woman using meta quest 3 for play

Meta Quest 3: A Pioneering Leap into the Future of Virtual Reality

Introduction With the release of Meta Quest 3, the virtual reality (VR) industry is poised to enter a new era. With ground-breaking features including full-color video passthrough and mixed reality capabilities, the latest Meta Quest game is a huge improvement over its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2. With a 128GB model starting at $499 and […]

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hands making a heart sign with aerial city view in little cities

Meta Oculus Quest 2 vs. Apple Vision Pro: Why You Should Go Meta?

Elevating Hand Tracking with Quest Update v56 Meta’s latest Quest update v56 brings revolutionary enhancements to hand tracking and accessibility to revolutionize the VR experience. Thanks to Meta’s dogged pursuit of innovation, the gap between the Meta Quest 2 and the high-end Apple Vision Pro is gradually shrinking. Reduced Latency and Enhanced Precision with Hand […]

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Kink VR Porn

With Kink VR Porn, your wildest fantasies can become a reality in a fully immersive virtual environment. Enter a world of enticing dreams and indulge in a wide range of exciting activities catered to your wildest desires. We bring you the very best kinky filth across the internet making it easier to find exactly what […]

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roblox characters posing for a group photo in the middle of the street

Roblox VR is Coming to the Meta Quest & Oculus Quest 2

With its upcoming foray into the immersive realm of Meta Quest VR headsets, Roblox, the wildly popular and ground-breaking game development platform frequently dubbed as a metaverse, is on the edge of an exciting expansion. The gaming world has responded with an outpouring of excitement to this long-awaited announcement, which might herald a new era […]

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apple vision pro's eye tracking interface apps

Apple Vision Pro’s Eye Tracking Interface on Quest Pro

As it develops, virtual reality (VR) technology promises to further blur the distinctions between the virtual and real worlds through its immersive experiences. The Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary technology that uses eye tracking and hand pinching to control the user interface, and it represents one of the most important advances in VR interaction […]

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meta quest pro vr headset

Unveiling Super Resolution on Quest 2 for Enhanced Visuals

Introduction to Super Resolution on Meta Quest 2 Super Resolution is a new tool for programmers made available by Meta, the creators of the widely used VR headset Quest. This update is made to better the visuals of Quest’s virtual reality applications and games. Meta asserts that, compared to older upscaling methods, Super Resolution offers […]

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contractors showdown soldiers looking at the desolate island from afar

Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Coming 2024

Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Game Launching on All Major VR Platforms in 2024 Caveman Studios, developers of the excellent virtual reality (VR) tactical shooter Contractors (2018), have just revealed a whole new game. The studio announced “Contractors Showdown,” a competitive battle royale game coming to all major VR platforms in 2024, during the UploadVR […]

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a couple with party hats looking at a boy holding a vr

Meta Lowers The Minimum Age for Quest Users to 10

Meta Lowers Minimum Age for Quest Headsets: A Controversial Move by Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerburg is at it again! A major update to Facebook’s VR platform has been unveiled by its parent company, Meta. Meta has chosen to drop the minimum age for its famous Quest headset from 13 to 10 years old, a move that is […]

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horizon call of the mountain men in boat

Greatest PSVR Must-Play Games 2023: Current and Upcoming

Sony’s PSVR2 is the most recent heavy hitter to enter the virtual reality gaming space. It allows console users to completely submerge themselves in a simulated environment. The new headset has better graphics, a larger range of views, and more sophisticated haptic feedback, all of which contribute to a more realistic and exciting gaming experience. […]

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nvidia geforce rtx 4090 graphics card

What Graphics Card is Best for VR?

There is nothing worse than investing huge amounts of money in PCVR only to find that games run like absolute garbage thanks to your PC not being up to snuff! If your PC is more than a couple of years old it might be worth spending the extra few minutes checking out the specs to […]

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