QuestHaven is Making VR D&D and other RPGs a Reality

vrbg featured image questhaven is making vr d d and other rpgs a reality

One thing that has been decidedly lacking in the VR gaming world is tabletop RPGs. Sure we have Demeo, which is excellent, and one or two others available on PC, but the titles are few and far between. The good folks at NotNoxDev are looking to end that drought for us. So, if you’re thirsty for some D&D action and own a VR headset then keep reading!

Tabletop Role-Playing Games

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It is very early days for the developers of QuestHaven, but what they have revealed could help change the VR space significantly in the near future. They are not so much developing one tabletop game for us to consume. Instead, they are creating a developing platform for everyone to create and share content. Putting developing tools into the hands of amateur enthusiasts and gamers alike. The idea is simple. Create your own tabletop adventure. Whether you’re into D&D, HeroQuest, Warhammer, or Space Crusade (Yes, I am that old) you will have the tools at your disposal to create worlds and worthy tabletop adventures to play with your friends or share with the community. The best comparison I have at this early stage is Dreams or Little Big Planet on the Playstation. Imagine that level of user-created content centered around tabletop gaming and available to play within a virtual reality space with your friends. Exciting!

Humble Beginnings


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NotNoxDev has only recently shared a handful of creator videos on YouTube that showcase the simple yet limitless potential of their project. Having access to their created assets from simple clickable drop-down menus they share a speeded-up version of someone creating small tabletop environments. The detail and number of items added on-screen are really impressive and although too early to tell, the application of the tools seems easy to use at the very least. Having the ability to create a small unique environment and crafting a role-playing dice adventure seems to have limitless potential and offers something we haven’t seen much of before in the VR space … user-created content.

PC and VR Combo


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The project has two main functions. The first is the developer tools. This will be PC-based. You get to create and design your own game using your PC which you can then share with your friends. The dungeon master will host from their PC, making changes and progressing the adventure as they go, while all the other players will use their VR headsets to immerse themselves in the adventure. Set to launch on both the Quest 2 and PCVR it’s clear that NotNoxDev wants as many people on their platform as possible, sharing and creating content together. They have already mentioned setting up a marketplace where creators might share or even sell their world maps, character models, or created assets. This will hopefully help grow the sharing community and potentially means limitless content being created over time.


As mentioned before, it’s very early days for the developer. They currently have a discord page open for discussions and feedback and are hoping to launch their KickStarter very soon (scheduled for the first quarter of 2022). You can follow their progress on YouTube also where they have been releasing short clips showcasing some of their character models and designs plus small journal/diary videos to keep the community interested while also answering some submitted questions. User-created content communities live or die by the amount of interaction they receive. Here’s hoping that the company grows from strength to strength and that we get a lot more insight on their goals and overall plans once they launch their Kickstarter. They have already mentioned that they would love their creation to go beyond just fantasy so the likes of sci-fi or horror might be an area that the community around them explore. Essentially, there is plenty of potential here for amateur creators to take the tools and go in any direction they desire, there are no rules.

VR D&D and other RPGs Bright Future

NotNoxDev has certainly given us a lot to think about and I am really looking forward to seeing how this project progresses. Their current answer to the question ‘What is QuestHaven?’ certainly sparks the imagination and makes me excited for the future: QuestHaven is a PC and VR Tabletop simulator created with a passion to bring adventures together! It’s not a game but an environment with a set of tools to play your games, your way. We chose early on to not limit our players to a set of rules. So regardless of the system, you want to play (D&D, Pathfinder, etc), we will provide you and your friends with the tools needed for a great adventure.

Exciting times lay ahead but what do you think? Would you let your creative side shine here or would you rather just play content created by others? Would you like to see a Harry Potter tabletop adventure or perhaps a Marvel or Disney adventure? Let me know in the comments below!


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