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You Can Control VR Nausea

Rumor has it that a young company may have a way for you to adjust the “excitement level” of a VR experience to reduce nausea. Some players experience “VR Sickness”, some don’t. What causes the nausea is a difference between what you 

sairento review guy with headset in suit feeling dizzy motion sickness

see and what you feel.  Though it doesn’t bother all players, it is an industry wide problem.

From putting blinders in your headset to increasing resolution, companies have been working on a fix since VR went mainstream.  VRemedy Labs just may have found a solution: “a sort of software-based dial that you can turn up or down to raise or decrease the excitement level—and, it hopes, the resulting nausea—within VR games.”

VRemedy Labs is currently testing a flying game and manually adjusting the sensitivity.  With hopes of player controlled experience and first game (I Hate Heroes) planned for next year.

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HTC Says Bye, Bye to Vive VR?

green and white htc logoReportedly in talks with Google, HTC may be looking to eject the Vive.  Bloomberg reported today that HTC is “exploring options ranging from separating its virtual-reality business to selling off the company.”

To those following the life of Vive, this doesn’t seem like a huge surprise.  VR sales have slowed and HTC has been dropping its prices.

Maybe its AR (augmented reality) that is the immediate future.  Facebook and Google have expressed serious interest in it.  Apple’s upcoming iOS 11, essentially makes newer iOS devices AR supporting, for FREE.

Seems like Oculus and PlayStation VR seem to be keeping the bulk of the attention.  Their commitment to keeping reality virtual continues to sell and grow.

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Fried Chicken Escape Room VR

Applying virtual reality to everyday life, KFC has created a VR “escape room” game for their employees.  Made for Oculus, kfc escape room vr hands and chickeneach employee player must learn how to make fried chicken to be released from the room.

To escape, you must master the 5-step cooking process while the Colonel heckles you.  The whole process takes about 10 minutes.  The VR environment is intended to be engaging and fun.

This is not the first time that KFC has jumped on the tech bandwagon.  This is a first as a learning or teaching tool!

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Detecting a Concussion with VR

doctor with football player and one minute clock on fieldProtecting football players from concussion and the damaging effects of concussions is a priority for sports tech companies.  Preventing a concussion is as crucial as quick detection.

SyncThink, a California-based company, has developed Eye-Sync.  A portable VR headset that can be a useful screening tool.  This is a very promising technology.  So much so, that Iowa State University is adopting the tech for its teams.

When a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion, trainers test various cognitive skills to make a determination.  However, it is very difficult assess on the sideline.  Using a VR headset, Eye-Sync monitors eye movement and measures any interruptions in those movements.

Developed initially at Stanford, Eye-Sync provides a real-time screening tool.  It also serves as a non-invasive tool that can be used repeatedly to monitor a patient’s progress.

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