Half-Life Alyx Levitation looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Half-Life Alyx launched back in 2020 for VR and single-handedly changed the VR gaming space forever. Still lauded as one of the greatest VR gaming experiences of all time and considered by many to be an all-round perfect ten out of ten game. Levitation has just been announced as a new gameplay mod that has fans excited for more Half-Life Alyx content. If by some chance you’ve been living under a virtual reality shaped rock and have no idea what Half-Life Alyx is then please feel free to check out our amazing in depth review here.

half-life alyx levitation vr title on screen

Photo from Half-Life Alyx Levitation Trailer by CoreyLaddo

Mod Mentality

Aside from Half-Life Alyx being an incredible title, the beautiful people at Valve also gifted all players with the tools to create their own content. From this generous gift and through the Steam Workshop, a massive community of modders has grown over the last two years. Additional content, new skins, new levels, new assets, new sounds, new gameplay modes … the list of created content that is currently out there is ridiculously impressive. The well never runs dry and some of the quality on offer is to the highest degree. We’ve also covered a list of the best mods currently available for Half-Life Alyx which you should definitely check out here.

Half Life Alyx: Levitation

Step forward two up and coming modders in the own right, CoreyLaddo and FMPONE have joined forces to create a new and exciting campaign that boasts up to five hours of gameplay goodness. The teaser trailer for their hard worked launched way back in July 2021 and since then there hasn’t been much chatter from the two developers … until now. A launch trailer has recently dropped on YouTube and the official release date is now set for quarter three of 2022. Exciting times! The trailer itself is very impressive. Plot wise, it looks like a continuation of Alyx Vance’s story as she seeks to rescue two of her friends. Barry and Maya went to investigate the mysterious floating building block in Sector X and it seems it’s now up to Alyx to embark on a thrill-induced rescue mission.

What makes this mod (and this trailer) stand out from others is the sheer quality on display. Re-worked visuals and assets, new sounds, and cleverly reedited character models with sound bites has allowed both developers to cunningly and convincingly weave a new tale to their liking. Both G-man and Russell appear in the short video and either their new dialogue has been re voiced by convincing impressionists or they have been spliced together from previous audio clips. Either way, this trickery is incredibly convincing and breathes fresh life into this continuation of the story we all know and love. Honestly, if you watch the trailer you’ll find it hard not to be impressed. The narrative feels strong and the flashes of gameplay look really intense and exciting. If you want to check the trailer out for yourself, go hit up YouTube here.

Amazing visuals, great new assets, familiar characters in a new setting, and a floating tower block of madness! What’s not to love! Add to that the familiarly awesome gameplay we’ve all fallen in love with and we’re definitely in for a treat later this year!

Developer History

Alas, a quick glance at either developer’s history or back catalog of work doesn’t really give us a pedigree starting point. Between the two of them, they have only created posters, 3D art, animations videos, and some expansions for CS: Go. No previous level of design experience for Half-Life Alyx. There is nothing really here that shows they have the competence or the experience to create a truly wonderful gaming experience. After saying that, I can’t stop rewatching the trailer and getting excited. If it plays the way it feels to watch, then we’re in for an exciting joyride. The imagination in re-working familiar characters isn’t a new trick but it is effective. Getting extra legs out of funny man Russell and the elusive G-Man definitely earns both guys some brownie points too.

Day One Fun

As it’s free to download and play, then we’ve got nothing left to lose on this one. The only question you really need to ask yourself is, will you download day one and jump straight in to sector X or will you wait to see the user reviews and scores rolling in first. Either way, new content is always a good thing, and passion projects whether good or bad should be applauded. If you like what you see here and want to discover more updates as they happen, then consider following the developer CoreyLaddo on Twitter and if you really love his stuff and want to support him, you can check him out on Patreon too.


Whatever the future holds for Levitation and these two developers/modders, you can be sure we’ll keep you up to date here. In the meantime, go check out some of the previously mentioned incredible mods currently available to play today. You won’t regret it!

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