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vr employees having a meeting in horizon workroom

Improving Virtual Reality Team Building with Quest 2 and Quest Pro

Today’s fast-paced, globally linked society has led to the rise of the remote worker. As a result, businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to facilitate communication amongst members of a team who are spread out throughout the globe. The Quest 2 virtual reality headset is one such solution, and it works in […]

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adhd text inside a head chalk drawing with spiral cords outside

Elevate Focus and Engagement: Potential Help of VR Games for ADHD Management

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been the topic of much research and investigation within the field of mental health for quite some time. People of all ages can be affected by this neurodevelopmental disease, which manifests itself in issues with focus, impulse control, and hyperactivity. Various therapy approaches have been used by researchers and clinicians throughout […]

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teens doing fist bump as a group

Virtual Reality Cancer Support Groups for Teens: What Parents Should Know

Adolescence is a difficult time of development, exploration, and new discoveries. But when cancer is involved, those formative years can become a lonely and difficult struggle. Teenagers dealing with a cancer diagnosis confront a wide range of difficulties that go well beyond the disease itself. These adolescent patients are especially sensitive to a variety of […]

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man and woman playing vr game with vr headset and controllers

VR Games Developers Resource Database: Terms and Definitions

The arrival of virtual reality (VR) has revolutionized the game business by providing users with engaging and immersive environments. Developers are in high demand as the market for virtual reality games continues to expand.  However, learning the ropes of development takes time and effort, especially for newcomers. A thorough resource database can give useful information […]

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steam logo

How to Manage VR Game Storage | Steam Storage Manager

So we’ve all been there, gone a little overboard during the sales, or picked up one too many titles than it’s humanly possible to play! Can’t decide whether you want to buy Among Us or Blade & Sorcery so instead you buy 20 titles for the price of Starbuck’s Latte … we’ve all been there! […]

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nvidia geforce rtx 4090 graphics card

What Graphics Card is Best for VR?

There is nothing worse than investing huge amounts of money in PCVR only to find that games run like absolute garbage thanks to your PC not being up to snuff! If your PC is more than a couple of years old it might be worth spending the extra few minutes checking out the specs to […]

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woman taking a break from using vr headset

Is Virtual Reality Bad for your Eyes?

The biggest fear that crosses most people’s minds before they try virtual reality is whether or not it’s bad for your eyes. Will it hurt your eyes? Can you go blind? What can VR do to your eyes? The list goes on. It’s clear to me why these thoughts go through our minds. It doesn’t […]

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