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nvidia geforce rtx 4090 graphics card

What Graphics Card is Best for VR?

There is nothing worse than investing huge amounts of money in PCVR only to find that games run like absolute garbage thanks to your PC not being up to snuff! If your PC is more than a couple of years old it might be worth spending the extra few minutes checking out the specs to […]

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woman taking a break from using vr headset

Is Virtual Reality Bad for your Eyes?

The biggest fear that crosses most people’s minds before they try virtual reality is whether or not it’s bad for your eyes. Will it hurt your eyes? Can you go blind? What can VR do to your eyes? The list goes on. It’s clear to me why these thoughts go through our minds. It doesn’t […]

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msi crosshair 15 gaming laptop

Best Gaming Laptop for VR

Investing in a gaming laptop for virtual reality is something worth considering. Having the portability of a laptop with enough power to run all the best virtual reality games and experiences is the goal. Having the convenience of being able to move your laptop from room to room opens up space to play for many […]

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haritorax home page

Full-Body Tracking for VR

Virtual Reality has always been on the cutting edge of entertainment. Finding new levels of immersion for gamers and social users alike. The quest to improve and enhance the user experience has led to the development of multiple options for full-body tracking. Rather than being a floating head with hands in a 3D space, having […]

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plutosphere vr sidequest vr page

VR Cloud Gaming Services – Getting More Bang for Your Buck

We finally have VR Cloud Gaming services! Cloud gaming has existed for a number of years on many different platforms. When we think of cloud gaming, things like GeForce Now, Sony Play, Google Stadia & Xbox Game Pass immediately spring to mind. The infrastructure and subscriptions exist to play games online without needing the hardware […]

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the handy stroker device beside it's packaging box

Getting Hands-On With The Handy – A Comprehensive Review

It’s a whole new world out there, full of innovative technology that is exciting, exhilarating, and yes, even pleasurable in ways we never thought possible. Today, we introduce you to ‘The Handy’, an interactive sex toy on the cutting edge of personalized pleasure and automatic masturbation devices. Once a taboo topic, interactive sex toys like […]

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Featured image of a woman in a green dress looking at the words VR Glossary

Virtual Reality / VR Glossary

Virtual reality content and associated games, applications and guides can contain a lot of buzz words and acronyms. It is sometimes quite confusing to read through the jargon without fully knowing what each buzz word means. We’re here to help! Below is a comprehensive VR glossary that explains terms used commonly in virtual reality (VR) […]

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google keynote speaker on stage with a big screen at the back

Google AR Glasses for Language Translation

Google I/O Keynote for 2022 took place on 11th May and revealed many interesting future products and concepts for us lucky consumers. Ranging from mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, wireless air buds, and even AR glasses the keynote was rather impressive. The icing on the cake came towards the end of the presentation when Google unveiled […]

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Best Digital VR Avatar Creators for Chatting in Virtual Reality Worlds

BEST DIGITAL VR AVATAR CREATORS FOR CHATTING IN VIRTUAL REALITY WORLDS DIGITAL AVATARS IN VR Virtual avatars are suddenly taking off for some very good reasons. Social gaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch to name just a few have huge opportunities for budding entertainers to share their personalities without having to appear on camera themselves. […]

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roblox vr avatars eating cakes in cafe

Top 12 Best Roblox VR Games

Developed by the Roblox Corporation, Roblox is an innovative online game creation and gaming platform that enables users to program AND play games created by other developers. But did you know that Roblox supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive? In this guide we review the BEST Roblox VR Games, helping you take things to […]

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