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killing monsters in drop dead cabin vr game

Meta Quest 3’s Mixed Reality Playground: 30 Games and Apps You Can’t Miss

With the release of Meta Quest 3, mixed reality experiences have elevated the virtual reality gaming industry to new heights. These adventures are revolutionizing the way we bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. The entire potential and significance of this ground-breaking technology have yet to be completely understood, but its wide-ranging prospects […]

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fisherman's tale vr game

Meta Quest+ Subscription: Expanding Your VR Horizon

The new Meta Quest+ membership is the latest product from Meta, formerly known as Facebook, aimed at the VR community. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has unveiled a subscription service that would give VR fans access to a hand-picked collection of the best games available. Meta Quest+ is going to change the face of virtual […]

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roblox characters posing for a group photo in the middle of the street

Roblox VR is Coming to the Meta Quest & Oculus Quest 2

With its upcoming foray into the immersive realm of Meta Quest VR headsets, Roblox, the wildly popular and ground-breaking game development platform frequently dubbed as a metaverse, is on the edge of an exciting expansion. The gaming world has responded with an outpouring of excitement to this long-awaited announcement, which might herald a new era […]

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contractors showdown soldiers looking at the desolate island from afar

Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Coming 2024

Contractors Showdown – Battle Royale Game Launching on All Major VR Platforms in 2024 Caveman Studios, developers of the excellent virtual reality (VR) tactical shooter Contractors (2018), have just revealed a whole new game. The studio announced “Contractors Showdown,” a competitive battle royale game coming to all major VR platforms in 2024, during the UploadVR […]

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horizon call of the mountain men in boat

Greatest PSVR Must-Play Games 2023: Current and Upcoming

Sony’s PSVR2 is the most recent heavy hitter to enter the virtual reality gaming space. It allows console users to completely submerge themselves in a simulated environment. The new headset has better graphics, a larger range of views, and more sophisticated haptic feedback, all of which contribute to a more realistic and exciting gaming experience. […]

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characters browsing books in Roblox library

A Complete Guide on How to Play Roblox VR on Oculus Quest 2

One of the biggest questions out there is can you play Roblox VR on Quest 2? Well, the answer is yes, sort of! For sure, with a little bit of tinkering, you can play Roblox on your Meta Quest 2. Roblox VR has been long sought after and although no official release exists of Roblox […]

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black gorilla in a vr forest in the free Gorilla tag game

Gorilla Tag VR

Gorilla Tag VR has taken the virtual reality community by storm! Everyone in the family plays Gorilla Tag VR. Why? Well, that’s simple. Every once in a while, we get a new game that captures people’s attention with its creativity and addictive gameplay. When really successful, the whole world gets caught up in the game’s […]

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mod beat saber page screenshot

These are the Best Beat Saber Mods you can get for FREE

Everyone on the planet has, at the very least, heard about Beat Saber. From your Nan to your local butcher and even Gary next door. Everyone who has gotten to experience VR has most likely had a bash at Beat Saber. It stands to reason that this would be the case too as Beat Saber […]

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half-life alyx levitation vr title on screen

Half-Life Alyx Levitation looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Half-Life Alyx launched back in 2020 for VR and single-handedly changed the VR gaming space forever. Still lauded as one of the greatest VR gaming experiences of all time and considered by many to be an all-round perfect ten out of ten game. Levitation has just been announced as a new gameplay mod that has […]

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