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Virtual Reality / VR Glossary

Virtual reality content and associated games, applications and guides can contain a lot of buzz words and acronyms. It is sometimes quite confusing to read through the jargon without fully knowing what each buzz word means. We’re here to help! Below is a comprehensive VR glossary that explains terms used commonly in virtual reality (VR) […]

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Google AR Glasses for Language Translation

Google I/O Keynote for 2022 took place on 11th May and revealed many interesting future products and concepts for us lucky consumers. Ranging from mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, wireless air buds, and even AR glasses the keynote was rather impressive. The icing on the cake came towards the end of the presentation when Google unveiled […]

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Best Digital VR Avatar Creators for Chatting in Virtual Reality Worlds

Digital Avatars in VR Virtual avatars are suddenly taking off for some very good reasons. Social gaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch to name just a few have huge opportunities for budding entertainers to share their personalities without having to appear on camera themselves. Having your personally designed avatar that can reflect your persona in […]

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Top 12 Best Roblox VR Games

Developed by the Roblox Corporation, Roblox is an innovative online game creation and gaming platform that enables users to program AND play games created by other developers. But did you know that Roblox supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive? In this guide we review the BEST Roblox VR Games, helping you take things to […]

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The Advantages of Virtual Reality for Business

How VR Is Transforming The Way We Work Virtual reality and immersive technology as a whole have come a long way since their inception in the 1960s. What started as an attempt to make games more interactive and immersive has exploded into a full-on industry that’s steadily becoming more and more mainstream. Of course, for […]

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These are the Best VR Horror Games for Quest, Quest 2, PSVR, and PCVR!

Heart pounding, chill-inducing, jump out of your seat scary VR horror is here, and we LOVE IT. There’s something about being scared that makes video games even more exhilarating and fun to experience. And in VR, these thrills literally come to life before your own eyes. If you enjoy a good horror-fest, startling scenes, and […]

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Garden of the Sea Review — Oculus Quest 2

The VR gaming market is saturated currently with shoot em ups, puzzlers, and even more shoot em ups! That’s not a complaint from me as some of these titles are excellent but it’s nice when something different comes along. Oculus Quest 2’s Garden of the Sea is definitely a very different experience. The best blurb […]

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The Future of Dating: How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game

Virtual Reality is Already Changing the Way We Use Computers … now it’s changing the way we date too If you’ve been away from the dating scene for a while, you might be surprised to learn that virtual reality (VR) is poised to be the NEXT BIG THING in dating and relationships. Whether you’re in […]

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Will VR Make Me Feel Sick

Will VR Make Me Feel Sick? VR is all the rage, and with millions of headsets flying off of store shelves, more people are experiencing the wonder of this new technology for the first time. More people are also asking: Fact is, the vast majority of VR users experience virtual reality without issue. Even those […]

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