Will VR make me sick?

There is a lot of talk about people getting sick in VR. While most of this relates to the early prototype units it is certainly not a thing of the past. Almost everyone will feel queasy at some point and some get it worse than others. Thankfully it will go away over time as you get your “VR legs”.

Vr motion sickness

Tips for dealing with VR motion sickness

  • Stick with games and experiences that don’t involve a lot of movement. This one is pretty obvious.
  • Not all VR games are created equally, some games are even for lack of a better word ‘broken’ and will make nearly everyone sick.
  • If you start to feel sick, stop. I pushed myself too far one day and I couldn’t bear to even look at my Oculus for a week.
  • As with real world motion sickness try to focus on stationary objects or the horizon.
  • Keep your head steady and level, avoid turning, especially artificial turning with the joystick. If you can, turn around in the real world instead, swivel chairs are a great idea.
  • Some people find that getting up and walking around the virtual space can help but others find this makes it worse.
  • Motion controllers greatly reduce sickness as seeing your hands makes the experience far more natural.
  • Check out our best VR games and apps lists, we have topped each list with the most comfortable games and experiences for avoiding motion sickness.
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  1. Eelke Folmer says:

    Using walking in place minimizes cyber sickness