If you’re new to virtual reality, you’ve found the right place here at VR Beginners Guide. Everyone from VR newbies to seasoned pros can count on us to deliver entertaining, educational, and top-notch content. To guarantee that our readers get trustworthy and ethical information, we have made it clear on this page that we will not slack off when it comes to reviewing and creating content.

Content Creation Guidelines

Originality: There may be no plagiarized content on VR Beginners Guide. Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated, and we value original, first-hand knowledge in the virtual reality business.

Accuracy: Everyone who writes or contributes to our site should check their facts and do an extensive investigation. From virtual reality (VR) apps and games to news stories and how-to instructions, we strive to be a reliable source for all things VR.

Relevance: Whether our audience is complete VR newbies or seasoned pros, the content we provide should reflect their interests in the technology.

Language and Tone: For the benefit of both newcomers and seasoned pros, we strive to eliminate technical jargon in favor of a conversational tone that is easy to understand.

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Content Review Process

  • Every submission is carefully examined by our editorial team to ensure it follows all of our requirements.
  • Fact checking, source verification, and content alignment with our objective to educate and engage the VR community are all part of this evaluation.
  • We also consider the content’s potential for engagement and its overall quality.

Ethical Standards and Transparency

  • By avoiding bias and conflicts of interest, we maintain our high moral standards.
  • Disclosing sponsored material or affiliate links is always done with utmost clarity because transparency is key.

Feedback and Corrections

  • Through our contact page, we welcome and appreciate reader feedback.
  • In the event that we make a mistake, we will fix it quickly and openly, and we will update our content as needed to keep it accurate and reliable.


We are devoted to these standards because we want to be a reliable resource for the virtual reality community.

Please get in touch with us here if you have any questions or comments about our standards.