Blade and Sorcery VR Review – for the Oculus Rift

For the longest time, any VR melee focused game meant its user would soon resort to swirling their controller around aimlessly, all the while destroying any enemy that comes close enough. In comes Blade and Sorcery, which not only renders the swirling tactic useless, it does so while piquing the interest of the player by adding magical elements like telekinesis and thunder attacks to the mix. It took the virtual reality industry by surprise with its raw potential, and more importantly devoted developers.

customizing your avatar blade and sorcery vr by warpfrogBlade and Sorcery succeeds the most at reviving that nostalgic feeling of full immersion that had been long forgotten since the early days of 3D gaming. VR gaming couldn’t have come at a better time, and this game just had to emerge with it sooner or later. I was very intrigued by the sheer effort put into the character creation alone because I’ve only seen similar dedication in games which have been ported to VR.


Let the Melee Beginplayer with battle axe in arena melee blade and sorcery by warpfrog

With that said, let’s get to the core of the game. The fighting mechanics are a very welcome change. It not only includes the need for precise attacks, it also gives the player the ability to grab their opponent and proceed to use them as a shield, or even snap their neck. All the weapons feel different in terms of how they are handled, and the tactics needed to use them effectively.

arena melee blade and sorcery vr by warpfrogPersonally, I found that sporting two holstered swords and a bow for immediate action was my favorite style of fighting.  The game is essentially a small arena sandbox where you fight off waves of enemies. The difficulty varies as the enemies change from the conventional one long sword build to a much more armored shield, sword, and bow builds. While no enemy on their own is particularly dangerous, their numbers and ability the swarm the player is what makes them dangerous.  In this sense they seem like zombies. Having a single powerful enemy emerge at the end of each wave would have been a very welcome change from the usual ragdoll stab fest.

The World of VR

world map blade and sorcery vr by warpfrog

VR games opened the gates to complete immersion, and both early and late adapters of that technology based their decision to buy VR headsets on the craving for a deep dive into the world of a game where they can believe that they exist in that alternate reality. Perhaps even use it to replace their existing reality. While the latter reason does not fit into the long list of synonymous descriptors of Blade & Sorcery, it still has a very strong magnetic field.

It’s huge arsenal of weaponry makes for an amazing freefall from space to earth. Trying out every single weapon is a huge time pit on its own, but the combinations of weapons digs that man with bow in medieval hallway blade and sorcery vr by warpfroghole ten times bigger. Of course, it seems like a grind at first, but the discovery that weapons can be charged with the magical thunder attack is the key to the gates of exploration. While that exploration will prove disappointing eventually due to no more magic combos, the feeling of mastering different weapons is its own reward, and by the time we’re done with that, we had already been in the world of Blade & Sorcery for a solid 15 hours. Personally, after putting in an average of 3 hours per day for the last week, I can confidently say that I am still very excited for my next play session.

Our Score for Blade and Sorcery VRplayer with sword in medieval arena blade and sorcery vr by warpfrog

All said and done, the game is not perfect by any means. While very thrilling to use, the magic elements are not diverse enough to encourage their use very often. The hand tracking, while precise when used slowly, becomes a nuisance when a fast sword or dagger swing is rendered a light touch to the opponent’s head due to no fast movement detection. Finally, the game radiates a desperate need for a storyline. It’s a well optimized good-looking game with great thunder attack blade and sorcery by warpfrogfighting mechanics, and the only thing it’s missing is sense of purpose. However, the developers have already shown great dedication in each update where they tweak their game based on their userbase’s requests, which makes this game even better than it is due to its developer’s assurance for future enhancements.



Final Verdict:

Gameplay: 8 – Solid fighting, no diversity in magic elements.

VR Comfort: 8 – Besides a few dragging issues here in there, when tweaked to my personal VR preferences, it was very comfortable

Potential: 9 – With the gaming market being ruled by profit-seeking mega corporations that don’t care about the games themselves, WarpFrog’s approach to the game and its community is a much welcome change that brings high hopes for the future.

Overall Score: 8.5

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