The Best VR Apps for Android and Apple (IOS) 2016

VR is taking the world by storm and you do not have to be a pro gamer to enjoy the benefits of virtualy reality apps. Here are our top picks for the best VR Apps for Android and Apple. Check it out!

Top 5 Android Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality (VR) is the next big revolution in technology. Mobile virtual reality it is beginning to ride on the smartphone revolution with a number of headsets already hitting the market. Here are some of the best Android VR apps which are available for playing games on different devices. You can play these games using different headsets, ranging from the Google Cardboard to the high-end Samsung Gear VR.

  1. Hidden Temple: VR AdventureHidden Temple Adroid VR apps

    In this virtual reality mobile game, you will be exploring a mysterious ancient tomb for hidden chambers, and solving puzzles. The tomb is located deep in thick forests and has one of the most gripping settings you can find. The graphics are extremely vibrant and amazing. The game takes the conventional point and click adventure to the next level. You will be combining items for navigating through different underground rooms. The puzzles are scribbled on the temple walls.

  2. Bombsquad

    This is an arcade game for Cardboard. It has platformer elements and you will be trying to avoid different types of bombs. You have to capture flags, and there there’s lots of fun. It is a competitive game where you can play against a maximum of 8 players. It comes with the BombSquad pro game unlocker so that you can also play its non-virtual reality version.

  3. House of Terror VR

    This is an interactive horror game where you will be exploring a haunted house with monsters, intriguing puzzles and lots of traps. This is different from other VR apps because you will be using a joystick to walk around. It challenges your courage and takes you into some really dark environments. There are very few VR horror games that have such unsettling atmosphere.

  4. End Space VR

    As its name suggests, End Space VR puts you in a spaceship and you will be shooting down enemy spaceships. This is a first person flight shooter that is an infinite runner. You can continue playing for eternity. There are 3 environments to fly in and it has progressive difficulty levels. It is one of the best mobile VR games.

  5. Google Cardboard Camera

    Android VR apps are not just about games. Google Cardboard camera app allows you to capture 360-degree panoramas. You can scroll around within the gallery viewer and view the entire place around you. You can capture stereoscopic panorama that can be seen using Google Cardboard. It also allows you to record audio.

    The picture looks distorted when you view it without the Cardboard but as soon as you put cardboard on you are transformed back to the place where your picture was taken!

    Google Cardboard for Camera App image description

    These are just few of the top Android virtual reality apps which are gaining more and more popularity. There are dozens and dozens of more which, and many more are in development phase.

The Best VR Apps for iOS 

Apple has a very comprehensive marketplace with some excellent apps. However, when it comes to virtual reality, it somewhat trails behind the Android marketplace. This is mostly because of Google Cardboard. Cardboard has prompted app developers to start exploring virtual reality and create apps that would work on that platform.


That kick-started the campaign and now all app developers on Android, iOS, and other platforms have started to create apps that explore this world. The technology still hasn’t gotten much attention outside of the tech community. There are still some great iOS apps for you to explore. Here’s a small list of them.


VRSE Apple VR apps 

VRSE is, by far, the most successful virtual reality app on iOS and Android. It’s essentially a storytelling app that has several videos for you to watch. There’s a wide range of topics covered. You have small documentaries about Syria produced by UN, journalism videos like Vice news, and even a great video produced by the New York Times. VRSE offers a true VR experience, giving you a 360° view of every video. If you turn your head, the phones gyroscope would sense the movement and turn the video accordingly.


Like VRSE, Sisters isn’t an interactive app. However, that’s not going to stop you from thoroughly enjoying it. With Sisters, you find yourself in the middle of a ghost story. You’re travelling through a haunted mansion, subjected to all sorts of horrific surprises that would get your blood pumping from adrenalin and fear. It’s definitely something meant to be experienced in VR.

 Legendary VR

If you’ve seen the movie Pacific Rim, this game would feel very familiar. You’ll find yourself inside the cockpit of a Jaeger, ready to battle against a kaiju. That’s not the only movie that you’ll be able to experience. You might even get a virtual reality teaser of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie.

Zombie Shooter VR

Almost all gaming enthusiasts would want to experience their favourite shooting game in VR. While it’s not a stretch to assume games like Call of Duty would eventually explore this platform, especially with Sony PlayStation VR ready to launch. At the moment, Zombie Shooter VR is a good replacement for that. The game play is very interesting because you need to look at your target to shoot. It takes some time to get used to, but the results are entertaining.

There are several other VR apps in the Apple marketplace and every day, new games are being introduced. This is certainly an exciting time for VR.

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