PlayStation VR Headset Release Reviews

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The Sony PlayStation VR is a virtual reality gaming headset. Sony has designed the virtual reality (VR) device to be compatible with its PS4 home video game consoles. In many games developed for the device, players who wear the headset act separately from players who don’t have a headset.Depending upon the game it may also require PS Move Controllers.

PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Price & Release Date

Sony has put an on-release price tag of $399 on the PlayStation VR. The VR gaming system is set to be released in October 2016, just before the Christmas holiday season. One of the reasons for the late launching date is to accommodate the huge demand for the device.

The virtual reality gaming device is compatible with PlayStation 4 game consoles. This means that it will instantly be used by over 46 million users worldwide. Besides, Sony has also partnered up with hover 230 development studios for creating virtual reality content for the new gaming device.

Pre-Release Reviews of the PlayStation VR Headset

The prerelease trials have already provided a lot of information on the gaming experience provided by Sony’s new virtual reality ‘dream’. Here are actual reviews from lucky gamers who have had a sneak preview.

 Live the Games

“The PlayStation VR gives you the opportunity to play games in completely new ways. You will find yourself living the games – you will be at the center of all the action. You will be virtually inside the game, not looking at it from a screen from the side.”

Immersive Experience

“PlayStation VR brings you experience that makes you forget where you are. It is no longer about losing track of time. The headset immerses you in the game and gives you a sense of presence that you never experienced before in gaming.”

Next Level in Gaming

“PlayStation takes its legacy of unique experiences to the next level. Once it was 3D, then augmented reality, and now virtual reality. The device makes you feel as if you have stepped into the screen and entered the game.”

Reach Worlds You Never Thought of

“With the PS VR, Sony is pushing the boundaries of play. You will be able to play in places and ways you never thought of ever before. Its customized OLED screen shows images at 120 Hz and in 360-degree vision. The overall experience is super smooth transition supported by 3D audio. You will be able to pinpoint sounds anywhere around you. You can also go on virtual reality tours of places both on the planet and off the planet.”

Light & Comfortable

“The PlayStation VR headset is designed to be extremely light and comfortable. Sony has designed a device that doesn’t seem to be there. There is an adjustable headband that makes further balances all of its weight.”

Multiplayer VR Experience

“The virtual reality experience allows you to play with or against other players. You can also project the display onto a monitor or TV screen so that others can also join in.”

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Playstation VR Games

While new VR games are being developed and tested many of the games you already love from PlayStation are going to be available in the virtual reality version. Playstation is one of the top gaming consoles and is sure not to disappoint when it comes to VR games.

Technical Specs

The PS VR features a 5.7-inch OLED display with 1080p RGB sub-pixel matrix resolution. Each eye gets 960p of RGB resolution. The processor box in the headset allows you to get the video output on a second screen (on any monitor). The 3.5 mm headphone jacks allow you to amplify the 3D audio effects. There are 9 positional LEDs on the PlayStation Camera’s surface for tracking your 360-degree head movement. The LEDs connect to the device via USB/HDMI.

With the PlayStation VR, Sony has taken the world of gaming to the next level. Now immerse yourself into the game world in a way that will change gaming forever.

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