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Adult Pee Fetish Site Reviews

Never let it be said that we don’t spoil you. We go to all the hard work of meticulously watching content to bring you the very best the web has to offer. Water sports sites have surged and burst in popularity in recent years (pun intended). We are here to wade through the tepid and […]

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Adult ASMR VR Experiences

Greetings, fellow internet users! Have you ever found something so oddly satisfying that you couldn’t help but stare at it? If you’re anything like me, then ASMR VR adult videos may have just become your new obsession. These movies, which mix ASMR’s tingling sensations with virtual reality’s immersive experience, aren’t for the faint of heart […]

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How to Watch VR Porn on PS4 and PS5

As a gamer myself, I can relate to the excitement of getting a new gaming console. It’s like being a kid on Christmas morning all over again … except this time there’s pizza AND beer. The introduction of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 shuttled in a new era of console gaming, opening up the […]

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Best VR Headsets for Porn

The Best Way to Watch VR Porn is on the Top VR Headsets It was only a matter of time before virtual reality bought a whole new dimension to the porn industry. What better way to make your wildest fantasies as close to reality as possible than through the immersive world of VR. Virtual reality […]

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Naughty America VR Review – In-Depth Review of

This well-known adult network provides you with content from more than 60 different sites, giving you access to everyone from established XXX celebrities to up-and-coming novices.  What makes this VR site so great is its respectable 10,000+ 2D porn video bonus that comes with each subscription. Known for its high-quality production and realistic scenes, Naughty […]

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VR Interactive Sex Toy Reviews – The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon

Interactive VR Sex Toy Reviews The Handy vs. Kiiroo Keon – Experience The Interactive Sex Toys of the Future In the past, male masturbators fell short of their promise, requiring manual power (i.e. your own hand) to deliver strokes. Today, innovative technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and immersive VR experiences combine to bring automated and […]

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How to Sideload Adult Apps and Videos on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest was a breakthrough in modern technology, for the first time making powerful VR headsets affordable and accessible to the masses for all genres. In fact, VR porn and VR adult entertainment (games, interactive devices, and so on), is a rapidly growing category in the VR space, offering a whole new way to […]

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the handy stroker device beside it's packaging box

Getting Hands-On With The Handy – A Comprehensive Review

It’s a whole new world out there, full of innovative technology that is exciting, exhilarating, and yes, even pleasurable in ways we never thought possible. Today, we introduce you to ‘The Handy’, an interactive sex toy on the cutting edge of personalized pleasure and automatic masturbation devices. Once a taboo topic, interactive sex toys like […]

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bdsm sex toys for domination and submission. whip with handcuffs


The BDSM scene is a thriving niche within the porn and adult entertainment industry, as well as a growing area of exploration and indulgence for sexually active individuals around the world. With the internet came access to all kinds of information, including exposure to sexual preferences, adult entertainment, sex games, porn, and now, virtual reality […]

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