enough power to run all the best virtual reality games and experiences is the goal. Having the convenience of being able to move your laptop from room to room opens up space to play for many […]

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cool cool mountain map

Gorilla Tag Additional Maps Guide: Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Released back in 20XX, Gorilla Tag has fast become one of VR’s most addictive free games to date. Whether playing with your mates or diving into some competitive leaderboards, this simple title has that ‘just one more game’ factor that’s hard to emulate. The base game is great and the maps on offer are varied […]

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woman wearing Nreal Air glasses

Nreal Air: Elevating Fashionable Augmented Reality Experiences

The leaps in both virtual reality and augmented reality technology in recent months is nothing short of staggering. Smaller processor chips, batteries and jumps in lens technology have made it possible to make sleeker headsets for consumers. Up until now though, even the smallest units have looked a little clunky or dare I say, dorky! […]

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joe rogan experience podcast with mark zuckerberg

Meta / Oculus Quest Pro Release Date Officially Announced!

So, tell me, where do you normally get your news? When it comes to gaming or technology we’d typically look towards showcases like Gamescom or E3. Perhaps, larger companies like Meta and Apple we’re more likely to look towards their own annual conferences. On this occasion, both Meta’s conference and more recently, Gamescom have passed […]

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two avatars dancing in Decentraland Genesis Plaza

Decentraland: Embracing the Metaverse – A Complete Exploration

If Mark Zuckerburg had his way, the world would be convinced that his upcoming Metaverse is the be-all and end-all when it comes to a digital playground for consumers to experience. This, though, is far from true. We already have multiple meta universes out there to choose from and it’s unlikely that Mark’s Metaverse will […]

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project butterscotch headset

Oculus Quest 2 Pro – Project Cambria

Since early last year, the rumor mill has been buzzing with the delicious promise of a new headset from our friends at Meta. The Oculus Quest 2 has been such a roaring success selling over 14.8 million units to date with no end in sight. Mark Zuckerburg has always been quite vocal about his investment […]

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google keynote speaker on stage with a big screen at the back

Google AR Glasses for Language Translation

Google I/O Keynote for 2022 took place on 11th May and revealed many interesting future products and concepts for us lucky consumers. Ranging from mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, wireless air buds, and even AR glasses the keynote was rather impressive. The icing on the cake came towards the end of the presentation when Google unveiled […]

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