Top PlayStation 4 VR Games: Elevate Your Gaming Adventure

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The PlayStation VR is one of the most affordable virtual reality gaming headsets. It has been developed especially keeping gamers in mind. The virtual reality headset will allow you to play some of the biggest titles of year including the Star Wars Battlefront, PlayStation VR Worlds, and Golem. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4. When it comes to video output, you may also need the PlayStation Move controllers in some cases.

How Much Does the PlayStation VR Headset Cost?

The PlayStation VR is expected to be the most affordable VR headset that gives you the full virtual reality experience. The Playstation VR headset is an accessory to the Playstation 4 gaming console. The headset is initially priced at $399 and you will need a PS 4 to use it. The headset comes with its essential cables and connector hardware. It is also compatible with the DualShock 4 controllers, PS Camera, and motion-tracking Move controllers. But you will have to get them additionally.

When is the PlayStation VR Headset Release Date?

Sony’s virtual reality headset is expected to be released in October 2016. Initially named as Project Morpheus, it was first introduced in early 2014. It was announced at the Game Developers Conference the same year. More recently, the project name was dropped and the virtual reality headset got its final name.

Best Games for the Playstation VR Headset

So which will be the best games for the new VR headset from Sony? The company has had already demoed Final Fantasy XIV, Danganronpa VR, and Summer Lesson at the Tokyo Game Show. At the Paris Games Week, Sony announced Gran Turismo Sport, Robinson: The Journey, and Tekken 7 for PlayStation VR. The company has promised at least 50 games to be launched at the release of PSVR.

Some of the most popular and titles in this list include the following:

  1. Battlezone

    The original Battlezone was released a long time ago. It was an arcade game from Atari in the 1980s. This Rebellion developed game is believed to be the first virtual reality game. In fact, Rebellion was so interested in the title that it purchased the rights from Atari. It is a remake and is specifically developed for the latest VR headsets.

    The new Battlezone gives you a stunning VR experience. It has an amazing gameplay that gives a feel of the future of the World of Tanks. The simple yet impressive graphics are perhaps the biggest attraction. Rebellion has developed a VR game in Battlezone that can be more gripping than anything you could find out there.

  2. The London Heist

    Developed by Sony, The London Heist seems to be the PS4 VR London Heist VR video game screenshotcompany’s attempt at making a virtual reality game focused on its PlayStation gamers. You could also feel that it is a follow-up to The Getaway. There are multitude of gameplay threads including care chasings and heists. However, this VR game is also expected to be released as an on-rails shooter. You could find yourself in a car and shooting at the bad guys.

  3. Eve Valkyrie

    Eve Valkyrie may have been developed for the Oculus Rift, it is expected to make it all the major VR platform releases. Developed by CCP Games, it is considered to give the smoothest virtual reality experience that you can find almost anywhere so far. This is probably because the game has been in development of a very long time.

    In fact, CCP Games is among the very first developers to Eve Valkyrie Virtual Reality VR Game Review Image Descriptionbegin work on a game focused solely on virtual reality. In fact, Eve Valkyrie was first demoed almost 2 years ago. It has undergone a lot of refinement so far. It is a space combat game, and makes the most of the free space available. All you have to do is move your head to look around and keep track of your enemies. It will change your perception of flat screen games forever.

    It offers space battles which can leave you wondering if you are not actually drifting in space. The planets and celestial bodies in the background can leave you awestruck. You can turn around 360 degrees which gives you the genuine feeling.

  4. Golem

    Golem is exclusive to the PlayStation VR Headset and is PS4 VR Golem Virtual reality gamequite impressive and absorbing. It is developed by Highwire Games. You will be playing as a girl who controls golems using your eyes and body movements. The golems will have to creep through an ancient place that has treasures hidden in it. The thrill of this game lies in how effectively you are able to control the golems.

  5. Rez Infinite

    Rez was the gripping rail-shooter from Sega that became a legendary game on the PS 2. Rez Infinite is a remake, rez infinite ps4 vr game screenshotdeveloped specifically for the PlayStation 4 platform. The biggest changes in the game include improved graphics and virtual reality support. The developer has announced that there is also some fresh content in the game, but it has not yet been revealed.

  6. Adr1ft

    This VR game will give you a lot of feel of the Hollywood flick, gravity. Here, you are an astronaut on a mission not explore a damaged space station. You will be moving from one room to another to solve puzzles. You have to ensure that your oxygen levels are maintained while you try to find out what caused the space station’s destruction.

You will be floating all the time and will have to make a little effort to control your movement. The gameplay is quite immersive. The sound of your character’s breathing can actually make you feel it is you.

PlayStation VR Headset – Compatibility

As of now, Sony has revealed that its new virtual reality headset will be compatible only with its PlayStation 4 game platform. You will not be able to use it with any other device. So it is essential to have a PS 4 and associated controllers to be able to play your favorite games.

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